Aura harmonization

There is such an amazing phenomenon - aura. This word in Latin means "especially gently moving air, haze, radiance." Aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body with the light of the shells of seven subtle energy bodies that have their own aura.

What does an aura consist of?

Etheric body - The first layer of the aura - consists of thin lines along which energy flows. It is organized as a physical body: it has anatomical structures and all organs. The etheric body surrounds us at a distance of 5 mm-5 cm. Its color changes from blue to gray.

Emotional body - the second layer of aura is even more subtle, it is connected with feelings. It looks like a cloud of light in motion and colored in all the colors of the rainbow. From the skin surface, the emotional body is 2.5-8 cm.

Mental body - the third layer of aura is connected with thinking and mentality and consists of ideas. It has the appearance of bright yellow rays emanating from the head and shoulders. The distance to the physical body is from 8 to 20 cm.

Astral body - the fourth layer of the aura is 15-30 cm away from the physical body. When a person loves, his astral body is pierced with a pink color. A beautiful pink arc glows between the hearts of loved ones, and the longer and deeper the relationship, the more numerous and stronger the binding threads of energy.

Ether double - the fifth layer of the aura - contains the form of the physical body in the form of a template and looks like a long oval. It looks like a photographic negative and is separated from the surface of the skin at a distance of 15-60 cm. It is particularly affected by the sound treatment.

Heavenly body - the sixth layer of the aura is the emotional aspect of the spiritual plane, located at a distance of 60-80 cm from the surface of the body. This is the level of awareness of their connection with the Universe, the sensations of light and unselfish love in all things, the feeling of oneness with God. The heavenly body radiates a shimmering, beautiful light of golden-silver color.

Kether (causal) body - The seventh layer of aura is the mental aspect of the spiritual plane, 40-105 cm from the skin surface. It is a crystal lattice of the structure of the body and the chakras. The outer surface of the layer looks like an eggshell, which is very strong and reliably protects the aura.

Depending on the spiritual, physical and emotional state of a person, the aura changes its color, volume, structure and intensity of the glow. Physical and mental diseases make the aura unbalanced and uneven.

To harmonize the aura, it is recommended to practice light but effective methods using energy reiki.

Alignment method and relaxation methodauras

Alignment method used as an additional technique to the practice of Reiki. At the beginning of the session, stand on your left side facing the patient lying on your back and put your left hand on your heart chakra. Make a circle around the patient with your right hand, describing the ellipse in the direction from the head to the legs from the outside of the body and from the legs to the head from the inside three times without pauses. Keep a hand at a distance of 20-30 cm from the body of a person, smoothing the aura, and think about what you give Reiki from the heart. This simple three-circle gesture (for body, soul and spirit) aligns the aura, protects it and opens space for further work. While working, you can feel soft resistance when you touch the aura. But if you do not feel anything, the effectiveness of your work will not decrease. We often trust only the senses and repeat "Believe your eyes." However, if you do not see something, this does not mean that it is not, especially if we are talking about such subtle energies. Over time, the practice of this method will help you develop a special sense of perception of the aura.

Continue the Reiki session and at the end make three such circles, but put your left hand on the Patient's Manipura - the third chakra, which is constantly open for perception of energy. So you consolidate the effects of Reiki and spend the alignment of the aura. Silently say: "Let Reiki be with you until complete healing" and wish health, love, harmony. The alignment of the aura will leave the patient with a sense of grace and inner balance.

Aura relaxation method used in depressive states. The patient stands with his eyes closed. Begin to relax his aura with movements similar to beating a pillow, from the feet to the head. Impact on the aura hold from all sides. This will encourage the patient, bring him a sense of relief, liberation, joy.

Heal yourself and others!

Of course, to apply these methods, you need to be tuned in Reiki, in other words, to receive a dedication. It is desirable to get the setting of the second stage, then the sessions will be much more efficient. You can try to apply these methods in relation to yourself: self-healing is a very effective way to improve health. This will help you to harmonize the aura, align its structure, smooth out and make it more mobile. You will be surprised how light and peace it will bring you!

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