Anahata is the chakra of love and compassion. If you feel that there is little love in your life, start working with the development of Anahata. It will bring you a new feeling of life and open your beautiful heart. Since this chakra is responsible for the love of God, nature, devotional service to the Highest, love of the living, other people and oneself, one can work with Anahata on several levels.

Love to yourself

Let's start with love for yourself! How to love yourself, read under the heading Development of the Soul. You can start by drawing up an action plan to develop this important quality (this is not about selfishness, but about the manifestation of your divine nature). Take the initiative and complete the creative task: think up concrete actions for yourself to cultivate the love of yourself and write them down. For example,

  • wake up every morning with a smile;
  • daily tone up the body with a contrast shower;
  • to feed the soul with meditation and useful reading every evening;
  • communicate at least an hour a week with people who know how to love themselves, and learn from them;
  • tell yourself compliments at every glance in the mirror;
  • pronounce affirmations before going to work for 10 minutes, etc.

Think up and write at least 10 such points and start to put them into practice. It is very important to determine a specific time for them. Gradually, these actions will become your good habit to give love to yourself. Practice the "inner smile", it will help to reveal Anahata. Do not forget to update your list weekly, to bring something new and pleasant into it!

Love for others

An important part of the development of Anahata is the process of learning to love other people. You need to learn to forgive, to have compassion, to be more tolerant and not to pay attention to conventions. I recommend you to get another useful list of work on yourself in cultivating selfless love for others. Think and list in it all that, in your opinion, can help. For example, if you live with your parents, you can come up with the following tasks for yourself:

  • every Sunday to pamper the family with some tasty dish;
  • tell your mother how beautiful she is, at least 3 times a week;
  • play chess with dad on Tuesdays and Fridays;
  • talk to parents calmly, without stress, etc.

These simple, at first glance, things teach you to show care and attention to your loved ones. Of course, this does not need to stop. To activate Anahata perform deep inner work, even if it is difficult to give. If you hurt someone, do a pardon meditation or use other methods to forgive. Learn not to respond to criticism, do not hang tags. Remember that often people who are difficult to love, most of all need love (see how this situation is lived in the movie "Peace Warrior"). Another important way to learn to give is disinterested help to others. Make it a rule to submit to beggars at least a couple of times a week, or arrange work days for you to clean the territory of the street or the area in front of the house for yourself. Act! Through practice there are results.

Love to god

To feed the energy of Anahata is necessary at the level of service to the Highest. More often walk in nature: in the forest, garden, mountains. Communication with the primeval creations of nature will fill you with strength, help you open your heart and feel like a part of the beautiful world. Show your love for the tree standing on the road: smile to him, hug, tell me what you think is important, thank for what it is. Learn to give unselfishly from him, because it serves both as a defense, and a support, and as an interlocutor for everyone without exception. Breathe in the air with a full breast - these are the elements of Anahata. The fourth chakra is energized when the exhalation is longer than the inhalation, if exhalation occurs through the mouth, as well as during breath holding after exhalation. Pray, meditate, communicate with spiritual people. Feel the presence of the divine energy in you and learn to live, manifesting it in every action. God is love. And you are on this earth to give it away and direct it to every point of the space around you.

External activation of Anahata

If you are lonely or your relationship with your loved one has cooled, you can activate Anahata using chakra stones or its colors. The color of the chakra of love is green in different shades, and for harmonious combination with the lower chakras, it is also pink. Mentally imagine how a green ball shines in your chest, from which a bright ray emanates. Direct this beam with the promise of love to a loved one. Hang in the bedroom green curtains or pink lamps, decorate the house with roses. Arrange a romantic date in nature: an abundance of green color will awaken Anahata. By the way, for relaxation and release from fatigue, you can simply imagine how a green cloud envelops you and takes away all the negative things. It helps! Tested on yourself!

To attract love to your life, you can perform a beautiful ritual. On the first lunar day, place two Anahata-colored candles on the windowsill - pink (left) and green (right) at a distance of 30 cm. Light them and look at the flame. Imagine a pink-green thread stretching between the candles. This is the thread between you and your partner. Extinguish the candles in a few minutes. Every day repeat the ritual, bringing the candles closer to each other by a centimeter. When they stand close to each other, say: "The whole Universe helps me to strengthen love. My relationship with my partner is filled with tenderness and love." If you dream of finding love, repeat: "I meet the perfect partner." Let the candles burn out, collect their wax in an envelope and hide it. Love will definitely come!

Fill every action with energy of love!

The development of Anahata will help you gain wisdom and inner strength, teach you to give love, feel peace and joy, make life more conscious and harmonious. Understanding your divine essence, the highest purpose through the manifestation of Love is the best gift you can give yourself. So take care of yourself, work on yourself and be happy!

Especially for - Katerina Sent

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