Balancing chakras using reiki energy

There is a wonderful spiritual practice - Reiki, which is to transmit pure life energy and heal the body and spirit with its help. In order to practice Reiki, a person must undergo adjustment (initiation) for the vibrations of this energy. During the adjustment, energy purification occurs, which the Reiki Master introduces Reiki symbols into the aura. From the moment of initiation, the energy that comes from the Higher source flows through the open crown chakra of the student, goes down through the open channel into his palm and proceeds from them constantly. Therefore, when hands are placed on one’s own body or the body of another person, the energy enters the aura and begins to dissolve the blocks in it, which are the causes of diseases and injuries. How can Reiki harmonize the energy system with Reiki?

The importance of balancing

There are seven main chakras - energy vortexes that receive and transmit energy. The energies of the chakras twist around a central point, like shining disks, each of which is endowed with its own color and frequency (the lowest frequency of vibrations is at the root chakra, as it grows upwards). The combination of color vortices creates an aura - a subtle radiance of the light energy of the chakras. Imbalance or blocking the work of the chakras leads to diseases of the physical body, psychological problems, lack of strength and loss of harmony in life. The freer and easier the flow of energy circulates within us, the better our health and the cleaner our life. That's why working with chakras is an effective way to awaken and harmonize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Balancing the energy flow of the chakras with the help of Reiki, we transfer our consciousness to a qualitatively new level, perceive life with joy, gratitude and love - and the external circumstances of life in response begin to take shape more favorably.

Method of "menorah"

The practice of the "menorah" method leads to a balance of the three higher (spiritual and mental) chakras with three lower (body-emotional) chakras. Anahata, the heart chakra of love, forms the energy center. The application of this method consists of consecutive positions of Reiki (the duration of each is 5 minutes):

  • 1. Both palms are close on Anahata.
  • 2. The upper hand is on the throat chakra (Vishudha), and the lower hand is on the solar plexus chakra (Manipure).
  • 3. The upper hand covers the Ajna, the lower hand covers the Svadhistana.
  • 4. One palm is located on the crown chakra, the other - on the root chakra.
  • 5. Move your hands in the opposite direction.
  • 6. Put both hands on Anahata again. Listen to the inner feelings and complete the session.

Sequential Chakra Balancing Method

This method, in contrast to the previous one, involves balancing not from the center of Anahata, but from the first chakra to the seventh through all the intermediate ones. To practice it, you need to sit comfortably (lie down), close your eyes, tune in to work with Reiki energy, imagine how her stream descends on you from above and penetrates your whole body. Begin to breathe, feeling the energy of Reiki inhale into Muladhara, and with an exhalation comes out in the area of ​​Svadhishthana. Place your hands palm down on these chakras. Then imagine how, with inhalation, energy enters the body through Svadhistana, and with exhalation comes out in the region of Manipura, change the position of the hands. Continuously move higher: to Anahata, Vishudha, Ajna and Sahasrara, and after - in the opposite direction. Breathe like this for 3-5 minutes at each position. In time, when you tune in, you will feel where exactly the energy centers are located in your body and you can breathe through the chakras without effort. For a more powerful study, you can breathe through the chakras up, moving along the front surface of the body, and down - along the back.

Live in balance!

It is recommended to balance the chakras daily in the morning or in the evening before bedtime. You will feel relaxed, light, calm. Balance will bring purification into your life, and you will be able to enjoy the most subtle sensations. Until a state of balance is reached, the lower chakras, which require a lot of energy, will absorb it completely, to the detriment of the development of higher spiritual qualities. Therefore, practice balancing, plunge into a state of equilibrium, surrender to it completely. This will help strengthen health, increase the flow of vital energy in the body, activate the forces for spiritual development, feel joy, lightness, freedom and know your true essence. Successes!

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