Bedtime meditation

In a dream, a person spends 1/3 of a day. It is needed to recuperate, relieve fatigue, regeneration and rejuvenation processes. But the modern pace of life sometimes deprives a person of the possibility of a normal and firm sleep. A huge part of the world's population suffers from insomnia in one form or another.

To cope with insomnia, there are several methods, each of which is different in its own way. Among them stands out meditation. You can spend it at any time of the day, but bedtime meditation can provide a full and healthy rest, giving the opportunity to wake up full of energy and in a good mood.

Bedtime meditation

The benefits of bedtime meditation

  • Meditation classes allow people to calmly assess their own position. If problems arise, they quickly find the best way to eliminate them. Thanks to her, a person gets the opportunity to escape from everyday problems and concentrate on the main thing.
  • Bedtime meditation relieves negativity and stress, accumulated over the day, clears the mind, allows you to sleep peacefully, instead of going through again what happened today.
  • It allows you to use self-hypnosis to set yourself up in a positive way, relieve nervous tension, get rid of painful and annoying thoughts, relax all your muscles and body, calm your breathing and fall asleep quickly. Such a practice at bedtime helps to improve blood circulation, nourish all the cells of the body with plenty of oxygen, and remove harmful residues from the body.
  • By itself, meditation is contemplation, immersion in yourself, in your inner world, the process of self-knowledge, when you try to understand what happened to your soul during this time, how it was affected by the events that happened. Understanding yourself allows you to calm down and feel that everything is under control, you are safe, calm and peaceful.
  • The whole secret of the benefits of meditation is that a person learns to look at himself and the surrounding reality in a new way. Accept and perceive it more flexibly and deeper. See in the insignificant secrets of the universe and the role that is intended only for him.

Bedtime meditation

  • Exemption from all superficial and imposed by the environment will help to become calmer and relieve from fatigue caused by stress, feelings. This will allow to return healthy sleep.

Bedtime meditation technique

  • The technique of meditation is to contemplate any chosen object that is not important in itself. Here the most important is continuous attention, concentrated on one object, while awake.
  • To master the technique of meditation before going to bed, you can use internal and external objects. It is very good if they are directly related to your mind or body. This will attract additional energy there.
  • In order for meditation before bed to go as best as possible, it is necessary to ensure the most comfortable conditions for its implementation. Perfect sitting posture, but such that the body will be able to relax perfectly. During meditation, the eyes should be closed or half closed. The room should be quiet, dark or should be lit a night lamp that will create twilight. Breathing should be rhythmically, deeply and slowly, after breathing should become natural and not distract.
  • Do not worry if you first have an unpleasant feeling of loneliness, it will soon pass. By the time meditation should be carried out no more than 20 minutes. Thanks to her, soon there will be a feeling of surprising lightness and harmony with the outside world. All problems will recede and disappear, simply because it will be possible to look at them from the other side and understand how insignificant all this is for the fairy-tale world that surrounds everyone every day.

Bedtime meditation

  • No need to spend too much energy on meditation before bed. Here, the main thing is to listen to yourself, so that it does not cause discomfort and fatigue. True meditation is about relaxation, not effort. or anguish and the need to hold out for a while. Too long meditation before bedtime is also undesirable, because it can cause physical and energy fatigue.
  • At the time of meditation, it is very important not to dwell on emerging thoughts, but to give them the opportunity to simply disappear, perceiving them as something ordinary and just trying to contemplate, rather than deepen and develop them. Even the idea that it is time to end with meditation should not become a call to action, even if it disappears slowly, like all others.
  • You shouldn’t worry if some unpleasant events come up in your memory, you should let them go, they don’t belong to you. Such an attitude to any emerging desires and thoughts will allow you to develop such valuable qualities as awareness and restraint. And even in everyday life, it will help not to make rash and hasty decisions, and teach you to act without too much fuss, calmly, efficiently and calmly.
  • To make it easier to meditate, it is better to include light, calm music, the sounds of nature, the murmur of the stream. Also, meditation can be carried out not sitting, and already lying in bed. Concentrate on something pleasant and let it go, just contemplating. When the desire to fall asleep appears, you do not need to deny yourself this, the meditation is over, and it is time to relax.

Bedtime meditation,

Meditation itself is the ability to control one’s emotions. If you want to choose a set of exercises, then immediately abandon standing positions or sharp bends. Bedtime meditation is complete relaxation and cleansing from any thoughts. Do not carry it out as a spiritual practice. It is necessary for a full and healthy sleep, so it should not last longer than 20 minutes or cause discomfort and tension.

Meditation before bedtime will give you the opportunity to get up every morning full of strength and desire to create

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