Why do leaf tips dry in different types of houseplants?

Each amateur grower cares that his "green pet" has good health and does not experience discomfort in conditions different from his birthplace. However, at times, a copy acquired for the first time is capricious, like a small child, and it is extremely difficult to understand the reasons for its “grievances”.

Why flowers dry leaf tips: main reasons

Why do leaves have dry leaves?

The main point on which it is important to pay attention - almost everything that happens with a representative of the flora, originates in violations of the root system. Therefore, if the question suddenly arises, why the tips of the leaves are drying on the houseplants, or strange inclusions began to form on them, or their structure has changed, it is worth checking the condition of the soil and the roots.

  • Waterlogging or draining the earth. The most common cause of both the appearance of spots on the leaves and their death. At the same time, the tips dry most often in the case when watering is too rare, and the lack of moisture is felt not only in the upper layer of the soil, but also at its lower levels. Usually the process begins with the appearance of dark (mostly brown) ends, after which the leaf becomes thinner, becomes similar to parchment, dries and crumbles. Waterlogging of the substrate often leads to rotting.

How can this problem be solved? To begin with, it is worthwhile to dig up the plant, to remove the affected areas, if they appear, to treat the roots with crushed activated carbon. After that, transfer the flower to a new container, pour clean soil (do not pick it up from the old pot!), And then moisten it well. And in the future to follow a clear schedule of watering recommended for a particular plant and modified under the conditions of the room in which it is located.

  • Irregular water for irrigation. Most often, this problem can be seen in regions with hard tap water: everyone reacts to it, and plants are no exception. An excess of chlorine and fluorine leads to a burn of the roots and, by a chain reaction, leaves. If you are wondering why the tips of the leaves are drying at the spathiphyllum, then the solution to the problem most likely lies precisely here - it is called one of the most sensitive to the chemical composition of water.

Why do leaves have dry leaves?

What to do? It should be understood that in greenhouses where representatives of flora are usually kept, filtered water (free from fluorine and chlorine) water is used for irrigation, and in apartments where it is not possible to clean it, it is worth at least defending or boiling. The duration of settling is not less than 24 hours, and it is better to keep all 48 hours, if we are talking about the notorious Spathiphyllum, as well as the chlorophytum.

  • Too bright light and dry air. Usually, both factors work together, although very sensitive specimens (for example, brahee palms, washingtonia, geohom, etc.) that need coolness can react to them separately. It is important to remember that even those plants that love warmth and good lighting do not tolerate active sunshine throughout the day, especially in summer, during hot hours. Adding to too low a moisture content creates a burn effect, leading first to drying of the leaves and then to the death of the root system.

How to deal with the problem? To follow the light cycle: most of the colors prefer to live near the western or eastern windows, with the northern arrangement it can be fearlessly located on the windowsill at almost any time. But the south side requires special control: in the period from 11 to 16 h in the summer (and sometimes on particularly sunny winter days) it is necessary to remove the pot from the sunspot, carrying it to partial shade. If, in addition to everything, the room is very hot, it is ventilated (but does not create a draft), and the leaves of the plant are sprayed with soft room water or wiped with a damp cloth.

Particular problems of some types of indoor plants

Why do the tips of the leaves dry in indoor plants?

In addition to the above reasons for the disturbance of metabolic processes in the leaves, there are a number of possible prerequisites that are not typical of all representatives of the flora. In particular, often lovers of the inhabitants of the tropics wonder why the tips of the leaves of a palm tree dry. This is usually due to too low humidity and excessive heat in the room, however, there are no less important nuances.

  • Temperature drop. The roots of the palm trees have a high sensitivity, so the capacity of the plant can not be placed on a cold tile or marble, as well as on the windowsill in the winter (if it is not heated). Airing should also be short-lived, especially in winter. And in the room is to put a small fountain.
  • Discrepancy between pot volume and root size. It is also a very common problem that leads to drying out of the tips of the leaves - the roots should not be crowded, it is better if the palm tree sits in a very wide and deep flowerpot.

Many problems arise with the dragon plant. Why do the tips of the leaves of this rather unpretentious plant dry?

  • Excess salt is the most common reason professionals call it. It arises both from over-irrigation, which was already mentioned earlier, and from violations of the feeding regime. Dracaena does not need frequent fertilizers - it only needs 1-2 servings per week during May and June.
  • Temperature difference. Like the palm tree, the dracaena does not like a sharp contrast between heat and cold, and is also extremely sensitive to drafts, so for the time of ventilation it should be carried out or covered, and also never placed at the intersection of air currents.

The reasons for the appearance of dry areas on the leaves of houseplants discussed above are the most frequent for the overwhelming majority of the flora, but situational factors, as well as the individual sensitivity of certain specimens, cannot be excluded. In addition, the desiccation of the leaves, along with other negative points, can lead to diseases and pests. Follow exactly the rules for caring for your green pet so that such a problem does not overtake him.

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