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Why cats and cats love valerian

Cats are unique animals that leave few people indifferent. They strike their hosts with many surprising behaviors and not always explicable reactions to certain drugs. One of the mysterious and often discussed by lovers of cats and veterinarians questions - why cats love valerian.

Love does not love

Cats are unique animals

Many people believe that the stories about the love of cats to valerian - this is just a joke. So can say about 30% of the owners of fluffy pets. Scientists have found that this kind of perception of valerian is observed in about every third cat: the plant attracts and excites it. But there are animals on which the smell does not affect in any way. And some plants can scare away at all.

If the cat is influenced by valerian, it can become completely insane. On some pets acts as a plant in pure form, and drugs based on it. True, there are such individuals that do not recognize alcoholic tinctures.

Under the action of a plant or preparations based on it, cats often behave as if under hypnosis. There is a state of excitement, strong euphoria. The animals themselves are extremely pleased with this feature. It happens that they simply can not be separated from the "use" of the stimulator. After this, there is a period of calm, the animal becomes sleepy. In an excessive amount of valerian for cats can cause a narcotic sleep, the consequences of which are fatal.

Is Valerian a Love Elixir?

Is Valerian a Love Elixir?

Finding out why cats love valerian, scientists have made interesting conclusions-assumptions.

  • The smell of the plant is very similar to the way pheromones smell - special chemicals that attract individuals of the opposite sex.
  • A possible answer to the question of why cats love valerian is the presence of actinidin in the root of the plant. According to some scientists, this substance not only attracts felines, but also makes them addictive.
  • People of science note the stimulating effect of valerian on the pet's body, changing its emotional and hormonal balance.
  • At the expense of valerian activates the reaction of the central nervous system. Some cats, because of its use, are extremely aggressive. It is believed that the corresponding drugs can change the perception of reality in animals, cats develop hallucinations.

Insecure valerian

Insecure valerian

Thus, a plant that has a calming effect on humans produces the opposite effect on cats. As a rule, veterinarians do not prescribe medications based on valerian to representatives of the feline family - except during the recovery period after surgery. Do this to:

  • increase the vital activity of the cat;
  • relieve painful cramps in the stomach or intestines.

But can a valerian be dangerous for cats, is it harmful, since they feed such an addiction to it? Most of the problems are caused by the cat drinking alcoholic tinctures of the plant root. Alcohol is not absorbed by the animal's organism - destructive phenomena in the liver, kidneys, and stomach develop very quickly.

The drug in tablets can cause no less harm. Indeed, its composition contains approximately 1.5% of the essential oil of valerian, and the remaining components are artificial auxiliary elements that can cause severe allergies.

The health of the cat after excessive use of valerian worsens. Short-term riot and fun gives way to deep sleep, oblivion. In severe cases of overdose, only a veterinarian can help. By the way, the cat's reaction to the drug is individual: in some cases, even because of 2 pills of valerian in the animal, the heart can stop.

Each cat has its own character and taste preferences. A considerable number of these animals demonstrates sympathy for valerian. Most often, medications based on a known plant excite cats, so sometimes pets behave unpredictably. But not only in terms of "bad manners" contacts with valerian are undesirable. The use of such drugs is unsafe for animal health.

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