What wallpaper is now in fashion

Wallpapers are often used to decorate walls in various rooms. On this type of finish, as on any other, the fashion changes from time to time. In the current season, designers prefer eclecticism of innovative textures and classic shades.

Trendy wallpaper for the hall: the trend of the season

What wallpaper is now in fashion

2014 is the year of the blue horse. Some call it green. These 2 colors in the interior have become fashionable this season, including the choice of wallpaper.

Wall-paper drawings with portraits of famous people, idols and neutral versions with retro posters are often chosen for the hall and the living room. Perhaps one of the most interesting and daring ideas today is to order a photo wallpaper with an image of your family. Let your favorite photo (color or black and white) decorate the wall in the living room! This mod appeared at the beginning of the year and is likely to linger for a long time.

Liquid wallpaper in the interior: how to choose?

What wallpaper is now in fashion

  • Contrary to the concerns of some people, liquid wallpapers are not in their form. On the contrary, they are sold in stores in the form of dry mixtures similar to sawdust. They become liquid during the application process. The process itself resembles the cultivation of wallpaper glue, which is why the material is named so.
  • Liquid wallpaper is perfect for the design of the walls of any room: bedroom, living room, kitchen. You can easily choose the right shade to match your sofa, headset or bedspreads. In addition, this material is almost impossible to damage so that it remains on some spots. This is really done only on a white background.
  • Walls with the addition of thin silver and gold threads look impressive. In this way you can design the interior with a color transition. This is necessary in order to highlight, for example, a certain accent in a room, for example, in the design of a small bedroom.
  • In some types of wallpaper material in the composition there is natural silk - it creates the impression that textiles look luxurious on the walls. This option is suitable if you want to create a boudoir atmosphere.
  • Often, the material of liquid wallpaper is used in industrial premises, first of all, because of its practicality. Put it on the walls of office space, as a rule, to emphasize the status and position of the owner. If the surface of such wallpaper varnish, this material will be almost impossible to damage.

Gray wallpapers: design features

What wallpaper is now in fashion

When we talk about something very dull, mediocre, we often mention the gray color. Psychologists believe that only real conservatives can love him. But stylists and designers in one voice justify gray shades, calling them noble. Aristocrats prefer discreet colors - black, white, gray, their various combinations.

In recent years, gray has become in the interior a measure of aesthetics, "luxury", good wealth and success. Many designers will agree that working with gray is very convenient. Thanks to him, you can correct any errors in the interior, to balance the various color errors that sometimes occur. And most importantly, gray wallpaper in the interior - the perfect background for any decor.

How to use cork wallpaper in the interior?

What wallpaper is now in fashion

Cork wall coverings are widely used in decorating, due to its interesting structure. This material brings to the interior unsurpassed notes of grace.

Cork wall coverings are rectangular pressed cork chips, their upper layer consists of veneer. An additional outside coating protects the cork from various odors, dust and dirt.

Such material can be called ideal for decorating walls, and a rich variety of colors and textures will allow to emphasize individuality in any room, to create a unique comfort and atmosphere of tranquility.

Striped wallpaper: rules for decor

Striped walls - interior trend for several centuries. That is why many have often associated vertical stripes with classicism or baroque style. However, the stripes come to mind and at the mention of retro-interior a la pop art. They are also popular with designers who create interesting options in the spirit of modernity. Striped wallpaper in the interior or painting of striped walls are used in almost any area of ​​the house: usually in bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, children; less often in kitchens or bathrooms.

What wallpaper is now in fashion

Non-contrast pastel stripes on the walls are characteristic of the interior in vintage style with good, solid furniture and expensive textiles, unique accessories. Striped wallpaper in the decor of this plan can be supplemented with stucco elements.

Light non-contrast stripes can emphasize the tenderness and romance of children's rooms for girls.

Multicolor striped wallpaper in interiors are usually used fragmentary, to emphasize something, and not on the entire surface of the walls. Usually, a wall at the head of the bed, a wall with a TV, behind a sofa, a dining area, a fireplace wall, etc., stand out.

Wallpapers can not only affect your mood, they also speak about your taste, well-being. Therefore, do not rush to choose this important home decoration, let it be thoughtful. Based on modern design traditions, give preference to your favorite shades, textures and prints.

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