Creativity helps to love yourself

We all need love, for love is the meaning of life. We want to be loved, respected and taken care of. But, before waiting for someone to love, to want to receive kindness and compassion, it is worth considering - and do we give love? This is a very important question, and it begins with self-love. A person who does not know how to love himself cannot truly love others. On the other hand, such a person always loses love from the rest: if he does not love himself, how can others do it? If you lack love, this article is for you. In it we will talk about how our creative nature helps to open our hearts and show the love that lives in it.

Each of us is a creator

Creativity is fresh air and sunshine for your soul. Being a creative person does not mean being a famous artist or a recognized poet. Each of us is a creator, and our abilities are manifested not only in the profession, but also in everyday trifles. To think creatively means to notice and appreciate the unusual in the ordinary.: rejoice at the birds' morning chirping, smile at the sunlit bunny that slid down his cheek, see the blossoming flower bud, feel how life flows under the bark of a birch tree. Being a creative person is akin to the realization of wonder. If you want to leave in the room a favorite, not suitable for the style of the lamp, leave. If you like to wear a strange dress, wear it, because it makes you happy. Stop trying to be someone, not yourself. If you fill with love, when you write, draw, sew or sing, allow yourself to do it. Killing your dreams for the sake of the opinions of relatives, friends and acquaintances means to show dislike for yourself, to deprive yourself of faith in your own strength, to betray your divine essence.

Develop your creative beginning, guided by love

Our creative beginning is a gift from above. Opening it and creating it, we give back, give the world a part of ourselves. This is true love - through the love of self, the awareness of one's higher beginnings, to fulfill one’s purpose and to manifest love outside. Allow yourself frivolity with respect to accepted stereotypes and norms. If you think that striving for money and prestige, depriving yourself of the opportunity to create and reveal your soul, stupid, bravely admit to yourself this. When your well-intentioned parents force you to get married, get an unloved job, show firmness, and your work will save you from misunderstanding and help you calm down.

For creativity to bring joy and always remind you of who you are, take it to him. corner (on the windowsill or on the bedside table, for example). Put there things that bring you pure, sincere joy: stones, books, flowers, candles, seashells (everything that touches the soul and reminds you of your creative beginning). Devote yourself time and perform small useful rituals. Surround yourself with the smell of incense when you write a picture or read a book, turn on spiritual music, when you meditate, sing the mantra, cleansing yourself with their healing sounds, light candles when you dream. Generally, invent, make and be guided by love.

Creative task to uncover the love of self

Right now, complete one very important creative task to develop self-love. Open your creativity diary (if you don’t have one yet, get one) and write down thirty sentences what would you do if you truly loved yourself: what would you be, what would you do, what would you feel. List all that comes into your head. Do not restrain yourself: fantasize, dream and allow yourself the most daring ideas!

This is what my girlfriend wrote when I asked her to perform this task:

  • If I truly loved myself, I would go to a birch forest every evening, breathe fresh air, be inspired by the peace and quiet of nature, talk to trees and feed birds.
  • If I truly loved myself, I would drive evil and angry thoughts out of my head and wish everyone only goodness and health.
  • If I truly loved myself, I would have already forgiven myself for allowing me to treat myself rude and cruel.
  • If I truly loved myself, I would invent some new recipe for useful and surprisingly tasty food every weekend and feed my body to it.
  • If I truly loved myself, I would wake up every morning with a smile on my face and confess my love to my inner child, who is waiting for support and attention.
  • If I truly loved myself, I would record a disc of my songs and find a way to show my work to people, even simply distributing discs on the street.
  • If I truly loved myself, I would draw more often, conveying to paper everything that happens in my soul.

And so on.

When you write thirty such statements, give yourself a word every day for the next thirty days to choose one item from the list (in no particular order, you're a creative and free person) and bring it to life. Let it be just an exciting game, and in the first days you will choose the easiest tasks, but after a few days of such a creative expression of your inner essence, you will certainly enjoy this unusual journey. You will feel like in response to taking care of yourself, your sense of life changes, and the flower of love inside you is revealed.

Let yourself love

Give yourself the right to live life to the fullest. Allow yourself to express yourself through the creation and liberation of your creative nature. Be yourself. Just live in the present and know that you are beautiful. You deserve love. The way it is.

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