When and how to plant apples

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We all love to eat the juicy fruits of the apple. They give us a variety of flavors. Sweet, semi-sweet, sour with bitterness - for an amateur as they say.

When and how to plant apples?

Benefiting apples bring the body invaluable. And all thanks to a good set of vitamins. However, if you have stomach problems, include in your diet only those fruits that have a sweet or semi-sweet taste. Sour varieties will only irritate the mucous wall of the stomach.

How right and when to plant apples?

This tree loves a lot of light. However, shading is also not a bad thing. It should not be planted near groundwater and lowlands. The first cold will hurt the apple tree.

The soil will fit very diverse. There are not many exceptions, but there are some. Do not plant an apple tree in an excessively alkaline or acidic soil.

Apple tree

The best for this fruit-bearing tree are sod-podzol, as well as gray forest and chernozem soils. They are not overloaded with acid (considered to be weakly acidic) and have an average fertility. If the soil is sandy, it is best to add peat, clay soil, compost and humus to it. Apple tree does not like the lack of air in the soil.

For the apple planting pits are prepared ahead of time. The best will be the preparation of the earth a month before landing in open ground. This is necessary for the soil to settle.

In depth such holes reach sixty centimeters, and the width of their circumference is one meter. The earth dug out from a landing hole, mix with organic fertilizers. It will stand a good service in the further growth and development of the plant.

The pit for planting should be spacious and free to pass sapling. Which, in turn, during the landing should be four to five centimeters above the ground.


The bottom of the pit certainly need to loosen. To do this, you can use scrap or a heavy sharp shovel. That land that remains after the procedure of loosening from the pit is not removed. After that, one third of the humus layer is poured into the pit, then organic and mineral fertilizers are added.

Fertilizer is prepared as follows:

  • Take one cup of superphosphate, ten tablespoons of wood ash, three buckets of rotted dung, four tablespoons of potassium sulfate. It is all mixed up. It turns out the optimal fertilizer.
  • Using a spade fertilizer mixed with the soil and add fertile soil. At the rate of one second pit should be filled. However, too much fertilizer is not in the hands of someone who wants a good harvest. The more nutrients you feed, the higher the apple tree, since good nutrition stimulates growth. But the harvest will be worse and less.
  • Apples should be planted in late autumn or early spring. Saplings require frequent and abundant watering. It is best to prikopat plant in October, and plant it in the spring.

Signs of apple ripeness

When and how to plant apples?

  1. the presence of color and taste characteristic of this variety;
  2. the appearance of the first ripe fallen fruits.

Apple storage

Apples should be stored in rooms with an air temperature of three degrees above zero with a good ventilation system so that the air does not stagnate. Optimum humidity is 85-95%.

Each apple is best separated from others. Separately, it will survive better. To do this, it is wrapped in paper. For storage is often used wooden boxes, in which they lay out "isolated" apples.

It is pleasant, nevertheless, to harvest apples, and even not a bad harvest, from a tree planted with his own hands. But the process of landing, it turns out, is not so complicated. It is important to know only some of the rules and features that we have already discussed above.