What colors does blue match in the interior?

The fact that the color in the interior affects the emotional and even the physical condition of the person living in it has long been known. We can learn about this from numerous scientific works on the psychology of color. However, even without knowing psychology, many people intuitively feel the atmosphere that creates a particular color. Each of us seeks to lodge our beloved and no less beloved relatives in a comfortable environment. The level of comfort in the interior for certain people is largely determined by color.

Blue color in the interior

Blue and blue shades in the interior

Blue and its shades are cool colors of the spectrum. Indeed, the presence of these shades in the room very well contributes to the "cooling" of the interior. Such colors fill the room with cold light and freshness, create the airiness of the room.

In such a room it is pleasant to relax, it brings calm, serenity and peace. It is because of these properties, the colors of the blue palette are best used in bedrooms, bathrooms and recreation areas in living rooms, in a word, in those parts of the house where it is supposed to get relaxation and relaxation. In order to avoid the feeling of excessive coldness of the room, designers advise to use warmer shades in addition to blue. That is, to create a comfortable atmosphere in a blue interior, you will need objects whose colors will match the companion colors of blue.

Shades of blue in the interior

The combination of blue and white in the interior

Blue and white colors, combined in one interior, are primarily associated with a maritime theme, which is gaining more and more popularity in interior design these days. White and blue in such themed interiors play the role of sea foam and the water itself. It is quite natural that in order to “dilute” such an interior a little, you can add coral, golden, sandy or pink colors to these two colors.

White and blue interior is very romantic. This mood is created thanks to the emerging association with the sea and its coast, because it is the sea that is the element of romantics.

The combination of blue and white in the interior

In addition, this interior will suit both the male and the beautiful half of humanity. It combines freshness and brightness, severity and sentimentality.

How do the blue and yellow colors in the interior?

The choice of a combination of blue and yellow for interior decoration - a very bold decision. These two colors make each other brighter and richer. Blue in this tandem acquires greater saturation and depth, and yellow seems to glow from within. These colors combined together give unique effects, up to the distortion of space. Such an interior often comes to taste of creative nature.

Very often, the interiors, made in blue tones, contain shades of wood yellow-brown. This combination is the softest version of the combination of blue and yellow. Adding white to the blue-yellow-brown combination again brings up the theme of the sea. However, such an interior is characterized, rather, not by romance, but by dynamics. The difference is the same as between the landscape, depicting the expanses of the sea in calm and canvas, on which we will see a ship sailing in full sail. By the way, this impulse to activity is transmitted to the person who is in such an interior, which is due to the effect on the body of warm colors.

How do the blue and yellow colors in the interior?

In general, many people call the combination of blue and yellow dramatic, because in such an interior there is a clash of cold and warm tones.

Blue and red in the interior

The interiors are very often used a combination of blue and red. This tandem also shows the contrast of heat and cold, but this contrast is not as sharp as with yellow.

The combination of blue with red helps to increase the brightness of the room, while adding personality to it.

Blue and red in the interior

  • Blue with pink carries in itself sensuality and a certain detachment from reality.
  • Also very often found in interiors combination blue with gray and black. Gray and black in combination with blue usually please people restrained and strict. Designers do not recommend this combination, because it creates some gloom.
  • BUT here is green with blue will bring vivacity and depth to the interior. The fact is that these colors are a kind of "relatives", and, looking at their combination, you will not immediately understand where the one ends and the other begins.

Blue and green in the interior

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Blue interiors will appeal to people who love peace, coolness and some romance..

By adding a small amount of different colors of warm and cold colors to the blue interior, you can bring new notes to your home, and the blue color will play in different shades.

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