Which birds in the house is better to choose

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You have decided that you want to buy a bird home. But, having come to the pet store, they found that the choice is simply huge. You are offered to purchase any, from the simplest Russian pichuga to the fashionable, vibrant overseas bird. So which bird is best for home keeping? Let's try to figure it out.

First, decide what you want from the bird. Do you want to delight your eyes with a beautiful, unusual creation, or do you want to have a singer at home who can compete with the operatic? Or you want to breed birds and then sell them. And, perhaps, you want to find a talking friend?

There are domesticated species of wild birds. Among them, such as the canary or Hominin. Such birds are easier to keep than wild birds that are used to living in the wild.

  1. If you really want to have a representative of the wild at home, then turn your attention to the swift. It can be contained both alone and in pairs. This bird is absolutely not whimsical, easy to maintain. Swift peace-loving and gullible. In addition, this ptah is small in size (which saves you from having to give your pet plenty of space in the apartment). And his beautiful singing will delight you every day!
  2. Goldfinch. Very cute and cute bird. Has the ability to sing well, quickly gets used to the person.
  3. Oatmeal and repovy - do not require special skills for their content, but are suspicious members of the family of birds.
  4. Beginners can try to start a "tropical" bird.
  5. Try not to buy "our" birds. The fact is that most of them are not bred, but are caught in the wild. Therefore, there is a high probability that the bird simply does not take root in captivity, will quickly wither and die.
  6. Canaries and parrots have been bred in captivity for quite a long time, so this species of birds is already fully adapted to life in a cage. They very quickly get used to the owner and become tame.

If you want, having bought a bird, to get a beautiful singer to the house - you had better opt for a canary. This bird is the best to sing. In addition, it is absolutely easy to maintain and maintain - it just needs to provide, in sufficient quantities, feed and water. This beautiful bird ceases to sing only for the period of molting.

But pay special attention to the fact that only males sing in canaries. Unfortunately, on the appearance, the female from the male is almost impossible to distinguish. Only professionals can do this. You should not trust the seller to the word, convincing you that the bird is a male. Wait for the songs from him, only then purchase. Otherwise, you can simply never wait for the pichugi to sing.

If you are not only not interested in the singing of the future bird, your cat, but even the thought of round-the-clock trills is annoying, you should buy such a bird as the amidin or amarand. These birds are very calm, not demanding to care, unpretentious in food. In addition, they are well bred in captivity. And have a small size - up to ten cm.


These birds are well known to all of us. There are hundreds of species of different parrots, and they are all different! But for the most part these creatures are big restless, pranksters and screamers. But, at the same time, they have high intelligence. Some species are able to become an excellent interlocutor. They are easy to maintain, undemanding in food. Just be careful when choosing a cage for the parrot. In no case can not get a cage of soft wood. Otherwise, the parrot in two accounts will cut it into pieces. In general, the best material for a parrot cage is metal.

  • Be careful with the choice of parrot breed if there are children in your apartment. For the reason that large representatives of parrots are ableYou bite, and, given the size and power of their beak, they can even bite through the skin and cause injury to a person!
  • Female parrots are more aggressive than males.

  • Such parrot breeds as wavy, Jaco and Kakadu will quickly learn to talk, if you so desire. And Jaco can even become a full-fledged interlocutor for you, inserting the right phrases exactly when it is in the topic!
  • Corell is a beautiful parrot, smart enough, but he doesn’t speak so well. Teaching him some phrases will be very difficult.
  • Lovebirds. These parrots are incredibly beautiful. Have a bright color. They are very interesting to watch. But they will not talk. Totally. But if you are interested in beauty - lovebirds are what you need!

If you do not have experience in keeping birds, do not take the "difficult". You will not have the pleasure of complex care and a special approach to the bird.

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Before you finally decide what kind of bird to start a house, find out all about a particular breed. Learn the characteristics of the breed, possible diseases. Learn all about feeding ptahi. Secure yourself from unpleasant surprises.

Purchase a cage of the required size before you buy a bird. In no case can not do the opposite!

And, finally, remember that the bird is also a personality, albeit a small one. But, learning to care for her, and tamed, you will find a true friend!