What to feed a neutered cat at home

Milk, fish and canned food are the favorite food of cats of all breeds and ages. But pets after sterilization are somewhat different from their counterparts, and not only in physiological terms. They are less mobile, extremely lazy and more often the others are subject to diseases. What to feed a neutered cat to avoid problems? Let's find out together.

Operation "March Cat" and its features

What to feed a neutered cat

Sterilization or, as it is also called, castration is a surgical operation to remove the reproductive organs in cats and cats. This medical procedure is very popular in Europe, and in recent years has begun to develop in the CIS countries.

Sterilization is mainly needed in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies in pets, but it also has other features. First, thanks to the operation, it is possible to avoid the so-called spring hormones and, accordingly, the nightly cries of animals, serenades under the windows and the cat’s struggle for the attention of a beautiful female. Secondly, sterilized cats are less likely to get breast cancer.

Despite all the advantages, sterilization can cause a number of changes in the body and the behavior of the animal. These include:

  • Disturbance of metabolism - a set of processes that can convert energy from feed. In cats with remote reproductive organs, metabolic processes are significantly slowed down, so the resulting energy is not consumed to the proper extent.
  • Animals are becoming more annoying, they can constantly follow the owner and ask for supplements.
  • Also, a cat can become very lazy, sleep more, refuse to walk and play games.
  • Castrated pets are sharper than the rest of their fellows react to stress, sharp warming and mood changes in their hosts.

All these factors lead to the fact that cats and cats intensively gain weight and get obesity. And excess cat pounds do not lead to anything good. Too fat animals have a shorter lifespan, susceptible to urolithiasis and the development of heart disease. For these reasons, do not forget to ask your veterinarian how to properly feed a neutered cat and what foods should be excluded from the diet.

Special diet for sterilized pets

what can feed a neutered cat

So, what can feed a neutered cat? In fact, there are many options, and the doctor who performed the operation should tell you about it. In principle, the difficulty of choice is only to determine how to feed the animal: dry food or homemade food. Both options have their advantages.

What do neutered blue-blooded cats eat?

If your cat was initially used to eating only dry food or special canned food, and then you spent castrating, you should not change the diet because of it. Good today, many manufacturers produce a special line of feed labeled "For castrated animals."

The peculiarity of such food is that there is no need to think about the caloric content of food or its beneficial properties, because the manufacturer has already calculated all the data and indicated on the package. You, as a caring owner, can only pay attention to the details:

  • The inscription on the package with the feed "Light" says that this version contains the minimum amount of carbohydrates and fats. If you are thinking about how to feed a Scottish neutered cat, this option is ideal, as animals of this breed are most likely to be overweight.
  • Pay attention to the composition of the feed: the more proteins in it, the better. This means that the percentage of protein should not fall below the mark of 30%, and ideally - to occupy most of the composition.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the so-called ash. This indicator determines the presence in the feed of useful minerals and vitamins. In high-quality dry food, it should be about 7%.

If you decide to plant your pet on a dry diet, then remember that you must always buy the same brand and preferably super premium or holistic class. In addition, during such a diet, the owner must be carefully monitored so that the animal always has enough water.

Proper homemade diet

what to feed a neutered cat at home

Not always good dry food available to every pet owner. Due to lack of money, you should not waste your time on cheap counterparts with dubious content, but rather think about how to feed a neutered cat at home.

Regular food should be balanced and include the following characteristics:

  • Animal fats should not be completely excluded from the diet, but only replaced by analogues with lower calorie content. Meat dishes are suitable chicken, tender turkey, dietary beef or rabbit.
  • Fiber-rich food helps to avoid urolithiasis and must necessarily be in the diet of sterilized seals. Pay attention to raw vegetables - carrots, broccoli, cucumbers.
  • To feed the cat without harm to the body will help a variety of cereals, for example, rice, buckwheat, oat and wheat.
  • Dairy products should be low in carbohydrates. It is allowed to include in the diet of animals butter, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, goat milk and cheese, kefir.

But the fish castrated cats are strictly forbidden to give because of the high content of phosphorus and magnesium. Everyone knows that it is also not recommended to feed animals with pickles and spicy foods.

It’s not so important how to feed a neutered British, Scottish or other cat breed. The main thing - to monitor the amount of food consumed by animals. Since sterilized seals consume much less energy, the amount of feed should be reduced by about 20% of the accepted norm.

To choose the right diet for neutered cats with a serious approach to the business is quite simple. It is only necessary to limit the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, while increasing the supply of healthy proteins and fiber. In addition, you can always go on feeding special dry food. Remember that the health of a castrated animal and its longevity directly depend on your attention.

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