What to wipe the resin from clothes

After a walk in the coniferous forest, tar stains often appear on clothes. Especially this situation is familiar to mothers, in whom babies-restless are growing up. It should be noted that the resin of trees is a complex pollution, it cannot be removed in the process of hand or machine washing.

How to remove the resin from the clothes?

  1. Immediately after finding the stain on clothes, you need to put the soiled thing in the freezer. Under the influence of low temperature, the resin will simply harden. After the fabric must be crumpled and rubbed with her hands - she will be cleaned of contamination. This method is not applicable to thin materials that can get damaged in the cleaning process. If the stain is completely fresh and the resin has not yet had time to be absorbed into the fabric, it can be removed by rubbing it with your fingers.
  2. If these methods have not brought the desired result, you will have to resort to chemistry. First you need to make sure that chemicals can be used for the fabric from which the item is made. Try scrubbing with gasoline, kerosene, or acetone. You can also use a mixture of ammonia and simple table salt. The spot is better to start to scour from the edges, gradually approaching the center.
  3. If the pollution is old and quite deeply absorbed, then you need to resort to using a stiff brush or blade. Try to carefully remove the resin, while being careful not to damage the fabric. Ethyl alcohol and turpentine can be applied to the remains of the stain, and then iron the thing with an iron through gauze.
  4. You can make a special mixture of starch, ammonia and turpentine. The resulting slurry should be evenly applied to the stain and let it dry. The resulting crust can be removed first with a hard and then with a soft brush. Then the thing must be washed manually or in a typewriter.

How to remove the resin from clothes without effort and cost?

How to clean the resin from clothes?

  • You can try to dissolve the stain. The first is advised to use alcohol. The fabric around the stain should be wetted with a cotton pad moistened with alcohol. If the resin is on clothes of synthetic origin, then you can use a solvent based on toluene or toluene itself. After the stain has been moistened with a solvent, it must be cleaned off.
  • And you can try to freeze the fabric first, after ironing the thing with an iron through napkins, and then scrubbing its remnants with a solvent.

How to remove the resin from clothes without effort and cost?

  • You need to know that resin stains are removed from the inside of the fabric, first you can use a dry brush for this purpose, and then a wet brush. But in order to prevent the pollution from filling the free clean surface, it should be wetted from the outer edge. By the way, under the polluted area is better to put a few layers of napkins or gauze.
  • As stain removers, sometimes substances are used that can harm matter, for example: alcohol, it tends to discolor fabric; if the item is made of acetate silk, then it is better not to use vinegar and acetone; bleaching powder is contraindicated to cotton fabrics, but bleach and alkali can only be used to clean white things.
  • Some housewives practice this method of cleaning clothes, such as soaking them in drinking carbonated drinks, such as Bell, Pepsi, Fanta. This should not be surprising, because they contain a lot of substances that can clean clothes from this kind of pollution. Nail polish remover is also a good remedy for stains, and it is practically at hand with every woman.
  • If the stain appears on the pet's coat or on the fabric of natural fur, you can spread this area with vegetable oil, and then remove Fairy dishwashing liquid - this is a proven and effective way.
  • If the synthetic fabric was contaminated, then it can be easily cleaned with white spirit, or it can be poured with a mixture of spirit and turpentine (in equal parts), and then ironed with gauze or a napkin, and then dried.
  • You can make a cleaning gruel from an equal amount of white clay and starch, and then pour in a little turpentine and ammonia. Apply this mixture directly to the dirt and leave it there for a while. After drying, brush off. If there is a yellowish trail, it should be wiped with hydrogen peroxide.

There are many ways to remove tar stains from clothes, the main thing is to choose the one that suits you best. First, test the solvent on the fabric so that it does not damage the fabric. Experiment. Try using a combination of several decontamination methods. In difficult cases, you can seek help from a dry cleaner.

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