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When and how to plant onion sets

Summer residents and gardeners plant a certain list of names of cultures which well get accustomed, grow and give a rich harvest. One of the plants that are often found on our plots, and even more often in the winter on the windowsills, is onion sets. It is very useful and, when used in food, contributes to the fight against pathogenic bacteria. That is why it is actively used for the prevention and treatment of colds. In winter it is a good natural source of vitamins.

When and how to plant onion sets

Planting onion sets is not expensive by time and money. It requires a minimum of care. Resistant to cold and drought.

Pluses of onion sets

  • resistance to low temperatures is a good quality that will allow planting onions earlier than is possible with other plants;
  • the harvest will be early;
  • good plant development even on poor soils;
  • powerful root system, which protects the culture and in dry hot weather;
  • inhibits the growth of weeds;
  • when growing onion sets very small labor costs are observed.

Before planting onions, it is necessary to trim the neck of the onion, but for gardeners who are only taking the first steps in this direction, such an operation is not recommended. Since often inexperience can play against you and you cut the plant to the very shoulder.

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Soil for onion sets

Onions, a selective culture and the soil prefers not any, but a good fertile.

However, what plant does not like good soil? Our crops that are grown in cottages and gardens, only good soil and serve.

  • For onion sets best suited sandy, fertile soils. Why exactly they? This choice is due to two qualities: high moisture capacity and moisture permeability.
  • Onions do not like heavy acidic soil.
  • As a rule, in their plots gardeners and gardeners change the location of the landings of their growing crops. This is often due to the fact that some plants will yield and grow well in the same place only for a certain period of time in several seasons.
  • In whose place can you plant a bow? Onions predecessors can be: cucumber, zucchini and white cabbage.
  • If the soil leaves much to be desired for its fertile properties or has been depleted by perennial plantings, and you decided to fertilize it with manure so that after sowing onions, then remember that fertilizer directly under the bow cannot be made. It enhances the growth of leaves, but delay the formation and maturation of the bulbs.
  • It is best to make organic fertilizer in the fall when digging the ground. And if the idea of ​​planting onion sets did not come to you suddenly, then ahead of time you can fertilize the soil under the plant that grows this season in the area that you plant afterwards with onions. Then you will have a good harvest.

When and how to plant onion sets

When to plant onion sets?

Very many culturesat the site of the gardener or summer resident require heat and plenty of sunlight. Onions in this sense are less whimsical. It is resistant to cold, so agronomists advise planting it in open ground at the earliest opportunity, when the air temperature goes ten degrees above zero. As a rule, such temperature conditions are created at the end of April.

How to plant onion sets?

For prophylactic purposes before planting onion sets in open ground, it must first be heated. The temperature for heating is forty degrees, and the duration will be eight hours. After this procedure, onion seedlings are required to soak in a solution of copper sulfate. Let stand twenty minutes. After you can, without drying and washing, plant the crops in the beds.

Landing pattern

  1. For sevka there is a certain pattern of planting. To make it grow better, plant it in a row, keeping a distance of ten centimeters between the Lukavits. The aisle should have a distance of twenty centimeters. Landing is made at a depth of two - three centimeters.
  2. Depth of landing is not chosen by chance. Two to three centimeters is enough for the root system to be in the upper wet soil layer. If planted more deeply, the process of the formation and development of the bulb will become longer. And in the case of a shallow planting, hitting a dry soil layer, with a lack of nutrition, the bulbs first linger in development, and then completely die.
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Top dressing onion sets

  • Before planting, it is necessary to make mineral fertilizer. Best of all right in the rows where the bow will land.
  • Indentations are made in the soil in six to seven centimeters in the form of a furrow. From one to the other line, a distance of twenty centimeters is observed, as for planting onion sets. Fertilizer is applied to the bottom and sprinkled with soil. Now you can plant a culture.
  • It is necessary to observe the growth of the onion set in order to control his well-being. So if twenty days after planting in the ground onion grows sluggish, and the leaves are pale green with redness, it means that he grabs something. Namely, with such signs it can be concluded that there is a shortage of nitrogen.
  • If there is little potassium in the soil, the leaves will become grayish. The surface of the sheet acquires bumps and grows old. With a lack of phosphorus, the tops of the leaves will turn black. However, this only applies to old leaves. On young leaves, lack of phosphorus does not appear.
  • In the vegetative period-luk-rovoktkopuyet loosening. It must be made at least five to six times and affect a depth of no more than five centimeters.

Watering onion sets

Most of all onions are thirsty when leaves appear, as well as during the period of bulb formation. Interestingly, when ripening onions, abundant watering is not needed. At this time, onion sets favor dry and warm weather. So it is necessary to water the entire growth period, but a month before harvesting, all watering stops.

Between good salads with the addition of green leaves of onion sets and the cultivation of bulbs you need to make a choice. The fact is that when the leaves are picked, the growth of the culture slows down, and the bulb will result in a small bulb.

If you plant onions to collect their green leaves (growing onions on the feather), then you should choose the appropriate varieties that throw a lot of feathers. You can get fresh green onions all year round. In winter, however, it will have to grow at home. At the same time every three weeks is enough to plant new bulbs.

If planting is carried out with seeds, the seedlings first grow in greenhouse conditions for at least three to four weeks, and only then land in open ground.

Watering onion sets

Cleaning and storage of onion sets

The timing of cleaning is not very difficult to determine. Once the leaves have dried or laid down on the ground, everything can be harvested. Do not linger in the collection. Long stay in the soil of ripened bulbs will lead to the fact that it starts to rot.

Onion sets dug in good sunny and dry weather, and then decomposed for drying. If you collect in the rain, the drying is done under a canopy. Store onion sets in a warm, well-ventilated area.

Small bulbs that are no more than ten centimeters in diameter are best preserved until autumn planting.

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