What color is green in the interior?

The combination of colors in the interior is responsible for the overall impression it produces on people. Properly selected colors can visually enlarge the space or reduce it, hide flaws, focus on the most important details. But not everyone has the skill, like the right combination of colors. In order not to be mistaken when choosing a color scheme for the interior, it is best to study with which colors the main color of the chosen range is combined.

Green is quite popular for creating an interior. Before you decide in which room to create a palette of green, you need to choose its shade and choose the right combination of colors that will emphasize it.

Combines black and green in the interior

The value of green in the interior

Green is considered the color of rebirth and hope, this is how it is perceived by man. He belongs to the main colors, with a rich palette. According to psychologists, the interior in which the green color was used, helps relaxation and meditation.

Each era dictates fashion to a certain shade of green. More recently, shades of green pastel shades were chosen for the walls. Now saturated green tones have come into fashion: grassy greens, lemon or emerald.

The value of green in the interior

If you want to choose the green color for the interior, then first decide on the shade that suits. Only after that you can start the selection of colors that will be combined with this shade.

The combination of green bottle and emerald flowers

To create an interior, you can use a variety of shades of green. If you chose the green color of the bottle shade, then remember that it is dark enough and in a room with poor lighting will look like black. Therefore, to begin with, provide natural or artificial light.

Bottle green

Any shade of cream color will be ideally combined with bottle shade. He will soften his saturation and give elegance to the interior. Bright and fresh notes of contrast that delight the eye, will create with it the white color of a pure shade. The feeling of lightness will appear if you combine bottle green with earthy brown or peach color.

Dark green color in the interior

Emerald green is best suited for the kitchen, dining room or children's room. He is charged with trust, happiness and optimism. The most beautiful and correct combination will be emerald green with white or yellow color of the same bright shades. The combination with celestial azure will create a feeling of freshness. If you add to the interior of furniture made of natural wood, covered with wax, you will get the impression of relaxing on a lawn during the summer.

What is the color combination of olive and lemon shades of green?

Next in demand are olive and lemon shades of green, as well as aqua color.. With the help of an olive shade, you can create any mood. Its combination with the golden color will fill the interior with abundance and splendor.

Ethnic interior in green color

If you add yellow tones to the olive shade of green, they will create a feeling as if you are in a tropical forest. The only thing that you should pay attention to is the stylishness of the interior, it is necessary that these shades do not merge with each other, becoming nondescript. Therefore, olive can be used as an excellent background to create a bright color accent, creating ethnic compositions.

Green and brown in the interior

To create a bold interior, which is usually done by designers, use the green color of acid-lemon tint.If you want to feel like a real contemporary designer or just create a fashionable interior in your home, you can also use this shade of green. But for a successful interior, this cold and bright shade is better to combine with metallic colors, like aluminum, gold or cobalt blue.

The shade of bitter chocolate, fuchsia, tangerine or hot pink will be perfectly combined with it. If you still do not want to create an overly bright interior, make the main background white, and use this shade of green as accents. It can be used for upholstering furniture or accessories. This combination of colors with an acid-lemon shade will surely save you from depression.

Lime color in the interior

The combination of colors with other shades of green in the interior

In the interior, you can use the range of shades of green: from bright blue-green tones to pale greens, which are called aquamarine. This color will look great for interiors created in a nautical style. Color of a sea wave does not bother and causes positive emotions. The combination with different colors can make it cold or warm. In a well-lit room, where the most sunlight falls, the color of the sea wave will show all its brightness. The most ideal companion for him will be white.

Pale green color in the interior

Unripe Lemon Huemost charming when almost transparent. The spectacular view is obtained if the wall is painted yellow, and already on top of this shade to apply a thin layer. So it turns out the shade of immature lemon, in which the yellow color will create a general joyful impression. For such an interior is better to pick up and curtains with the same shade of green, preferably translucent. This combination will make the room cool, even on a hot day.

The color of spring foliage in the interior

Another popular shade of green is the color of spring foliage.. It goes well with any natural colors and shades. This is a brown color of wood and earth, pale blue and creamy yellow, which will be a good background for the interior with accents of the color of foliage. A bright combination will create the color of red ocher.

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Green color - the most suitable and pleasant color for the interior of any home. There is a huge palette of this color, each shade of which creates its own special atmosphere and sensation. The right combination of green with other colors will help create a beautiful interior that everyone will like.

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