Affirmations for success

Success does not come to anyone just like that, but purposefully created by the person himself. An important part of managing your own destiny is the thoughts of a person and how he reacts to the world around him. From what thoughts prevail in his thinking, it really depends on what his present will be.

Every day thousands of different thoughts flash in the mind of a person, but some of them run through, disappearing immediately, and some linger for a long time. And these repetitive thoughts play an important role and turn into the category of convictions.

What is affirmations?

Often beliefs are far from being positive, but rather strongly bind a person. For example, a person may be convinced that people from a poor family will never achieve good results. And no matter how hard they try, they will not be able to rise above the level of their family’s income. But not everything is so sad, it is never too late to reconsider their attitude to life and begin to replace their negative thoughts with positive ones. These positive thoughts are affirmations.

Affirmations are a fairly easy but very effective way to work with your own subconscious. It is necessary to correctly formulate a statement that would reflect you, how you want to become and what you want to achieve. And thoughtfully with the emotional message to repeat these phrases. The efficacy of affirmations is indisputable, of course, by repeating certain phrases, a person is unlikely to be able to change everything, but, nevertheless, affirmations can completely rebuild thinking and begin to act completely differently as a confident and successful person.

How do affirmations work?

The principle of affirmations is quite simple - it is the replacement of destructive (destructive) thoughts with constructive (creative) ones. In his head, a person can not simultaneously hold a bunch of different thoughts, and even still incompatible with each other. Positive affirmations will crowd out negative energy, and your life will be filled with positive. Affirmations should not be too long, the most effective affirmations contain no more than 6-7 words. It's very simple, for example, you want to get a job, then repeat: "I get a prestigious job." But at the same time you must clearly understand what kind of work you need and what you can do to get it. Repetition of affirmations will not give you a new job on a silver platter, but it will allow you to create all the conditions for this.

Affirmation rules

Affirmations should reflect what you want, not what you do not want and do not like.

Affirmations are designed to help you fulfill your desire, but they will not be able to help in any way if you talk about your dislike for something. Speak and think only about what you want, imagine that you already have it in your hands. The law of the universe is very simple, then what you concentrate on, very easily and quickly comes into your life. If you concentrate on not wanting to be late all the time, you will always be late. You do not want to always be late, and come on time? So say - I have time everywhere.

In the right affirmations there should be no “no, no never” particles. They are simply not noticed by the subconscious, and therefore, if you say: "I do not want to swear to anyone," it will be perceived as I want to swear at everyone. I must say: "I am in harmony with others." Also avoid denying words in affirmations, for example, you can say: "I avoid deceitful and insincere people", but it will not be effective, such people will be attracted to you. Better to say: "I communicate only with honest and open people."

Formulate sentences in real time

Our subconscious mind thinks in images, and for it there is no past or future, only the present moment. Accordingly, if you repeat the phrase: "I want to find a good job," then this phrase will remain in the future. Your dream or idea can be realized if you speak as if you already have it. Yes, it is a little weird to talk about what you don’t have yet, but only so will the subconscious mind take it as an impetus for action.

You can say: "In six months, I will change the car," but you can say: "I bought a new car," and the second sentence is an example of more effective affirmation.

More specifics in statements

Composing an affirmation, you must clearly present your desire to the smallest details and then start from this. We often wonder why our desires are fulfilled, but in some strange bizarre forms. The thing is that we do not specify them. In the last paragraph it was said about the present time, for example, you say - "I purchased a new car", everything is correct. But then do not be surprised if you get a new car, but not at all what they wanted. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify - "I want a red Mazda 6", for example. Or instead, "I work in a new job" - "I work as a sales manager."

Give affirmations a positive effect.

In any business and in any word, you should invest your emotions and your mood. If you say an affirmation with a bored expression on your face and take it as an abracadabra, nothing good will come of it. You must experience and feel the meaning of affirmations with every cell of your body, and emotionally-colored words will help you in this. After all, you make positive affirmations, which means that the words will be positively colored. For example, "I get a posh huge home, I gladly get up at work every morning, I am extremely happy in a relationship." You can easily find the right words if you think about your desire and feel everything that you feel about it.

Only make affirmations for yourself.

This, of course, is good, if you develop relationships with others, they are proud or admire you, but this should not be an end in itself. If you achieve something, and people will appreciate it - great, but no more. If they do not appreciate it, is also excellent, it means that you managed to stand out from the masses. So it makes no sense to think and decide for others, especially to include other people in their affirmations. If you want to help a person with something, then offer him your direct help, relying on your own strength and capabilities. And use affirmations only for YOUR happiness and success. For example, you can say - my husband loves me, my colleagues respect me, but it is more efficient to say - "I am respected and loved."

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Start changing your life right now, using properly constructed affirmations.

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