And what did you like today?

Sometimes all life around starts to seem like a regular train of gray days. And in the soul - sad and dark ... What is it? There is nothing to rejoice at? It’s time to change your thinking so that life will play again with bright colors! The division into pessimists and optimists is usually conditional. All the same, there are days of "sadness and sorrow." The only question is how quickly this state gives way to joy and happiness.

Once our daughter began to get upset that the cartoons were ending, the guests were leaving, and they stopped giving sweet things. In her 4 years, she only sighed that "I will never eat sweets again (watch cartoons, walk outside)." All attempts to explain what will be "tomorrow", it did not act. Still, at the age of 4, children do not always understand the meaning of time.

The resulting dilemma did not give rest. I really wanted to instill in my child the ability to rejoice in what is in the family. Together with her husband, they developed a strategy and began to follow it.

Mention those who live worse

For example, we prepare to eat and note that we have sugar. And children in Africa do not. Or we go for a walk all together and rejoice that we have a full family. But there are children whose fathers live separately. Or who have no parents at all and are forced to spend the night in shelters or orphanages.

Emphasizing what we have

It's great when the day off coincided with all family members and you can walk together. The food on the table is good too. Grandma and Grandpa are alive - even better. A lot of things around that makes us happy. Sometimes these are things, more often - relationships and their own attitudes.

Enumeration of the good that was during the day

This item came up with a husband. Once again, they watched the cartoon "Dasha the Traveler", where the girl at the end of the series asks: "What did you like most?". Spouse so fond of this phrase, we decided to alter it a little. Now every evening after bathing, we are interested in her daughter's pleasant memories of the day. What does this give? She once again scrolls through the head the good events of the past day, chooses the best and tells us. Due to this, before going to bed, she always has a high mood, which is extended after the morning awakening. My daughter learns to pay attention to pleasant, not sad moments. And besides, we always know that it excites and pleases.

Children are good at what they can teach adults a lot. Thanks to our daughter, we have become a more united family. Now every night before going to bed with her husband, we ask "What did you like today?". And no matter what life brings us, we will still find time to enjoy the day. Is this not happiness? In the ability to be grateful for the time lived. No one knows how many years will live. So is it worth spending your days on sadness and sadness, focusing on the bad, not the good?

Finally, I want to ask the reader: "What did you like today?"

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