What dishes are suitable for induction cookers

The first advantages of induction plates were estimated by restaurateurs. In everyday life, such plates appeared relatively recently and immediately gained popularity among housewives. The advantages of induction cookers are many. They work on the principle of magnetic induction, but we will not delve into the intricacies of physics. We only note that the cooking surface of the cooker does not heat up, and the effect of the temperature is directed exclusively to the dishes.
In this regard, induction hobs can be safely ranked as a range of safe kitchen appliances. For cooking on such a hob, you need to use special dishes. In our article we will discuss what kind of dishes suitable for induction cookers.

General aspects of the choice of dishes for induction cookers

General aspects of the choice of dishes for induction cookers

As you already understood, for cooking on an induction stove, not all dishes are suitable, which is in the hostess’s kitchen arsenal. The use of special dishes is primarily due to the principle of operation of the plate. The induction panel is equipped with special electromagnetic vortex elements that heat the bottom of the dish. No heat is generated, the hob itself does not heat up.

To heat the bottom of the dish, the latter must also have electromagnetic properties. Under the action of high-frequency current, electrons located in the bottom of the dish are set in motion, thereby heating its walls to the desired temperature. By the way, induction cookers have more modes than ordinary electric or gas burners.

Before you go to a specialty store and proceed to the selection of such dishes, carefully review the one that is already in your house. Perhaps some items are quite suitable for cooking on an induction stove.

So, let's consider the main types of materials from which special dishes should be made:

  • Enamelled containers. You can choose pans or saucepans with a thick bottom, as long as the electromagnetic layer is located under the enamel.
  • Stainless steel cookware. Such dishes have recently been increasingly used by almost all housewives. She is very beautiful, light and comfortable. Before you put such a pot on an induction cooker, check it for the presence of a magnetic reaction. In many cases, stainless steel does not have electromagnetic properties.
  • Cast iron tanks. Practically all cast-iron cookware is suitable for cooking on an induction stove, only the bottom of a frying pan, saucepan, or pan must be perfectly level, otherwise you risk not only scratching the surface of the hob, but also prepare a not very tasty and half raw dish.
  • Aluminum dishes. Such dishes, as a rule, are relatively inexpensive, very light and convenient to use. To cook on an induction cooker, you should choose aluminum containers with steel bottom only.
  • Glass. Basically, teapots and teapots are made of pure heat-resistant glass. Such kettles can be safely used for induction stoves, but only if their bottom is metallic and ferromagnetic.

What dishes are suitable for glass ceramic plates?

What dishes are suitable for glass ceramic plates

All induction cookers, without exception, are equipped with a glass-ceramic coating. Therefore, choosing the dishes, pay attention to several important parameters:

  • the bottom of the tank must be smooth and even, without roughness;
  • do not use dishes with a small bottom, since it will not heat up on an induction cooker;
  • the base should be thick;
  • It is best to choose frosted dishes;
  • The bottom of the pan, pan or stewpot must be magnetic, so be sure to bring a magnet with you when you go to the store.

Most modern manufacturers of cookware for induction cookers on the packages place a special icon indicating its magnetic properties. If you see such an icon with the corresponding inscription, then you don't need a magnet for anything, you can safely buy a saucepan or a stewpan.

Woll dishes

Woll dishes

The most popular in our country received special dishes, produced by the German company Woll. All dishes are made by hand and only from high-strength aluminum. Coating Woll is notable for its durability.

The German manufacturer offers an assortment of high-quality cookware for induction cookers, namely:

  • frying pans;
  • stewpans;
  • pans of various capacities;
  • teapots.

The ware of the Woll trademark is ideally suited for induction plates. Having studied the features of production and the opinion of experienced housewives who have tried this dish in everyday life, we can single out a number of its advantages, in particular:

  • All dishes are made only from high quality and durable aluminum, which is protected from corrosion;
  • the bottom of the dish heats up quickly and thus allows the heat to quickly spread along the walls;
  • dishes can withstand temperatures of up to 220 °.

Experts recommend better to purchase sets of such dishes, rather than buying pots or pans separately.

Hackman dishes

Hackman dishes

Cookware brand Hackman is considered the hallmark of Finland. And if the above company produces aluminum dishes, the company Hackman specializes in the production of cast iron frying pans, pots, kettles, stewpans. Such dishes are ideal for induction cookers.

The advantages of the dishes Hackman include the following:

  • for the manufacture of dishes used only high-quality cast iron without impurities;
  • Some models of dishes are produced with a ceramic coating that can withstand temperatures up to 1500 ° C;
  • In all pots and pans there is a very thick and durable bottom that allows you to keep warm;
  • the coating of dishes is non-stick, so it is easy to cook on it and, if necessary, it is perfectly cleanable;
  • pens on pots and pans are made of bakelite, which practically does not heat up;
  • This dish can be washed in the dishwasher.

If you decide to purchase an induction cooker, then first of all decide on its location. Next to it should not be other electrical appliances, for example, an oven or grill. Then proceed to the selection of dishes. For induction cookers, you should choose only special dishes that have a thick bottom and have ferromagnetic properties. Cook with pleasure and delight your household with healthy and high-quality food.

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