What is the combination of orange color in the interior

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This festive color is uplifting and is key to color therapy. So why not choose it as the main or auxiliary color in the interior? A house in orange will emit the energy of fun, enthusiasm and the feeling that everything will be fine. And that is exactly what we need!

Orange color in the interior

Deep orange perfectly complement more restrained shades: beige, yellow, blue or burgundy. Bright orange excites and attracts. Therefore, if you are going to make repairs, turn on this shade in the interior. Your home is your rule. There are people who cannot live without orange. But if clothes that are tired can be removed and hung in a closet, then the orange walls or the floor is not so easy to replace in one minute. That is why you should be attentive to the choice of the primary color of your room, home or other room.

If you want to add bright colors, then buy or make yourself a few pillows, among which there will be a couple of orange ones. Or get yourself some orange furniture. This may be a sofa or nightstand, and maybe a coffee table. It all depends on what you have in mind. But whatever you decide, you need to add brightness.

Orange has the ability to displace other colors. Therefore, keep an eye on the appearance of orange and orange things in your house. The more this shade in your home, the less of the rest. Guests will get tired of the interior, being in it for several hours, and you can even become more irritable and restless.

If you don’t love orange, but you would like it to flash in the room, then buy in trifles. Candles, jewelry boxes, clocks, dishes, figurines - all this will help to significantly revive the room and not "force" it all orange at the same time.

The history of orange in the interior tells us that this color should primarily prevail in the kitchen, in the dining room, nursery or home office. Romantic bedroom is better to decorate a different color, softer, warm and soothing.

TO styles that "love" the orange color can be attributed to: retro from 20 to 60 years, country, Japanese minimalism, ethnic, avant-garde. In other words, there is plenty to choose from. If you are planning a classic interior, Empire, Rococo with columns and plaster angels, then it is better to choose terracotta - bright orange will kill the classics on the vine.

Orange can revive even the coldest and saddest room.. It is worth getting yourself curtains in this color, as you will see that the sun seemed to turn in the direction of your house or apartment. But there is still a feature that can play a nasty joke - orange color brings subjects. Therefore, if you live in an ordinary apartment, do not even think about painting the ceiling in this shade, otherwise it will simply “cover” you.

Shades of orange in the interior

In fact, not often designers choose a typical tangerine color for interior decoration. Such a hot orange like units. More often used shades of this color.

  1. Peach is the color of freshness, it is better to use it in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  2. Ocher, terracotta, copper, mahogany is an excellent choice for offices and bedrooms, especially in the creation of oriental interiors.
  3. For children, you can choose a soft tangerine or orange.
  4. Pumpkin, apricot, honey - these shades are good for living rooms and kitchens.

What are the best colors to combine orange in the interior?

  1. Orange and blue in the interior.At first glance, it is difficult. But for the designer, these and other additional shades can make the room stunning.
  2. Orange and white in the interior. Immediately here is a plus. A sunny room is provided for you, and without stress on your eyesight and sensations. Bathroom, living room in the style of minimalism - this is what you need.
  3. Orange and black in the interior. An aggressive combination, more suitable for men or nightclubs. A burning room is a place where something pulsating and dynamic should occur. But if you can live in the interior in a futuristic style, then choose this combination. But do not forget to dilute it with other shades.

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For, to better understand what colors blend orange - go drawing! It really helps to develop a sense of color. You can get together with your friends and try your hand at painting. And it's okay that you never did it. Draw not for someone, but for yourself.

Make discoveries that will later paint your life. And among all these colors there will definitely be orange.! Include it in the interior and in the wardrobe (read the article What is the combination of orange color in clothes?). And a positive mood will be provided!