What color is purple combined in the interior

Violet color has always been considered mystical and rather intimate. Its saturation in the interior can create too dark a mood and a desire to withdraw into yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to create the right composition of colors that will be combined with it.

If you show a creative imagination, you can intuitively feel how best to use the color purple when creating an interior. To make your choice a success, study the recommendations of stylists and designers, and then the interior where you decide to use purple will be the most beautiful and unusual of all you have ever seen.

What color is purple combined in the interior?

Characteristic purple

  • Visually, the purple color reduces the volume, at the same time making it more elegant.
  • For perception, it is cold, very rich and heavy, but it has a calming effect.
  • The first impression that comes from it is significance, importance, and a little bit - scare until you get used to it. He evokes a little melancholy mood, which truth activates imagination, intuition and creativity.
  • Violet helps to improve sleep, relieve irritation and calm down, freeing from excessive rationality. But with too much can provoke an attack of depression and tire.
  • His greatest lovers are creative, artistic and sentimental people. For women, it is one of the favorite colors.

What color is purple combined in the interior?

  • Purple is best used when creating the interior in the bedroom, meditation room, where the home theater and boudoir are located. The most inappropriate rooms will be the nursery and the study.
  • Violet is best suited for the interior in modern style, pop art, hi-tech, futurism or Victorian style.

For other characteristics of purple, see the article Violet in psychology.

What color is purple combined with: design tips

What color is purple combined in the interior?

According to famous designers, the purple color of a rich hue should not be used to create a background. It will look better if used as an accessory or accent. Its luxury should be demonstrated in small quantities compared to other colors. With too much use, it will give the interior an unnatural look.

For the background it is best to use neutral colors. A good option would be a purple sofa in the room, where the main background will be white. Then he will be the main focus, making the room simply luxurious. Also with light colors will look great carpets, curtains or pillows purple.

What color is purple combined in the interior?

Good color combinations with purple in the interior

  • To create colors from one main shade, purple is best combined with paler shades of pink, blue or blue.
  • A neutral background will create a combination with white, green, gray, brown and ocher color. But the combination of purple and black is best avoided.
  • The contrast combination will turn out at violet together with orange, red or yellow. Not bad, it will look with a combination of blue and blue.
  • If you decide to use red color, it is better to stop the choice on shades closer to dark red, avoiding too saturated red.
  • If you want to get a contrasting interior, where every object attracts attention, then you can use a combination of violet and yellow, but not a lemon shade. This combination is appropriate only for public spaces. It is better to use creamy and soft yellow tones.

Good color combinations with purple in the interior

  • In combination with green, purple will create the impression of a glade of violets or iris thickets at the pond. But they should be bright colors.
  • Violet with brown color also match each other. For the interior with this combination, you can use painted surfaces, natural stone or wood. But the shades of purple: lilac and lilac - better combined with mustard and sand shades of yellow.

The combination of white and purple in the interior

The most elegant combination of purple is obtained together with white. If you add a little pink hues to them, the palette will become richer. Purple dishes in a white kitchen with shades of gold on the furniture will look very impressive. This combination will make the interior with a purple slim, refreshing and contrasting.

What color is purple combined in the interior?

In order for the interior to remain on top, with a combination of only two colors of violet and white, accessories should not be the same shades. For example: the floor is purple, the curtains have a light shade of purple, and the walls and the bed are of very different shades that contrast with each other. Usually in this color scheme created interiors with classic motifs. It will look great accessories from silver, crystal and gold.

Fashionable color combinations in the interior with purple

In recent exhibitions devoted to designer finds in the interior, much attention was paid to combining purple with the color of green tea. It is this color that neutralizes the negative effect of purple on the psyche and balances it. Green color can be used in upholstered furniture, dishes, paintings, glass, ceramics or enamel.

What color is purple combined in the interior?

Another option was the combination of purple with gray, which also belongs to the expensive flowers. Thanks to this combination in the interior appears gloss. These trendy color combinations can be complemented with a light golden or cream brown tint.

Violet is the darkest color in the spectrum. He carries peace and energy at the same time. In the interior, he emphasizes elegance and generosity, but at the same time he is mysterious and mysterious, which makes him a little gloomy. To reduce this impression, you need to choose colors that will be combined with it. The ideal color for combining with purple is white, which is used to create the main background of the interior.

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