When and how to plant carrots

The process of planting carrots can be interesting and not so long, but it can stretch out and become a tedious test. Two points are important here. The first is, of course, the attitude to work. How positive and willing you are to get down to business will decide a lot in your favor. The second is skills and knowledge. They are always needed.

More V.I. Lenin said: "study, study and study again." Rich experience will come faster if you try to master the skills of any business on your own. Well, everything seems to be the opening remarks succeeded. What are we talking about? Oh yes...

When and how to plant carrots?

When and how to plant carrots?

Carrots are popular in folk medicine as a drug. She is very fortified. On the content of carotene in it, I generally keep quiet. Carrot juice is in great demand, especially in baby food and for the prevention of diseases associated with the organs of sight. It is also used for anemia, diseases of the cardiovascular system, for the healing of the liver and kidneys.

Sometimes we hear about the use of carrot juice in cosmetology. And indeed it is. It provides the skin with freshness and velvety. Among other things, carrot juice will provide you with a healthy complexion.

To prevent eye diseases, as well as those associated with poor gastrointestinal function, use carrot juice as follows: one glass of fresh carrot juice is drunk in the morning before breakfast, and the second glass two hours before dinner. No wonder the juice of this vegetable is actively used to get out of strict diets and fasting. He will start your stomach and set up his work in a normal way.

Well, as a vegetable is not useful to plant and even do it yourself. The harvest will be doubly pleasant to you.

How to plant carrots

Methods of planting carrot seeds.

Seeds of carrots are very small, if you pour them into the groove without thinking, then your crop will grow too thick. And each carrot will get less nutrients. We'll have to thin out. If it is not enough to sprinkle seeds, they will not grow. How to avoid such inconveniences?

  • The first:

You can purchase seeds immediately in granules or on a ribbon. Sow as written in the instructions. Made a groove, then it needs to be poured, and only then throw the granule and sprinkle with earth. Rise carrots not soon. The seed, first, absorbs moisture. And already after germinates.

  • Second:

carrot seeds

Take carrot seeds and radishes, mix them and add river sand. Everything. You can sow. Radish faster than carrots come up. We eat it and there is enough space for carrots in the garden. This method is very original and does not require additional time-consuming with thinning. Instead of radishes, you can take another vegetable. The main thing that he shoots gave earlier than carrots. But remember that a close neighborhood with similar plants from the umbrella, carrots will not tolerate. Be sure when planting your carrots pay attention to the soil. It should be loose and able to nourish the seeds well. But remember that it is impossible to make manure before you decide to plant carrots. This vegetable does not tolerate the acid that is contained in it.

If you have bad soil in the garden or dacha and are not suitable for carrots at all, you can try to sow this vegetable, but then choose varieties with short root vegetables. Under the carrot specially prepared bed. Loosen the soil. Two weeks before planting, add complex mineral fertilizer and sand. Remember that long and even fruits will be obtained only on deep, light soils.

Good loamy and sandy soils, as well as zhetorfyaniki. Clay and too wet soils do not create adequate comfort for carrots. In wet soils, it generally rots. Watering should be in moderation. When the heat and a lot of sun, the earth dries quickly. Watering is required two - three times a week.

When to plant carrots?

Carrots are cold resistant. In connection with this fact, it is planted in the early stages.

From planting to full maturity three months. So, if you want to pick the right dates, plant carrots in May (at the beginning of the month). The result of your work will delight you in September.

There is a desire to treat yourself to fresh carrots grown by their own labor, closer to the winter period of time? No problems. It is quite possible. Then landing is in early autumn.

Carrots are cold resistant

And so, the time was chosen, and embarked on planting.

  • To do this, pour the seeds to a depth of one - two centimeters and sprinkle with earth. We stand twenty centimeters between rows. Watering at first spend very carefully. It is certain that at the initial stage it is forbidden to water the carrot seeds with a hose, and it is better not to touch the planted couple of weeks at all. You can even do this: spill the ridge, plant carrot seeds and cover all with film for 2 weeks. This will allow you not to disturb the seeds, give them time to gain a foothold and climb. Moisture is well preserved. It is necessary to thin carrots at least two times. It is possible more often. Then she will give a good harvest.
  • Carrots are very demanding on the light. It should be noted that almost all plants planted in our summer cottage, need light. UV exposure activates cell growth. As a result, a rapid increase in seedling size. If it is not enough, the harvest is reduced. Carrots are more sensitive to moisture in the period from sowing to germination and during active sprouting of the root. Carrots do not like the salt concentration in the soil.
  • Loosen the aisles, carrots must breathe something. When the tops are bare, you have to spud them. To whom this clever word is not clear, I will explain. Hilling involves tinkering the ground to the tops. Each stem produces an embankment that covers the exposed stalks of carrots.

Pests and diseases of carrots

This is of particular importance during periods of active growth of the tops, which occurs under the influence of direct sunlight and moderate heat. Carrots are a good object for diseases and pests. Do not allow this !!! It will require protection from you, both during cultivation and during storage.

Carrot fly

It is three to five millimeters long with a yellow mustache and legs. The larvae are light yellow in color. These pests will work with your works, eating them in late May and August. To fight, use tools such as: stefesin and wolaton.


carrot tops

The disease is in the form of a fungus that harms carrots during the second half of the growing season. The development of the disease contributes to warm and wet weather. The fungus causes dry rot of root crops during storage. It manifests itself in the form of slightly depressed dark or grayish dry spots.

To combat use such means as copper oxychloride and Ridomi Gold.

Mealy dew

Manifested in the form of gray rot, gray fluffy plaque. Leaflets are usually affected.

For struggle use such means as: bayleton and karatan.

Carrots are very diverse in:

  • root form (three main varieties - Nantes, Shantane and Flake);
  • the duration of the growing season;
  • nutrient content;
  • storage capacity.

Carrots are harvested by hand. A bunch of carrots going together with the foliage. In the later stages of maturation, semi-mechanical cleaning is done. Fruits podkapyvaetsya using staples, and then collected manually. For storage, use dry, cool places, such as basements or semi-basements.

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