Why leaves turn yellow in an apple tree

The first mentions of the apple appeared more than 5 thousand years ago. Probably, even then our ancestors appreciated the benefits of this plant. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular fruit-bearing trees among summer residents and gardeners. Apple trees not only delight the rich harvest in the fall, but also turn the site into a truly flourishing fairy kingdom in spring.

Of course, in the care of a tree sometimes there are problems. Like any other plant, it is prone to disease. One of the first symptoms of the disease is the deformation and shrinking of the foliage.

Why do leaves turn yellow in an apple tree?

Leaves curl on an apple tree: what to do?

If foliage is affected on an apple tree, the cause may be aphid. After twisting, the leaves fall, the tree becomes bare. Young shoots bend and dry. A large cluster of aphids can be found at the ends of the branches. You can fight the pest with the help of chemicals (Konfidor, Spark) and folk methods (decoction of wormwood, garlic decoction). A hunter belt is quite popular among gardeners: a garden pavement is applied around the base of the tree, covered with polyethylene on top. It should not touch the trunk. From above fix an elastic band. The hunting belt does not allow ants carrying the aphid larvae to penetrate the tree crown.

Another reason for twisting the leaves of an apple tree is powdery mildew. The leaves also begin to crumble, flowers and buds are covered with a gray bloom. You can fight the disease with a one-percent solution of colloidal sulfur.

Dry leaves on the apple: reason

In a situation where the leaves on the apple tree dry up, winter frosts or rodents, eroding the roots, may be to blame. Moniliosis also contributes to drying. This fungal disease occurs a few weeks after flowering or in August. Especially if there is cool or wet weather outside the window. Symptoms of the disease - wilting and drying, brown leaf color. To combat the disease before flowering, treat the plant with any antifungal agent (Alerin, Fitosporin) or copper sulfate solution. After flowering - copper oxychloride. In order for the apple tree to resist the fungus, it is necessary to cut the affected shoots, including 10-15 cm of healthy tissue, to remove rotted fruits from the branches in the fall.

Why do leaves turn yellow in an apple tree?

Red spots on the leaves of an apple tree

  • Red spots on the leaves of an apple tree indicate the possible presence of the fungus Sphaeropsis malorum - among the people of black cancer. Immediately after bud break, small reddish specks begin to appear on the leaves of the plant, scattered across the surface. Over time, they increase to 4-6 mm. Spores can be found under the skin in the center of the spot. They are visible to the naked eye - they are black dots.
  • Usually, bark suffers from black cancer, so to save the tree from the disease, you need to cut sore spots, process them with copper sulfate and cover them with garden pitch. The mass invasion of black cancer can be caused by drought, heavy rainfall. Young apple trees, unlike the old ones, are fairly resistant to fungi. Prevention may be whitewashing the trunk in the fall, pruning and destruction of diseased and dry branches.
  • Red blotches appear due to the red-gall aphids. After the appearance of spots on the apple leaves curl, red growths are formed, the disease passes to the fruit. Before budding, the tree should be treated with any preparation from the larvae of aphids (Oleukuprit, Nitrafen, Kemifos). If krasnogallyovka looked into your garden during the formation of the fruit, it is better to spray apple infusion of tobacco dust.

Why do leaves turn yellow in an apple tree?

Apple leaves: useful properties

A change in the color of the leaves of an apple tree, their deformation may be due to other reasons. One of the main ones is the lack of essential trace elements. Lack of nitrogen and magnesium leads to yellowish and sometimes reddish shades of foliage. Painful symptoms may be associated with phosphorus starvation, lack of potassium, boron, calcium.

Fighting diseases of the apple is necessary not only to preserve and improve the quality of the fruit. The leaves of the tree have significant beneficial properties. The effect of tea and decoction from them on the human body is due to the high content of vitamin C and phenolic compounds that strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Apple leaves help to cure a cold, cough, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, are used for problems of the gastrointestinal tract, help get rid of acne.

Broth taken with anemia and insomnia. As a vitamin, you can use the tincture of fresh leaves. In other cases - dry tea. Harvesting raw materials is better in June or July. The leaves are dried under a canopy, periodically turning, or subjected to heat treatment (40-50 degrees). Willingness is determined by the fragility of the stalks. They should not bend.

Why do leaves turn yellow in an apple tree?

Apple health is completely in the hands of the gardener. It is necessary to closely monitor changes in the state of the leaves. Twisting, yellowing, red spots indicate a disease or lack of nutritional elements. Prevention of diseases, vaccinations, timely treatment - this is the key to a well-groomed apple orchard.

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