Why do not bloom irises

Irises, or as they are called "iris" - the most beautiful and valuable plants in terms of oils (for the essential oil of the iris, read here). These flowers, so reminiscent of an orchid, are very ancient and grow for 7 years in one place on all continents. Without exaggeration, the irises have taken over the world.

Seven-year bloom provided your flowers with proper care and cultivation. But here, if you immediately make some serious mistakes, then, perhaps, your irises will no longer be saved. In order to protect the flowers from early death, you need to figure out why the irises do not bloom, are capricious, and feel ill at ease in your garden.

The main mistakes gardeners when growing irises

Error One - Bad or Wrong Fit

What could be more important for any plant planted by hand, if not comfort? Iris should feel comfortable in the ground: not deep, but not to shine with roots. It is better to divide and transplant irises in early autumn, this is if you are new to this business. Professionals can do this in the spring. Remember the action plan:

  • Dig out the rhizome and gently separate it, prepare for planting.
  • Shorten the leaves and roots a little, hold all the seedlings in a solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection. After that, dry a little in the sun.
  • Dig a hole 4 times as wide as a tuber. Mix earth from it with sand and fertilizer. Plant your toffee shallowly and pour it in equal parts with the soil obtained with the mixture and add sand or granite chips on top.
  • Help the seedling "stand up" and pour it with a little water with fertilizer.

Error two - In cramped, yes in insult

What is cramped for toffee? When the plant grows about 4 years, it grows and it is necessary to plant it, otherwise, the iris ceases to bloom. Do not try to overfeed and re-drink your "kids", let's give a good measure.

Mistake three - Iris little light

Light is important for almost all living things, and handsome - irises love to bask in the sun. In the shade, your flowers will grow too, but you can not dream of flowers. Therefore, before planting, look for a bright and warm place for them.

Error Four - Ignoring Individual Preferences

As you know, the soil can be acidic, dry, poor, black soil. Here bearded irises do not tolerate acidic soils - lime is needed here. And these flowers are in love with potassium and calcium, therefore, it is possible to “cajole” them with wood ash. For each type of iris, and there are more than 800 of them, individual conditions of "living" should be selected.

Fifth Error - Wrong conditions for wintering iris

You need to know that in the winter time, mostly flower buds freeze. It is important to take into account the variety. For example, Siberian irises can overwinter without shelter, but bearded ones - no. Proper and timely shelter irises will retain their ability to bloom. What do you do when the temperature drops to 5 degrees. The first - cut the irises. The second - you fall asleep with dry earth or with humus in a 20 - centimeter layer. And third, cover them for the time of the cold.

On the one hand, there are very simple and common mistakes that are worth learning from. On the other hand, the rules of cultivating such flowers as irises are quite difficult.

No plant can be grown without being serious about this matter. You can ruin a large number of beautiful flowers that could please your eyes. In order to cultivate a great amateur gardener, just imagine how your colorful and variegated irises will bloom and you will admire them. If you smile while presenting it, then you will not be in the mood to water them in the summer and cover them in the winter. We wish your garden brightness, and your eyes - shine!

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