Why does a cat trample you

The behavior of domesticated members of the cat family causes a lot of controversy not only among the owners, but also among scientists. In fact, these amazing animals often give us a reason to reflect on their habits. For example, it becomes interesting to many owners why the cat is pawing. Even this pleasant and seemingly simple process causes many disputes and has several explanations.

Why does a cat trample a blanket and its owner?

Why does a cat trample you?

Surely every cat owner sometimes sees his pet pawing over a blanket or “massaging” the owner, as it were. Very often, the animal is purring and does not hide its pleasure. Why do the furry pets do this?

Some experts believe that in this way the cat takes away negative energy from the host. It is worth noting that the cats start their “massage” at the very moment when the owner is in a relaxed state, for example, resting. However, there is a scientific explanation for this strange behavior of the animal. It turns out that it is provoked by the instincts that cats receive at birth.

Like people, cats have an “inner child” inside, that is, regardless of age, your pet can feel like a kitten at any moment. Since there are no mothers near such a baby, instincts are used on the host. After all, the person who started the cat takes care of it, feeds, strokes, actually plays the role of a parent for it. This instinct originates from the period when the kitten eats mother's milk. Everyone knows that with the help of such movements he helps himself to get milk from the mother's breast.

A person, of course, cannot resist such a manifestation of the cat's tenderness and starts stroking it. Human caresses are perceived by animals as licking. You can even notice how during this process, the cat begins to salivate, which is necessary for the digestion of food. The very process of pawing for her brings calm and tranquility for her, because as a kitten, she felt protected next to her mother.

Why does a cat trample you?

You can, of course, think that the cat has grown up. However, in an adult individual, such behavior can be considered as a manifestation of a particular joyful, peaceful mood. If the cat has taken to trample you with its paws, be sure that you have become the closest creature to the animal. Do not be surprised that sometimes the pet may release claws. They need it in order to achieve milk production by any means.

In such moments, in no case can you drive the animal away, even if it still released its claws. If you banish a cat, it can very painfully perceive your behavior and even take offense at you. As a result, the animal can get a psychological trauma and generally stop showing affection to the owner. If you get hurt by the claws released, simply stroke the cat's foot so that it removes it.

As an object for "massage" a cat can choose not only a person, but for example, a blanket or a blanket. Sometimes it can be observed that the pet can even suck the edge. The owner needs to notice exactly which items the cat has chosen and try not to remove them from the pet's field of vision, because if the cat tramples on these particular legs, she feels warm and safe next to them. That is why very often the choice of the animal falls on the fleecy or fluffy things, because they resemble the fur coat of the mother cat.

There is another opinion explaining this behavior. Modern domestic cats are descended from their wild relatives. The ancestors of cats lived in trees or land, so they had to arrange the most comfortable overnight stay for themselves. Therefore, modern cats can trample a little on the place where they are going to lie, to make it softer and more comfortable.

In any case, the cat thus shows only good feelings to the person, and you should not scold her for it.

Why do cats purr?

Why does a cat trample you?

Sounds like rumbling can be reproduced not only by domestic cats, but also by other members of this family. Cats that live in our homes, rumble more often when feeding kittens or talking to a person. Usually, people think that pets purr from pleasure.

Nevertheless, many scientists believe that the ability to rumble significantly helped these animals in evolution. It is also noted that cats purr when hit in stressful situations for them. This means that the rumbling is likely to help them somehow cope with such problems. This process requires a sufficiently large energy from the animal, and in stressful situations or with injuries the cat will not waste energy in vain.

Many veterinarians tend to believe that rumbling helps cats avoid problems with their joints and muscles, despite the fact that these animals are often motionless when they hunt or sleep. At that time, while their musculoskeletal system does not work, cats, as it were, stimulate it through purring. Also, the idea that rumbling cats can have a positive effect on the human body is also widespread.

In addition, rumbling can be used by pets and as a means of communication. After all, even those cats whose breeds were formed in geographic isolation are able to purr. Thus, we can conclude that purring is a kind of universal emotional reaction to certain life events. Nevertheless, it is much more pleasant for a person to think that the rumbling of a cat is a sign of love and tenderness towards the owner. Nobody can deny this either.

Cats have always been and remain, perhaps, the most mysterious pets. Humanity still cannot explain many of their habits. It is possible that the reasons for this or that cat's behavior will remain a mystery to us. However, many especially attentive owners have already learned to live in harmony with their pets and understand them.

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