Why do strawberries turn yellow?

The taste of homemade strawberries can not be compared with the taste of the purchase. Fragrant, sweet berries are associated with the beginning of summer, childhood. For normal growth strawberry requires careful care. Top dressing, cropping mustache, the formation of beds - this is the minimum in the struggle for a good harvest of berries. To all this, add a careful analysis of the state of the plant, because any change in the leaves or berries indicates a disease or lack of trace elements.

Spots on strawberry leaves: causes

Many strawberry diseases and pest activity are manifested as spots on the leaves.

Often the plant is sick with brown spot. This fungal disease, as the name implies, begins with the appearance of brown and red spots. Usually, the fungus infects strawberry leaves in early spring and early autumn, at a time when wet, wet weather is present. Spots appear on whiskers, leaves, sepals. Their size may be different. Most often they merge into larger diffuse circles, and then absorb the entire leaf. It turns red and dries out.

In the case of brown spot before flowering strawberries can be treated with a solution of Bordeaux liquids. In the fall, Vectra, Scor, Topaz will help in the fight against flex. It is best to take preventive measures. They will prevent the appearance of brown spots. First of all, in the fall you need to get rid of dry leaves - it is in them that are the spores of the fungus.

Why do strawberries turn yellow leaves?

According to similar mechanisms, another disease develops - red spotting. The only difference is that with severe infection, the center of the spots becomes light gray. In the case of a small lesion with a fungus, the leaf covers red spots, then it begins to turn yellow and dies. Most often, the disease is actively developing in old beds, in places where there are many weeds. Preventive measures for this disease are the same as in the case of brown spot. Euparen 50 WP is especially effective as a treatment.

Spots on strawberry leaves may appear for other reasons. One of the most common diseases is white spotting. Brown rounded specks appear on the leaves, which grow to 6 mm and become oval. The center of the spots brightens, a brown frame is clearly visible around it. Usually the problem is fought with the help of Euparen 50 WP. If the disease has manifested itself after harvest, then you can use the drug Topsin M.

You should know that some varieties of strawberries are resistant to certain diseases.

Why does strawberry leaves dry?

Many gardeners are faced with drying strawberry leaves. The reason may be earth mite The pest feeds on plant sap. Because of this, the leaves are covered with red spots, and then dry. Other signs that a strawberry is sharpening a tick are shredding bushes and berries.

Help to cope with the disease drugs Karbofos, Aktara. From safe non-chemical methods, garlic tincture is effective.

Another reason that the strawberries dry leaves may be the larva of the May beetle. The plant in this case fades, and then begins to turn yellow and dry. You can get rid of the problem by spilling the soil with Antichrush. Another method of struggle is to treat the perimeter of the beds with a solution based on chicken droppings.

Strawberry leaves curl: what to do?

  1. One of the culprits of the fact that strawberry leaves are curled is powdery mildew. In the case of this disease, the leaves fold up. On the lower side you can see white scurf, and on top, in these places, are red spots. Powdery mildew usually manifests itself in early May and is actively distributed during dry warm weather. To fight the fungus using Topsin M70WP and fungicides.
  2. Strawberry leaves curl and plant damage by pests. Leaves may be deformed due to tick. In the spring they use drugs Aktelik, Karate against him, in the summer they destroy diseased leaves.

Strawberry leaves curl: what to do?

Yellowed strawberry leaves: reasons

If the strawberry leaves have turned yellow in your garden plot, then there may be several reasons. The location of the beds in an open place with bright sunlight, insufficient watering affect the condition of the leaves. Perhaps the plant lacks some trace elements. Magnesium and nitrogen starvation, for example, leads to yellowing. In this case, nitrogen fertilizer is better to make in early spring. Magnesium can fertilize strawberries every week.

Strawberry leaves: useful properties

  • Strawberries are good for health. Its leaves contain natural antibiotics, vitamin C. Decoction, tea and tincture of them can reduce blood pressure, suppress various inflammations. The list of diseases in which strawberry leaves have a pronounced therapeutic effect is impressive: a cold, sore throat, bronchial asthma, atherosclerosis, diseases of the liver, kidneys.
  • Harvest healing raw materials for tea is better in late summer. The optimal time is August-September. Dried in cardboard boxes for 9 hours, then sent to the open air or fermented in an oven. Then crushed to the desired size.

Strawberries, like any other plant, need care and care. The appearance of spots on the bushes berries, twisted and dried leaves can be prevented with the help of prevention. It is necessary to get rid of dry and diseased shoots, monitor the condition of the beds, remove weeds, treat with drugs. An important factor is the feeding of strawberries. Only in this case, you can get a rich harvest.

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