Chronic fatigue syndrome. what to do

Know yourself

Fatigue after prolonged physical or mental exertion is quite normal. With the help of the feeling of fatigue, the body lets us know that it needs rest. This is a natural brake light, without which we would work for wear.

But sometimes the rest does not bring the usual result, and even after a long sleep, the person gets up just as tired as if he hadn’t rested at all. Increasingly, there are complaints about fatigue and decreased performance. But at the same time, the symptoms of chronic fatigue are simply ignored, in the hope that everything is normalized by itself.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - what is it?

This is not some new and unknown disease. What today is called chronic fatigue syndrome, was known in the XVIII century. Then this disease was considered quite rare, it developed mainly on the basis of personal disorder and was called a beautiful word. "factory". There are other names for chronic fatigue syndrome - masked depression, neurasthenia, Da Costa syndrome.

Nowadays, the pace of life is becoming the main cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. Technical and social progress is going too fast and people just do not have time to adapt to the rapidly changing "rules of the game." A constant feeling of fatigue builds up under the stress of intellectual and emotional overload. Not only elderly people, but also quite young people, adolescents and even children are subject to the syndrome of chronic fatigue today. Today's schoolchildren, due to the expansion of the program in all subjects, with constantly increasing demands, the emergence of more and more new methods of knowledge control, are experiencing inescapable stress. Children literally grow up with chronic fatigue syndrome. Most often, this disease affects young, prosperous people. Chronic fatigue syndrome is sometimes called the "young careerist disease".

Symptoms of the disease

The main symptom of the disease is a constant, not disappearing even after rest, feeling of fatigue, which is observed for more than six months, in the absence of any other diseases.

You can also identify minor symptoms that are often noted in the presence of chronic fatigue syndrome:

1. Constant chills or subfebrile fever (temperature 37.1-37.3 ° C).

2. Inflamed, painful cervical and axillary lymph nodes.

3. Weakness in the whole body, low muscle tone.

4. Muscle aches, body aches, migrating joint pains.

5. Headache and inflammation of the nasopharynx, as with a mild cold.

6. Painful reaction of the eyes to bright light.

7. Problems with memory, forgetfulness, difficulty remembering new information

8. Poor concentration

9. Feeling of emotional depression

At the beginning of symptomatology, chronic fatigue syndrome resembles the flu or cold. This interesting feature is often confusing even doctors. Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome should be carried out under the supervision of specialists, but this, unfortunately, is not always feasible. Why? One of my good friends had been worried about his extremely poor state of health and fatigue for a long time. He had a temperature above 37 ° C for a year and had sleep disorders. My friend asked for medical help, but after all the tests and diagnostics were performed, he was told that he was healthy and that was the end of the medical assistance. There is a funny situation in our country: the network (and indeed in scientific medical journals) is full of articles by serious specialists who declare with all authority that chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that requires treatment. However, in the clinic for such a patient will look like a simulator. Most likely, they will say: "Tired - rest", and the whole therapy!

Salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning! So what can we oppose to chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

To dismiss the disease or try to reverse the situation with the help of drugs, stimulants, vitamins or even tranquilizers is unwise, because for any attempt to make the body work "overtime" you have to pay with your own health. First of all, it is necessary to determine the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome, it will tell the way to get rid of it.

Ways to treat chronic fatigue syndrome:

  1. Rest is the main therapeutic factor in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. But active rest is most useful: sports, walks in nature, yoga restore strength much better than drugs. By the way, the disease recedes after traveling and rest, which provides new, vivid impressions.
  2. Psychological tricks. Everyone can come up with something different. Remember the method that the hero of the film "Fight Club" discovered? Of course, going to trainings for patients with incurable diseases is not a universal method, i.e. It is not for everyone.
  3. The ability to “switch off” from time to time and look at one’s problems and concerns as if from the outside is invaluable in the fight against chronic fatigue syndrome. Analyze what you sacrifice for rest and free time. Perfectionism is not conducive to mental health! Also, remember: you can’t redo all affairs, you still cannot earn all the money.
  4. Constantly strengthen the immune and nervous system.
  5. Drink as little caffeine and alcohol as possible. Alcohol creates only an illusion of energy, but in reality it acts depressingly on the body. Caffeine mobilizes for some time, which then leads to even greater fatigue. Stop smoking or at least smoke as little as possible. Non-smokers should avoid passive smoking.
  6. Observe the optimal diet for you. In no case do not starve, forget to eat, earned - the last thing. At the same time limit the consumption of fatty, heavy foods.
  7. Spend as little time as possible in front of the TV. This is a very ineffective and even harmful way of relaxation. Try more active leisure techniques.
  8. Try to find ways to effective ways of relaxation. Try to do auto-training.
  9. All types of massage, swimming, meditation are very useful for the treatment and prevention of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  10. Homeopathic remedies. Their advantage, unlike other drugs, is the absence of side effects. Here are some homeopathic medicines that can be recommended to combat the manifestations of chronic fatigue syndrome. From homeopathic remedies can be advised: "Quininum arsenicosum" (Chininum arsenicosum), "Gelsemium" (Gelsemium), "Acidum phophoricum" (Acidum phosphoricum), as well as homeopathic complex drugs "Usokoy" ("Shalun" - an analogue of the drug for excitable children ).
  11. For the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, you can apply dietary supplements, for example, "Solstic Energy" (consisting of: extracts of guarana, red skin of grapes, green tea, ginseng and a complex of B vitamins). But any dietary supplements are an auxiliary tool, a way to provide the body with additional energy and beneficial substances.

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