Book of desires

Book of desires- This is a very effective technique for performing the most cherished dreams and dreams. In childhood and adolescence, many of us kept diaries in which we recorded our innermost secrets, thoughts, desires. At that time, our dreams came true more often. The thing is that what is written on paper takes on a second life and gets a new birth. Therefore, in order for desires to be fulfilled, they need to be written down!

Choosing a Wish Book

Every dream is a kind of cherished world, which must be treated with respect, love and care. For this reason, individual leaves, torn from different notebooks, are not suitable for writing desires. For this need a beautiful notebook, so do not be lazy, go to the stationery department and choose the most beautiful notebook that you like. It can be a diary, a thick notebook on the rings (convenient because you can remove or add sheets by undoing the clasp), an elegant album. Choose what you like!

Your future Book of Desires should be:

  • Beautiful;
  • Big;
  • Have a hard cover;
  • Convenient to use;
  • Nice to touch.

Imagine for a minute that you are one of your desires. What house would you like to live in: clean, comfortable, bright, spacious, bright or in a cold and gray hut? Make all your dreams feel comfortable in the Book of Wishes. It is important!

Preparing to complete the Book of Wishes

Book of wishes selected. Now you have to settle there your beautiful dreams. It is necessary to work with the Book slowly, very carefully, intelligently, realizing the significance of what is happening. Allocate some free hours for recording your desires in the morning or evening during the week. Relax, take it easy, take your time. Give yourself time to tune in to the dream, imagine it, feel its mood, immerse yourself in its magical world.

Making entries in the Book of Desires can be compared to a creative ritual, a sacred act. Now in your hands is the Book of your life, where you have to write everything that will happen soon and change the usual course of things. Therefore, treat this lesson responsibly.

What to write in the Book of Desires?

In the book you have to bring everything that you want. You can write to it only the most secret and lofty dreams that return you to the world of childhood. You can turn the Book into a home for more "earthly" desires: writing a dissertation, buying a kitchen, a trip to Cyprus. If it is more convenient for you to plan for a week or a month, you can include everyday desires in your notes.

But Be sure to select a place for those desires that you want to achieve not for the sake of prestige, material rewards or career growth. For those desires that you would like to fulfill without pursuing any selfish goals. Just for the feeling of joy and inner satisfaction. For example, swimming with dolphins, flying a balloon or knitting toys for children from an orphanage. May your dreams be light, bright and kind!

Work with the Book of Wishes

Fill out the book of desires, be sure to view it at least 1-2 times a week. Scroll through, add new entries, adjust old ones, paste in pictures, draw, write poems, fantasize. Think of your dreams, how best to fulfill them and imagine that they came true. Feel free to write and small current desires. The universe helps us in everything: in large endeavors, and in the little things.

It is very useful to turn the pages of the magic Book every day before going to bed. At this time, our ability to fantasize and invent the most courageous options for the development of events increases. The book of desires must be stored in a clean place, near your bed (in the bedside table, table, on the shelf). Take care of her, take care of her, protect her wonderful world. And she will help you get happier. Do not be afraid to dream! Open within yourself the ability to desire and enjoy the gifts of Life. Let your Book of Desires be filled with bright notes that will transform life into reality. When this happens, be sure to say "thank you" to your Book and thank the Universe for your help and love. Good luck!

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