What do the icons on clothes for washing mean

Washing icons on clothes are important for preserving the look of products. Deciphering them at times is difficult, since not all symbols are often found, and we cannot remember them. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the icons, because it depends on how you will take care of the thing and how it will look after all the manipulations.

Icons as a guide to action

How to decipher icons on clothes?

Symbols that are drawn on the labels of clothing - a kind of instruction for the user, allowing you to navigate how to properly care for this or that thing. Since it is impossible to attach a paper manual to each commodity unit, it is most convenient to put a label on clothes. It is used not only for washing, but also applies to other processes with our clothes in the main role. These may be icons that are directly related to:

  • ironing
  • drying,
  • dry cleaners
  • bleaching, etc.

It is obvious that clothes are sewn from various materials: some are more rough, others are more thin; some fabrics are painted when placed in hot water, etc. Labeling on labels warns us of situations that will lead to premature wear of a thing, its loss of appearance.

It is not necessary to try to memorize all the icons. If you use clothes of the same type, the labels on the labels will be stored in your memory. It will be enough to know only their decoding. However, here it must be borne in mind that the icons on clothing from different manufacturers may differ. However, this difference is not so significant as to “get lost” in the notation.

What do the icons on clothes for washing mean?

What do the icons on clothes for washing mean?

Icons of this group help consumers navigate in the form of washing, the possibility of using household chemicals, the optimal water temperature. We give descriptions of some icons and their meaning.

  • Dishes with water - washing things allowed, including machine.
  • Dishes with water, crossed out cross-wise, or a circle within which a conditional image of a washing machine is placed, is machine-washable of a thing.
  • Dishes with water, under which depicts a horizontal line - washing should be gentle.
  • Dishes without water with the number 30 and the horizontal line - washable at a temperature of 30 degrees.
  • The dishes with water, underlined by two lines, are a delicate wash.
  • Dishes with water and holding her hand - hand wash.
  • Dishes with the number 95 inside - boiling.
  • Dishes with the numbers 30, 40, 50 or 60 - washing colored laundry is recommended at the indicated water temperature.
  • Rectangle with a jumper in the middle, crossed out - you need to erase without spinning.


What do the icons on clothes for whitening mean?

Labeling badges on clothes for washing is not the only thing on labels. Other information can coexist with them, in particular, related to bleaching. Such a procedure can very significantly affect the quality and type of clothing, the term of its socks. Therefore, the information carried by this group of symbols must be paid attention to.

  • Empty triangle - clothes can be bleached.
  • A triangle crossed out cannot be bleached, nor can it be washed off with products that contain chlorine.
  • The triangle with the Latin designation of chlorine Cl - can be bleached and washed with tools that have chlorine.
  • The triangle with the designation of chlorine inside, crossed out - bleaching is possible, but without the use of chlorine.
  • Triangle with 2 strips diagonally inside - you can bleach without chlorine.

Washing icons on clothes is a good way to convey to the hostess how to keep clothes in the process of processing wardrobe items. Decryption of the most popular of them must be familiar to every person, if he carefully treats his clothes.

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