Color therapy in psychology

Color therapy is a color treatment, which is both useful and pleasant. Exposure to color helps to restore mental balance, as well as cures physical ailments. The secret is that our brain perceives color in the same way that the stomach perceives food. The body needs a certain color, telling us what processes are going on in it.

Red color

Red color activates energy and sexuality, contributes to the normalization of blood circulation and metabolism, is useful for joints, and especially for legs with paralysis.

Red color relieves depression, depression, eliminates negative emotions.. He has the ability to warm, so it must be applied to those who are often cold and prone to colds. If you feel lethargy or unwillingness to undertake some important, but difficult enough work, visualize the red color, look intently at something red, and this will give energy and help you get down to business.

If you get tired quickly and constantly want to sleep, decorate your wardrobe with a red scarf, buy a red blanket, put red flowers in a vase, hang red curtains, put red dishes on the table, put a red tablecloth on the table or start a red diary. Such bright spots in the house improve mood, increase efficiency and give strength.

But do not overdo it with red: too much of this color around can increase the pressure, tire, cause anger and aggression.

Orange color

Orange is the color of optimism, vitality and joy. It helps to overcome self-doubt, fatigue, apathy, laziness, anxiety, fear. This is the color of action that helps in difficult periods of life. When everything loses its meaning and does not want to live, it is the orange space that heals and gives you the strength to start life anew. Oranges on the table, peach wallpaper, bright orange chair, orange socks, orange nail polish, orange swimsuit - all these little things give us an orange mood. This color prompts to go ahead and points the right way. No wonder, in Hinduism, monks wear saffron clothes.

Orange color is useful for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and bladder. It is important that the orange color balances the hormonal state, helps with infertility and leads our body to clear out mucus. People suffering from heart, endocrine, lung diseases are advised to hang orange curtains in their room. Then the perfect state of health will be provided.


This solar color activates creative energy, increases concentration of attention, improves memory and the ability to quickly absorb information, gives clarity of thinking. It strengthens the central nervous system, makes a person more open and energetic, helps to cope with shyness. Yellow color gives joy, confidence, faith in miracles, openness to the world, self-control, awareness.

The effect of yellow is beneficial for disorders of the liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach. It is good for skin and eyesight. Yellow color cleanses the body of toxins, controls weight, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, necessary for digestion, eliminates puffiness and increased sweating.

A lemon slice in tea, a yellow dressing for hair, banana ice cream, a shower gel with mango extract, a yellow bag over the shoulder, a yellow pillow on the couch, sneakers with yellow laces - all this fill life with sunny mood, joy, positive and excellent state of health.

Green color

Green color helps the rhythmic work of the heart, has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect, is useful for dizziness, nervousness. He relieves headaches, stabilizes pressure and gives rest to eyes. Its distinctive feature is good compatibility and harmony with all colors, it is the most balanced of all the colors of the Universe. Green suits all people, without exception. This is the best color therapy.

Green color guides and helps to make the right decision, so look at it when you are facing an important choice. Green eliminates negative emotions, favors generosity, brings comfort and peace to the heart.. On the one hand, in green there is clarity of yellow color, on the other hand - the wisdom of blue. Combining these aspects allows you to develop awareness and free yourself from negative past experiences. This is the color of good change.


Blue is a color that soothes. This is the color of the Aquarian era, which is characterized by the search for truth, the desire for knowledge, discovery, understanding. Blue color symbolizes the highest order of mind. His strength lies in calm, directness, wisdom. Contemplation of the blue brings peace and satisfaction, balance, philosophical reflections, relaxation to life.

Blue is useful for the physical body because it strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, normalizes the thyroid gland, reduces blood pressure, and reduces pain. However, this color will not help lose weight. From a psychological point of view, he calms down and does not give that charge of energy that is necessary for active actions to transform his life. Blue carpet, curtain or chandelier in the bedroom helps to relax after a hard day’s work and give you a quick sleep and a deep sleep.

Blue colour

Blue color gives a feeling of peace. This is the strongest painkiller color.. Its peculiarity is that it has the ability to reduce the effects of contamination of food, air, water, and also neutralizes the negative information that is introduced into the subconscious. It cleans and helps to cope with emotional turmoil. Those people who react to the blue color are painful, most often have problems of addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs.

Blue is the color of inspiration, intuition and wish fulfillment. Contemplating it, you will understand that in your life is superfluous and what you need to get rid of in the first place.

The sphere of influence of blue includes the brain, ears, eyes and nose, so this color helps with acute inflammations of these parts of the body. Blue color reduces blood pressure, strengthens bone tissue, facilitates the treatment of diseases of the endocrine system and soothes breathing. It is especially recommended for women with hormonal disorders.


Violet color helps with migraines, has a beneficial effect on the pineal gland, which is responsible for the orders of the brain. Violet is useful for internal inflammations, it treats skin rashes, weakens the heartbeat, supports the immune system, soothes the nerves, eliminates eye pain.

This color enhances intuition. His energy is a combination of strength and mercy, kindness, love, humanity. Since violet combines red and blue colors, it helps harmonious union of body and spirit.

Contemplation of the purple color allows you to identify and release hidden opportunities. If you feel detached from life, visualize the color purple - it will protect you, give you relief from the feeling of loneliness.

A purple dress, a picture with the image of irises on the wall, purple candles, the smell of lavender, tea with the addition of sage flowers, a purple cup - all this will add mystery and depth to your life. It will help to see the essence of events and discover new abilities in yourself. Violet is the color of Sahasrara, the highest chakra in the human energy system, which is responsible for spirituality and communication with God.

Use color therapy for mental balance, health promotion and the achievement of inner harmony. Decorate your life with bright colors, let it be like a rainbow in a clear spring sky! Be happy!

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