Ajna - the intuition chakra

The sixth chakra of the energy system - the Ajna - the frontal chakra, or the third eye chakra, is located at a point between the eyes, just above the eye line. Its color is blue, the motto is "I see!". Chakra is responsible for the clarity of thoughts, conscious perception, intellectual and mental abilities, research and inventive activity, high morality and the ability to establish connections with people. Ajna grants intuition, memory, willpower, knowledge. She is responsible for the harmony between the work of the two hemispheres of the brain, the balance of emotions and mind, the ability to concentrate, peace of mind and wisdom.

Ajna Development

The development of Ajna causes a desire to find harmony with the Universe and a sense of its unity with the Highest spiritual forces, which leads to a new understanding, openness and development of awareness at all levels. We begin to see when our emotions, habits or social norms govern our lives, and this understanding allows us to clear the mind of the superfluous. The more the third eye chakra is opened, the easier it is to be in a state of inspiration, in which time seems to stop, and ideas themselves are born in the head. As a result, implemented the creation of new, ingenuity, the ability to receive information from other worlds and times. As the third eye chakra develops, a person opens up endless possibilities of perception, allowing you to see deeper, wider and go beyond what is happening.

Ajna activates ability extrasensory perception. Clairvoyance can manifest itself in meditations and dreams, and with good development of the chakra - in the ability to see various entities and auras, to penetrate into objects or bodies. Allergies are expressed in the ability to capture thoughts, determine the physical and emotional state of a speaker by his voice, hear those with whom we are connected by a strong energy bond, and also receive messages from spiritual entities and from other worlds. The development of the ability to touch allows us to feel different energies when touching the body of another person and determine where the blocks, clamps, diseases are located. One of the functions of the sixth chakra is the ability to take telepathic messages and "connect" to a certain frequency of vibrations. The cleaner the channel of perception and transmission of messages in a person, the brighter his extrasensory abilities, depending on the state of the third eye chakra, appear (astral exits, psychokinesis, prophecies, predictions of the future). Through the frontal chakra, the human energy system is able to receive cosmic energy - prana, which is absorbed directly from the air and feeds not only energy, but also the physical body (you must have heard about the prano-eaters - people who eat only prana). Working with Ajna gives a person the possibility of achieving wisdom and genuine enlightenment.

Chakra imbalance

When Ajna is not balanced, a person often perceives life through intelligence and logic. He needs clear evidence of everything. Neglect of intuition and feelings leads to a limited perception of the world, and everything related to spirituality is rejected as "unscientific".

The disharmony of the third eye chakra encourages a person to seek manipulation of people and situations for personal gain. The lack of faith in the forces of the Universe and the lack of understanding of the deep meaning of what is happening is manifested in anxiety, anxiety, excitement, tension and cynicism. Often, the chakra is destroyed due to the fact that a person has no inner right to his world view. He shows interest in various philosophical systems, reads and listens to everything, and does not build his vision - then he simply distributes his energy to the sixth chakra, and it is blocked from him.

Anatomically, the brain, eyes, frontal and maxillary sinuses, nose, and upper teeth are connected with Ajna, so imbalance of the chakras leads to sinusitis, sinusitis, vision problems.

Underdevelopment syndrome is also associated with Ajna: the child is inspired that crying is bad, you have to hide your feelings, so the emotional energies, though released, do not leave the body, but are deposited on the eye and some facial muscles, resulting in headaches and constant forehead tension. If a person does not like something, he does not want to look at it, the installation is unconsciously absorbed: "My eyes would not see it." As a result, he ceases to notice many things, destroying his eyes on an energy level to himself, and since the eyes are connected to the liver, then the liver, which can lead to diabetes.

Ajna's Spiritual Mission

The main aspect of intuition that Ajna bestows upon us is the ability to look through the prism of the Soul, not the ego. When you look from the Soul, you put in the center of attention the integrity of your higher “I”, and not the narrow ideas of the ego related to material success. Following the path of the Soul, you reveal your inner divinity and you become aware of its presence in every creation of the Universe. Understanding unity with all things helps to forgive, because forgiveness is the basic spiritual quality of Ajna. With the new vision of reality, which gives a balanced sixth chakra, you can create your own reality. In one of the stories of Dr. Dharma Singh Hals, it is described how the patient required the dentist to drill the root canals of the tooth and remove the nerves without anesthesia. She focused on Ajna and began visualizing the reality in which she would like to be: a garden with fragrant flowers, light breezes of wind, clouds floating across a clear sky. As a result, the patient did not feel pain, she created her reality of peace and joy, following the path of the Soul through the open doors of the balanced Ajna. By opening the sixth chakra, we gain freedom from worldly limitations and enter the silence of "thoughtless awareness", enjoying the peace emanating from the heart of the Universe.

Learning to trust the universe!

For the development of Ajna, apply the information obtained in practice. Since the sixth chakra is connected with vision, protect your eyes from wandering aimlessly or pictures of violence, look more at nature, the surface of water or fire. Meditate, observe, learn to trust the Universe and forgive. And then you will gain the ability to hear, see, understand the deep, which the Universe created by you keeps for you.

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