What fabric is best for bedding

How important a full-fledged healthy sleep, knows, perhaps, every adult. Why exactly stay in the arms of Morpheus is so important for our health? In a dream, a person rests both physically and mentally, gaining strength, replenishes the energy supply, and the skin is regenerated.

Many of us have vivid, colorful and unforgettable dreams, like a fairy tale. But few people know that not only a comfortable bed and a pillow, but also high-quality bedding is important for a healthy sleep. To choose it, you must first know what fabric is best for bed linen. We will talk about this in our article..

What fabric is better to buy bedding?

What fabric is better to buy bedding: general aspects

Basically, the purchase of bed linen engaged in the fair sex. They carefully study all the basic parameters of this textile, choose colors, patterns, so that bed linen will certainly harmonize with the interior in the bedroom.

Many women ask a completely logical question: what is the best fabric for bed linen? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, since each of us has our own preferences: someone likes to sleep on silk bedding, and some prefer the classic cotton without additives.

Before you go to the home textile store, learn some of the rules for choosing bedding, and then you will be able to cope with the task. So, what should you look for when choosing such an important sleeping element? Experts in this area advise to consider the following parameters:

  • The size of the bed. Be sure to measure its length and width, since bedding is available for single, one and a half and double beds.
  • The density of the fabric.
  • The quality of sewing and processing of seams and edges.
  • Care for bed linen. Pay attention to the composition, conditions of washing and ironing textiles.
  • Correct and harmonious colors. Nobody will help you in this difficult task, it all depends on your preferences. Experts advise to choose concise, almost plain colors of pastel shades.
  • The softness of the fabric.
  • Manufacturer. Bed linen is probably made in any country of the world, only each factory has its own parameters and a corresponding price category.

To choose the right, soft and comfortable fabric for you, you need to know about its component composition.

What fabric is best for bed linen? On this occasion, there are many disputes. To choose the right, soft and comfortable fabric for you, you need to know about its component composition, processing conditions and care features. You can touch the bedding, try it by touch. In no case it should not cause allergic reactions, otherwise your dream will turn into a nightmare in reality.

Some women confuse two distinctive concepts: the method of weaving fabric and its component composition. That is why many of us think that coarse calico or satin is a fabric. In fact, this is a method of weaving a fabric base. In order to become a real expert in this matter, let's clearly define the boundaries of these two concepts.

Choosing bedding according to expert advice

Most often, bed linen is sewn from natural fabrics, for example, cotton, linen, silk. Viscose and other materials of exotic type in sewing bed linen are rarely used. However, the sale can be found underwear that is made from several fabrics, for example, synthetics and cotton or flax.

Basically bed linen is made from fabrics such as:

  • Silk. There is never a drag on natural silk, it is not cold to sleep on it, and it does not slip.
  • Linen. Comfortable and warm fabric. It is distinguished by its strength and durability. The main disadvantage of linen bed linen is the difficulty of ironing.
  • Cotton fabric. The most common and acceptable option for the price category. Egyptian cotton is considered the best and the highest quality.
  • Synthetics. The cheapest bedding, which is fast drying and easy ironing. Here are just made from such materials bedding is not characterized by high quality and level of heat transfer.
  • Bamboo. High strength material that has antimicrobial properties. It is comfortable to sleep on it, because the fabric is extremely soft.
  • The combination of cotton and synthetic fabric. Almost every hostess has such bedding. It is inexpensive and durable, only to sleep on it is not very comfortable.

What should be the density of the fabric?

Most often, bed linen is sewn from natural fabrics.

Now let's take a closer look at the density of weaving fabric. Most often for the manufacture of bed linen using the following types of weaving:

  • Calico. This weaving is devoid of gloss, but it is quite strong and thick. These are the sets preferred by most housewives.
  • Poplin. The fabric is woven into a small scar.
  • Satin. The thread is twisted during weaving. Such weaving is very dense and durable, in addition, it shines beautifully.
  • Terry cloth. Weaving is characterized by the presence of small villi that retain heat and are characterized by their excessive softness.
  • Chintz For this method of weaving thick threads are used, but there are gaps between them, so the quality and durability of such bed linen is extremely small.
  • Batiste. Fabric woven in this way is translucent and light.
  • Jacquard weaving. Thick filaments are used, which in the plexus form a pattern.
  • Flannel weaving. Thick and very warm bedding. It will warm you well on a cold winter night.

Consumer reviews

In various forums, the representatives of the fair sex share their opinions about the quality of bed linen and share their impressions of a particular fabric. Of course, the opinion about which fabric is the best is subjective.

Most women leave feedback that the best fabric for bed linen is Egyptian cotton, and the weaving method is satin. Some women prefer only natural silk. Many in their reviews say that they liked linen linen sets or coarse calico textiles.

What bed linen to choose, it's up to you. As you can see, there are many aspects to choosing this home textile. Explore them and go to the store, armed with the necessary and useful information. Let you dream only the sweetest and most colorful dreams, and the night's rest will be truly full and healthy.

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