What gas stove is better to buy

Have gas stoves a large number of advantages, compared with electric. This is the speed of cooking, and the instant cooling of gas burners. In addition, gas is more economical than electricity.

Currently, most appliance stores offer huge range of gas stoves with various functions or without them. How to choose a gas stove of all the variety offered?

Burners on the gas stove

Rings are the most important element of the gas stove. After all, directly on them is the process of cooking.

The main role in the burners perform nozzles. This is a device that delivers the gas-air mixture to the surface of the gas burner. Nozzles, on different models of gas stoves, can vary in size and diameter of the holes. This, in most cases, depends on the type and pressure of the supplied gas. Most modern models of gas stoves are equipped with nozzles of different diameters, which allows you to adjust the power of fire in the burners.

Most often, gas stoves of the latest generations are equipped with one big ring, for faster cooking.


The cooktop is the part of the gas stove on which the burners are located.

Most often, the material from which the cooking plates of gas stoves are made is enamelled and stainless steel.

  1. The enameled surface of gas stoves is less practical than the surface of stainless steel, but it has its advantage. The enameled surface can be of almost any shade. You can choose a stove that, in color, will fully match the color of the furniture in your kitchen.
  2. The stainless steel hob has the advantage of being much easier to clean. It is more resistant to a variety of cleaning chemicals. In addition, the stainless steel hob is more durable than enameled. It will serve you for a much longer time.

In addition to the above materials for the manufacture of cooking surfaces of gas stoves, there is another option that can surely be called refined. it strained glass. This material is hardened in a special way, therefore it is shock resistant and extremely durable. The advantages of this type of hobs include a fairly wide range of colors and ease of cleaning this type of surface.

Pay attention to the most important parts of the gas stove during the discharge of the stove: hob, hob and oven. In the article "How to choose the right gas stove?" you will find a description of the possible functions that are equipped with gas stoves, their sizes and prices.

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