Why do men love football?

The human mind has always sought to satisfy hunger, sexual desire and emotional discharge. At the first stage of development, everything was simple: caught up with a mammoth, killed him, seduced the female, she would cook food, make a fire - that's the spectacle.

Civilized Romans derived a simpler postulate - "bread and circuses." Watching how they chop their heads while chewing olives is a controversial entertainment, but who, the Romans, will understand now.

And what got to modern men? Circus, theater - high art, you will not come there in a dirty t-shirt with a pack of beer, what can we say about the chants of indecent slogans.

However, men still need a surge of adrenaline, so they find it in sports. Nowadays, this is the perfect spectacle in conjunction with the "bread". Weightlifting, gymnastics, swimming - beautiful, but somehow sluggish; table tennis is vigorous, but the scale is small. This discharge requires a collective merger: hockey, basketball, handball, football. All these games are tough, aggressive, with the smell of testosterone and alcohol (however, "strong drinks" are exclusively from the stands).

Why exactly football takes the minds of our men? Who of them did not chase the ball in the wasteland, with a gate of tin cans in old torn sneakers? In order to select the ball, you do not need ideally flat platforms, rings, industrial ice generators. Simple rules that do not require excellent physical shape, the mind of the Nobel laureate, additional equipment. Beer belly sometimes gives an advantage in the fight for the ball. Moreover, in a friendly game it is beer that replaces a laurel wreath, a champions cup and Olympic medals combined.

On the other hand, football is a whole philosophy, a reason to get together with friends on the weekend, get some fresh air and forget about work, family, problems. It turns out a kind of male nirvana, like shopping for women. After all, it is not necessary to adhere to the specific composition and duration of the game. You can "curl up" at any time and get distracted by shish-kebabs.

Another advantage of football: you can play with colleagues at work, even with your boss, but at the same time all the talk about work will not seem so officious. That is, you can incline the side of the scales in solving an important issue to your side and not to participate in office intrigues.

Special art - watch football. Almost every second considers himself to be experts, although on the field they do not show even a tenth of the skill that experienced athletes have. In order to see football with the men - it’s not a cross-stitch to embroider, here you need health no less than that of the footballers running around the field. The big talent of the fan requires strength to drink beer in huge quantities, especially during the world championship, the super bowl and other equally important matches.

Football in our time is not just a game, it is a microcosm with its own rules, stars, dreams and aspirations, victories and defeats, ups and downs.

That is why he firmly and sat down for centuries in the men's hearts. The number of football fans is steadily growing every year, and they all want to feel like a part of another world, a different story, which can be changed with a single goal against an opponent.

An intelligent woman will not interfere with her husband's passion. Let him sometimes disappears in the stadiums, worrying about your favorite team. Or sitting at the TV, waiting for the decisive goal. Her beloved wife will make a delicious snack for beer, set the table for all the man’s friends, and in return will ask her to let her go shopping after the football rush in the house. How can a grateful husband to deny something to his wife?

Women! Put up with your husband's hobbies, if you want to be treated appropriately!

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