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What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen

The kitchen is one of those places in our house where the whole family gets together. On it, women spend a lot of time doing the cooking and cleaning the dishes after a joint meal. That is why when decorating a kitchen it is so important to choose the right wallpaper correctly. When choosing them, it will be important to pay attention not only to the design and colors, but also to the quality. Wall-paper should be made of such a material that will be easy to clean when contact with fat and other substances used in the preparation of food.

How to start choosing a wallpaper for the kitchen?

First you need to calculate how many meters you need. To do this, measure the perimeter of the kitchen, subtract the width of the windows and the door, round what remains and multiply by 2. This calculation will give what wallpaper you need to buy. Metric area is calculated for wallpaper height of 53 cm and a width of 51 cm. This calculation is carried out if you want to glue the walls from bottom to top, without planning to combine them with tile.

Then decide on the amount you can spend on the wallpaper. This will make it easier for you to exclude those that are not suitable for the price.

Choosing wallpaper for the kitchenby price

  • If you have enough money, then it is best to purchase wallpaper made from compact vinyl. These wallpapers have a high density, waterproof, so that they can be washed more often. They also help hide defects and small irregularities of the walls.
  • There are also more affordable wallpaper - this wallpaper is thin vinyl coating.
  • Cheaper - wallpaper paper, which are impregnated with a water-repellent mixture.
  • The most unreliable, but cheap are just paper wallpaper. Such wallpaper can not be washed with water, they absorb odors and serve for a short time.

What wall color to choose for the kitchen?

When choosing the color of wallpaper for the kitchen, first of all, you should consider the overall design of your apartment. Here the color of the furniture and its design will be important. Also, do not forget that color has a great influence on human well-being and mood (for more details, see the article Color Therapy in Psychology).

It will be important to take into account the size of the kitchen, the height of the ceiling and its illumination. In case of weak natural light, do not choose wallpaper of dark and cold shades. "Warm the kitchen" will help you wallpaper orange, beige, light brown and yellow. If on the contrary, the sun in your kitchen is a frequent guest, do not use wallpaper of rich color.

Green wallpapers have a positive effect on the human digestive system. Red color shades can cause appetite. For the eyes - pistachio and lime will be one of the most pleasant colors. But the brown and black wallpapers, on the contrary, inhibit appetite and are associated with dirt, which should not be in the kitchen.

Very often for the kitchen choose wallpaper pastel colors. It can be the color of red copper, and yellow gloss, and pale blue. White wallpaper is the most versatile and suitable for any kitchen.

How can wallpaper resize a kitchen?

Dark color wallpaper will help to change the size of the kitchen. They can reduce the size, so they are not suitable for cramped kitchens. Do not use wallpaper screaming colors in such kitchens. On the contrary, using blue wallpapers, you will visually increase the size and get a cooling effect from them. If the kitchen is spacious enough, the wallpaper of cold shades will make it empty and faceless.

There is a large selection of wallpapers for every taste, but here the most important is your choice and your taste. Observing some rules when choosing wallpaper, you will unmistakably choose the perfect option for your kitchen by changing it for the better.

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