Anxious man

In our hectic time everyone is worried. It just happens to varying degrees for everyone. And differently expressed. On the one hand, when the alarm is present in a weak form - this is normal. But if every day anxiety a person increases - he needs help.

What not to do when dealing with an anxious person?

  • If your husband or other relative who lives with you often worried, excited and worried, don't start a conversation with him for a while. He will not hear you, but will transmit extreme anxiety and irritations.
  • In addition, if a native person shared with you a thought that disturbs him greatly, you should not persuade him and prove that There is no reason for alarm. This is just more annoying. Do not question what he said. Silently and calmly listen.
  • In this case, inappropriate and humorous statements, irony over man. All this will be perceived as an insult and a mockery. You may be offended for a long time and seriously.
  • Sometimes it is worth listening to the arguments of a loved one, suddenly his anxiety is well founded. After all, it happens that there are situations when worry is normal.
  • When dealing with anxious people, one must strictly control oneself every time.h After all, someday such a state can be transmitted to you.

What should be taken when dealing with an anxious person?

All anxious people are conventionally divided into two categories. Alone constantly fear that something must happen to them. And they try in every way to protect themselves with amulets, conspiracies and other things. The second category is prone to strong feelings for loved ones. Even an innocent incident can knock out a rut. It seems to close ones that such people are obsessive, rude, and noisy. But in reality they just love them.

  • Therefore, if at home you are too anxious to your spouse or mother, be patient with them and their concerns about you. Do not shout and do not break in response. Agree with what they tell you, and immediately try to shift their attention to more peaceful things. In a word, speak up their.
  • Very important, in such a situation, a smile, calm, even tone, polite treatment. After all, if you start to argue and resist, from thisanxiety will only intensify.

  • It is best to communicate, as with a small child. "Yes, Mom," "Of course I will," and the like. Let it calm down.
  • Help a loved one overcome his fears. Take a look at the situation through his eyes. Think - maybe the situation is really serious? Try to discuss this. Perhaps, if you make a logical argument why you should not be afraid of this - all the anxiety of a loved one will evaporate.
  • It is important to recognize the signs of anxiety in a loved one in a timely manner and try not to let such a state linger.

Symptoms inherent in people who are too worried

The most important The symptoms of an anxious person are: constant state of tension, accelerated, hasty pace of speech, which is characterized by swallowing endings of words. In addition, these are frequent complaints. Extremely irritable state, which dramatically turns into a strong weakness. Characteristic of such people, and restless rapid movements.

More severe symptoms suggesting that anxiety state present for a long time: inadequate behavior (for example, a mother falls into a cry attack only because you did not wear gloves in +3). Constantly waiting for something bad to happen. - this is also characteristic of people of this type. Sometimes general anxiety state comes to such an extent that a person becomes absolutely helpless, and he needs the presence of other people next to him.

If you notice that a loved one has a sign of an extreme state of anxiety, then you need to contact a psychologist as soon as possible. Depending on the duration of such a condition, the psychologist will be able to help for a not very long time. From three months to six months. In some rare and very difficult cases, treatment can reach a year or two. But it is worth remembering, the earlier you ask for help, the faster help your family get rid of this oppressive state!

I wish you health and mutual understanding!

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