When to transplant tomatoes

With the onset of spring, the window sills of gardeners begin to resemble real greenhouses - a large number of boxes, drawers, jars of seedlings. Being engaged in the cultivation of tomato seedlings, it is important to remember that during this period it is necessary to transplant it in accordance with all the rules.

Optimum planting dates for tomatoes

The ideal time for a picking of seedlings of tomatoes is the early stage of growth, as soon as 2-3 full leaflets appear on the plant. It is then that she will best transfer the transplant to a new place.

In the new soil there is quite a lot of free space, which is necessary for the development of a healthy and strong root system. A unique feature of tomatoes is that they love transplantation, because the damaged roots recover very quickly and become stronger. Experienced gardeners know that the more picks there are, the stronger and stronger the plant will become.

Dive tomatoes must be 2 times - first, the seedlings are transplanted in separate pots, and then in open ground. But at the same time, it is not necessary to transplant plants from a common box into another container. The fact is that such a procedure has not only positive, but also negative sides.

When to transplant tomatoes?

Positive factors include the fact that:

  • Removes all damaged and weak seedlings;
  • Significantly reduced spending on the cultivation of tomatoes;
  • An intensive stimulation of the development of additional lateral roots is carried out, due to which the root system of the plants becomes more powerful and strong.

The negative factor is that the developmental delay begins (this is quite normal), therefore, there will be later fruiting.

To carry out a picking of tomato seedlings, it is recommended to use not a simple ground, but a special soil mixture consisting of peat, rotted compost and sand. All these components should be taken in equal quantities, while sieving in advance through a large sieve. Then the soil will have to be steamed briefly in a water bath or in the oven. Some gardeners use freezing instead of warming, but this is a very long and tedious process.

If there is no desire and time to carry out soil mixture disinfection, then an artificial mixture of sawdust and sand can be used (Mitlider method). Hydrogel can also be used for picking - this is a unique polymer crumb that swells from the absorbed water, while it is completely sterile and does not require a decontamination procedure. The plant root system will receive the required amount of not only moisture, but also air, because oxygen is stored between the individual pieces of polymer chips. Giving moisture, gel enzymes begin to gradually decrease in size and after watering increase again. When conducting a picking, it will be enough to place only 2 tsp in a separate pot. pre-soaked composition and during the week you can not water the seedlings.

When to transplant tomatoes?

When to transplant seedlings?

It is important to remember that the younger the seedlings, the easier they will transfer the transplant. There is a very simple explanation for this: the young root system is less damaged than the adult one. Young sprouts who have not had time to get stronger may suffer the most. That is why it is considered that the ideal time for a picking is the appearance of the first full leaves on the seedlings.

Most often, the first transplant is performed approximately on the 2nd week after sowing the seeds, but this procedure can be done a few days later. However, in this case, there is a serious danger that the roots of closely growing seedlings can become overlapped, and this will lead to serious damage to the root system.

The second transplant into a large container also brings benefits, since in small cups the soil gradually starts to acidify, which has a negative effect on the development of the seedling.

Experienced gardeners claim that it is thanks to the timely increase in the area of ​​nutrition that tomato seedlings are strengthened. This has a positive effect on future yields. Therefore, as soon as the seedlings become the dough in the cups, it is necessary to carry out the 2nd pick.

If the plants were affected by the disease, then thanks to a picking, it will be possible to save healthy sprouts, for example, from a fungal infection, since its pathogens can be found in the soil.

Also, the picking can be used to slow the growth of seedlings, especially if there is a chance of its overgrowing, since during a transplant a slight slowdown in the growth and development of the plant begins.

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Transplanting is important for tomato seedlings. It must be done at least 2 times: when moving in individual cups or in a large container, as well as when placed in open ground. This process is quite simple, since the culture transfers it very easily. Transplantation helps to improve the health of the plant, as well as increase its yield.

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