Art of relaxation

The fast rhythm of modern life leads to the fact that a person is constantly in tension, generating disease. One of the Tibetan laws says: "Relaxation is life, tension is death." If you feel that there is no strength left, everything around is annoying, and all the days, as one repeats, each other, then it is time to relax and restore your health, and most importantly - emotional balance.

What is relaxation?

Relaxation is a state of consciousness in which your energy does not move - neither to the future nor to the past, it is simply present. And you plunge into it. There is only this moment. Here. There is only one time. Now. There is nothing else. You just enjoy this moment. Imagine lying on the seashore. Immerse yourself in this atmosphere. Feel how the warm sand, heated by the sun, flows down your legs, as the breeze strokes your skin. When you indulge in some kind of moment and feel everything that happens in it, relaxation begins. Like immersion in weightlessness. In a state of relaxation you are silent, you have everything you need, you are - and that is enough.

Become relaxed like water

With true relaxation inside you, no activity takes place. Body and mind are calm. Remember how you once sat by the river and watched it flow. At this time, nothing bothered you. You just looked at the water. Be as relaxed as water, let go of all fears and worries, surrender to the flow and allow yourself to be. A very serious obstacle to relaxation are fears, passions and desires. If you are very worried that your colleague is more successful in your career or that your husband spends little time with you, it will be difficult for you to relax. Only by letting go of your anxiety, excitement and sadness can you be calm. Therefore, true relaxation is not only to calm the body, but also to perform spiritual work to get rid of unnecessary emotions and thoughts. Learn to live easily, without tension, without reference to the past and to your ideas. Learn to live directly in this moment!

Sleep benefits

Natural relaxation is sleep. Even the wise men of ancient India noticed that muscles in tension form decomposition products, and this causes a feeling of fatigue. Relaxed muscles allow blood to neutralize toxins. Therefore, he who sleeps well sleeps. During sleep, energy is restored and the normalization of metabolic processes. To enhance the restorative effect, go to bed on an empty stomach (having eaten no less than three hours before bedtime). The fact is that during sleep your breathing becomes diaphragmatic, and if the stomach is filled with food, then it and the diaphragm under it will interfere with each other: the stomach will not be able to fully perform the digestive function, and the diaphragm is respiratory. The consequence of this will be a shift in the acid-base balance in the direction of excess acid, as well as insufficient breathing efficiency. Therefore, dinner is easy and a few hours before bedtime. It is best to sleep on your back, then the temperature of the subcortical structures of your brain, and, consequently, the entire body will be regulated by the body itself. I do not recommend that you sleep on your stomach, so as not to make breathing difficult by increasing the load on the diaphragm.

How to relax?

Full relaxation start with the body. I will tell you about a very effective exercise that is recommended to perform before bedtime. Lying in bed, gradually begin to relax the muscles, starting with the legs, then moving to the arms, then the muscles of the abdominals, the back, and finally the neck. Relaxation of the neck muscles is very important, since the brain is actively working at their tension, therefore it is more difficult to fall asleep. Gradually, you will feel the relaxation of all the muscles of the body. The relaxed muscle becomes warm, heavy, it is disconnected from the brain and requires only a small amount of energy. Now bring the psyche into a passive state. Fasten your inner gaze (with your eyes closed) towards your legs. Try to detach from everything that surrounds you, and mentally withdraw in the direction of the gaze, as if to fly away from the Earth, gradually dissolving in space. After this exercise, you will fall asleep, and your dream will be effective, and the awakening will be joyful and vigorous.

Learn from nature!

There are many relaxation techniques that we will talk about later. Remember that they are all based on one thing - the release of body, mind and soul from stress. Sometimes simple relaxation and "letting go" problems helps her decide without your participation or opens up new ways to solve it. Therefore, it is always helpful to clear your mind. Learn from nature! She is the wisest teacher. If the human body needs a dream, then relaxation (which brings sleep) is your natural need. Do not forget about her. Easy, pleasant and useful relaxation to you!

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