Wicker basket weaving

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Weaving from willow is a very exciting and interesting occupation, with the help of which you can build beautiful and unique things, such as a basket.

The first thing you need to pay attention to before weaving is the age of the willow twigs. The best for weaving are twigs at the age of 1-2 years. Rods should be elastic, thin and long. It is important that the willow twigs are well split. If after removing the bark from the rod, its “inside” is smooth and glossy, it means that you have selected the right material for weaving.

Willow baskets do not need special skills or skills, make them on the shoulder to any amateur. Let us and we will master a new kind of needlework.

Basket "Fashion" from the willow with their own hands


To weave it you need to prepare:

  • woven on the cross of 3x6 oval bottom, the size of which is 27x15 cm of twigs with a diameter of 4 mm
  • 36 risers 75 cm long, 3 mm in diameter
  • 72 rods 69 cm long, 3 mm in diameter
  • 36 planed tapes 1 m long, 5 mm wide (for braiding the side walls)
  • 60 rods for weaving ropes 50 cm long with a diameter of 4 mm
  • 1 rod 75 cm long with a diameter of 10 mm (for the base of the handle)
  • 10 thin and long rods for upholstery handles

Install 36 risers (2 to each bottom riser) and twist them with ropes in three rods. Calculate that the risers are located at a distance of 3 cm from each other. Grow at the bottom of the beginning of a stiff wall about 5 cm high. Now weave a board of a 12 cm high basket (for this you need a gloss tape). Complete the wall by weaving two rows of rope.

After the work is done, proceed to the next step. Attach 2 risers to each riser (on the right side). It is necessary for weaving openwork. Just before weaving, take care that the ends of the rods are wound on some cylindrical container - this will remove the tension from the rods and check their strength.

We begin to weave openwork according to the following scheme: the three of the risers are bent to the right by the “path” - before the 3 following triples of the risers, 2 inwards and outwards. The ends of the triples, which will stick out, are bent into another “path” according to the following scheme: from bottom to top, 2 in front of one and behind one outside. The ends of the rods, which remained, braid into a pigtail. Pigtail will divide the lampshade into two parts: the lower and upper.

Strengthen the base for the basket handle by twisting it around with twigs on each side. Braid the ends of the rods in knots-sockets. To make the basket look even more beautiful, cover it with varnish.

Basket is ready!

Basket "Belarusian souvenir" wicker of willow


  • This basket of willow begin to weave with a round bottom, whose diameter is 20 cm (4x4 cross). The bottom should be edged with two ropes in 3 rods. For each strut stick, substitute 2 risers (you get 32 ​​twigs). Collect the twigs and tie them tightly over the center of the bottom. Weave two rows of rope in 4 rods (the distance between the rods should be the same).
  • The side wall of the basket is weaved in layers, securing the top of the ends. Make sure that the twigs are enough for 10 rows of weaving the wall. The ends of the twigs should be exactly cut off, after which you can proceed to the "covering". To do this, cover the rope in 4 rods, weaving 8 rows of walls under it (the ends of the risers must be untied). This will allow the walls of the basket to diverge upwards conically.
  • Cut off the excess ends of the braided pairs and again make a four-twine string over them.
  • We are starting to weave openwork: for each riser, substitute 2 rods, bending them to the right in a triple (before two for the third, in the interval with the fourth, pass each triple out).
  • Once all the three will fall into place, you can turn the basket upside down. Align the edges of the openwork, deepening and tightening the edges of triples. Securely fasten the ends of the twigs, and trim the peeping tips.
  • We proceed to the frame handle. For its manufacturing, rods are used with a thickness of 8-10 mm, 104 cm long. Make the paths with an awl and insert the ends of the rods into them. The recommended handle height is 20 cm. At the highest point, fasten the rods with small studs. Turn over the handle with a wide tape, the ends of which will need to be firmly fastened. To make the handle stronger, make it out of 3 arcs. Bleach the finished basket and varnish it.

Now you know two ways to build interesting wicker baskets. Baskets can be used in different ways: for storing yarn, fruit, for going to the forest for mushrooms or berries, etc. Also, a wicker basket can be presented as a gift for some holiday. And how to make a basket of ordinary newspapers, you will learn from the article Weaving a basket of newspaper tubes.

- Misnik Svetlana