Anahata - love chakra

Today we talk about Anahata. This chakra is located in the center of the chest, parallel to the heart. In order, it is the fourth below and fourth above. Connecting the three lower chakras with the three upper chakras, Anahata is the center of the entire system. It is the center of love, compassion, mercy, care and loyalty, which governs our ability to give and receive love, give, forgive and sympathize. Anahata is responsible for the love of God, the Cosmos, the world of Nature, love for others and herself. The element of the chakra is air, the color is green (the energy of love, compassion and universal harmony, spirituality and creativity), the motto "I love!".

The state of Anahata in your energy system is easy to determine. For that just consider your hand: if the palm is dry, in small wrinkles, it has dried up, this indicates chakra depression, if the palm is fresh - Anahata is normal.

Chakra spiritual purpose

Anahata expresses the vision of beauty in others and in oneself, in the outside world, in nature. The spiritual role of the chakra is to teach to accept the world as a whole, without evaluations, and to see the beautiful everywhere. A man with a strong Anahata is happy about everything and feels at home anywhere in the world. He perceives not achievements and results, but a process, turning him into true music of the Heart. Anahata teaches selfless love, compassion, service. When you have the opportunity to give the purest Energy of Love - boundless and disinterested, aimed at everyone and everything around, you no longer belong to the world of illusions, but become a channel of divine energy through which Love that is not conditioned by anything comes to the world. The spirit awakens only in an open and pure heart, and then you feel endless joy. Pure love has no purpose, like a tree giving shade to anyone. It comes from the heart, not the body or mind - the mind does not love, it only wants. Love is the flow of life between all beings.

Anahata blocking and body diseases

Cardiovascular, respiratory and circulatory systems are associated with Anahata. Blocked Anahata is observed in a person who has forbidden himself to freely express his feelings. This prohibition may be unconscious. For example, the boy was told that crying was embarrassing, screaming is cruel, laughing a lot is ugly, and at some point he decided to suppress all his feelings. Such a person cannot freely love, hate, rejoice, or grieve, and this "squeeze" manifests itself externally. A person does not breathe with his chest, but with his stomach or collarbone, since his chest is not able to expand, and he has a "shell": a rigid, inflexible back and all sorts of manifestations of osteochondrosis, scoliosis. If there is a blockage on the free expression of feelings, this leads to heart disease, increased pressure and hypertension.

For balanced work of the heart chakra need to be able to enjoy life! Lung diseases (inflammation, tuberculosis) arise from anguish and lack of joy. Bronchitis, for example, is caused by dissatisfaction with life: a person does not like everything, and he cultivates this state in himself. If this happens all the time, bronchitis becomes chronic. When Anahata is blocked, there are problems with the spine, and the person slouches. Women may develop mastopathy. It appears when the energy of Anahata is much, but it is not realized. The stagnation of energy inside is often associated with tight discipline in the family. If a girl was kept in her tight grip as a child, she does not have the ability to freely express feelings, to give, so the inner energy does not find a way out. If you know your illnesses, feel free to train free expression of feelings. Do not pinch yourself in a vise and enjoy yourself more!

Relationships with people and chakra imbalances

Our relationship with our parents reflects on the heart chakra, and it is necessary to realize that parents are present in us. Mother personifies the left part of the body, the father - the right. Therefore, if we treat without respect and love for one of them, we oppress some part of us. Since in the body the right side is “masculine” and the left side is “feminine”, then with a decrease in energy in one side, a person begins to slouch in the other direction. In this case, either a person can give, but cannot receive, or vice versa, only consumes. Treatment should begin with the elimination of bias in relations with parents.

Chakra imbalance is also caused by the suppression of the other by one spouse. A common situation in the family: the husband has hypertension, the wife has hypotension. The wife makes claims to her husband: "He does not love me, pays little attention, does not understand, does not support." Husband says: "I love as I can, but stronger - I can not." At the same time, he feels guilty, and his guilt is already a test of Anahata. Therefore, the husband, who lives not with his own, but with other people's feelings and desires, tries to give all that is possible, but the energy becomes less and less. My wife has an excess of this energy, she does not realize it, and she cannot accept her husband, because she already has a lot, so Anahata is excited, her blood pressure drops, and she has headaches.

Anahata and perception

In communication with the person whose Anahata is balanced, people feel free and open their hearts with ease. He creates harmony wherever he appears. But if the chakra is not balanced, the person feels a fear of being abandoned. He can plunge into other people's problems so much that they will destroy him (as he is in pain and suffering of another), and will perceive help from the outside as recognition of his weakness. When there is no balance in the heart chakra, a person can only love to get approval. If you are angry with the whole world, hate life, show egocentrism and pessimism, pay attention to the heart chakra. Understand that in your power to change the situation and fill your life with love. We will talk about how to do this later.

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