Being a woman is a great art

The woman is beautiful in graceful movements, subtle in shades of fragrant aromas, sexy in all the curves of the perfect body, timid and at the same time overwhelmed by desire in her eyes, blinding by the manifestation of her being as a whole ..... who is she? ... clever, female of male dreams . Eternal pleasure to the one who will be under the influence of this feminine glorified by centuries.

For a long time myths and legends tell stories about the lives of great women, women who mercilessly captivated by their beauty, completely conquered the best men of their time. And it is no secret that not all of them had a perfect appearance. All known example of this, Cleopatra. The question naturally arises: why do some women get the best representatives of the male sex, while others are content with the remnants of their triumph or are they left alone? Let's see.

In today's world, millions of women are beautiful, educated, well-groomed, but, unfortunately, alone. And quite the opposite example, at first glance, an ordinary, inconspicuous woman, but in some miraculous way “touches” others, there is something magical, attractive in her. Men are ready to do anything to get her attention.

A long time ago, the sages dedicated to sacred knowledge noticed: from the moment a girl begins to grow up, energy begins to drain from her intimate muscles. And so throughout life! Isn't it an interesting fact! They wondered - is it possible to save this energy? The experiment was lengthy. At the very beginning, they created a number of special devices, concentrating the girls on controlling their intimate muscles, which brought them into shape. This experiment was crowned with amazing discoveries.

As soon as the girl comprehended certain heights of this art, she was transformed, an internal luminescence began to emanate from her, her attractive fragrance drove men crazy. But from birth, no girl had these skills, therefore it was not an acquired, but an acquired skill. But the most interesting thing is that this art was a success for women of all ages. As they say, there would be a desire. The men showed total desire for the most patient and successful female students. Even the elders themselves succumbed to this charming effect.

So what did the wise men find out on a question directly related to the leaking energy? It turned out that the fair sex, who had learned this art, practically did not lose energy. Moreover, the process was reversed — they accumulated it in their bodies, which was subsequently the result of those qualities that attracted men like a magnet.

In the future, these qualities in the people called charms.

So how did this energy, being in constant transformation, be compared with what men had on the energy plane? The elders came to the conclusion that a woman is essentially energetically stronger than a man, since the functions of gestation and the birth of offspring required a large amount of energy expenditure. The men, in turn, also had ways of transforming their sexual energy. One of them is spiritual cultivation. It included various practices of yoga, breathing exercises, training in martial arts, etc. But, alas, not all of this was manifested in this. There was another way that could increase the energy level of a man - to convince a woman to share their reserves. This method was much simpler, although in turn it could hurt some male feelings. On the other hand, it was a way to help men rise to a new level, which in turn put it on the path to spiritual improvement. Such women were precisely those muse who praised men on the pedestal of love.

Then the men seriously engaged in the creation of various simulators, developing the female intimate zone. The training took place in closed temples, or the subject was personally studied by the wives and concubines of the emperors. Some of those same devices have survived to this day. These schools still continue to exist around the world, attracting more and more people who want to comprehend this ancient art.

On this note, I would like to finish the introduction to our adventure with you on the secrets of the female body, dear ladies. In the next article we will talk about the history of this skill in the culture of different nations.

All the best to you, Dear women.

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