What can be molded from clay

Lessons modeling improves fine motor skills of hands, which is a good influence on the development of the child. From clay you can sculpt various animal figurines, flowers and even food for dolls. As a rule, modeling does not give the children work, and forcing them to do this business is not necessary. The main thing is to show the kid how to properly handle this material.

Plasticine modeling: models from cartoons for children

Smeshariki from plasticine

What can be molded from clay?

What can be molded from clay?

What can be molded from clay?

What can be molded from clay?

You will need:

  1. Soft multi-colored clay;
  2. Plastic knife for sculpting;
  3. Board or oilcloth for modeling.


  • Savunya Take a purple plasticine and roll a ball the size of a chicken egg out of it. From plasticine of the same color, make 2 small triangles - these will be ears. Roll the base for the eyes of white color.
  • Attach the ears and eyes-basics to the round torso. Cover the eye from above with a small visor that will serve for centuries. Beak sculpt from orange or red clay, pupils - from black.
  • From purple plasticine blind legs and wings. With the help of a knife decorate the wings Sovunya. Attach the limbs to the body in its place. Attach to the eyes the pupils of white clay - so the look will look more alive. You can decorate the coons with a cap and a scarf, fashioned from the same material.
  • Barash. The technology of its manufacture is almost the same as that of Savunya. Make a ball out of blue plasticine. Make eyes from plasticine. Roll some small balls out of blue plasticine - it will imitate Barash’s wool. Make ears, horns and hooves. The mouth can be made of red clay, rolled up a thin strip or draw with gouache.
  • Exactly the same technologies can blind other characters from "Smeshariki": Nyusha, Losyash, Krosh, Kar-Karych, Kopatych, Bin, Hedgehog.

Plasticine turtle

What can be molded from clay?

What can be molded from clay?

What can be molded from clay?

Prepare orange, yellow, lilac, green, blue, black and white clay. From a lilac blind head turtle in the form of a cone-shaped ball, as well as a tail and legs. Roll the ball out of yellow plasticine, cut it in half. 1 part of the ball slightly bend.

Make eyes from white clay, pupils from black, and eyelids from blue. Ask your child to roll six balls of orange (larger in size) and green (smaller in size) colors. Trust him to crush the resulting balls with your fingers - so there are spots for the shell. Now, on the orange circles, stick them on green ones. Attach the speckles to the tortoise shell.

Wrap each white eye in a blue strip of plasticine, and attach a black pupil to the center. Perform a tortoise's mouth using red plasticine or cut out with a knife. Attach the head, neck and legs to the shell. Turtle is ready!

How to make flowers from plasticine?

What can be molded from clay?

What can be molded from clay?

Plasticine Rose

The 1st of the most beautiful flowers is undoubtedly the rose, so it’s better to start with it to master the flower molding technique. To create it you will need red, green and yellow clay, as well as several toothpicks.

Red plasticine roll 15 balls of different sizes. Each squeeze a little fingers, giving it a petal shape. Turn the resulting petal, forming a bud. In the middle, attach the petals tightly, but at the edges they should move away from the bud.

When the flower heads are made, it is recommended to proceed to the base. Roll a ball out of green plasticine, squeeze it from the 1st side. At the edges, attach small balls of yellow plasticine to the base.

Glue the toothpicks with green clay and stick it into the finished base. Attach rosebuds to the other end of the toothpick. Roll leaves of green plasticine, make veins with a knife and attach to the stalk. If desired, you can make thin spikes.

Chamomile from plasticine

Very easy to make a daisy from plasticine. Roll the ball out of the yellow material, then flatten it and make a few holes with a toothpick. Pinch off 7 pieces of white clay, roll them into sausages, flatten and sharpen them at one end. Attach the daisy petals to the yellow center.

From green plasticine roll sausages, flatten them. Using stacks or toothpicks, draw veins. Follow the stem of green plasticine, attach a bud of chamomile and leaves.

Food for dolls from clay: modeling features

What can be molded from clay?

Many girls want their dolls to have their own food. In order not to spend money on its purchase in a store, it is better to start modeling this very food with your child. It is both informative and interesting.

Try to make a few packs of juice. To do this, mash the clay in your hands and form small rectangles. The edges of the rectangles can be slightly rounded. Attach a thin sausage of bright plasticine to the juice box - it will be a straw. On the pack itself, you can write the juice in a stack and draw some fruit.

So that dolls can enjoy something sweet, you can make cakes, cookies and cakes. Cookies make it easy. It is enough to mold rectangles, circles, squares and ovals from plasticine. You can decorate delicacies of your own accord: brown balls can be attached to cookies, white cream clay can be made into cakes, and cakes can be decorated with plasticine fruit pieces.

To make a loaf or bread, take beige, yellow and brown clay. Make a long oval of yellow and beige, and make a few notches with a sharp object on top. Rye bread will turn out of brown clay, just make a rectangular block and also make a few cuts.

Scrambled eggs for dolls can be made with white and yellow plasticine: flatten a ball of white plasticine, and attach a smaller ball of yellow in the center. For scrambled eggs you can make strips of ham from the red material.

Handicrafts made of plasticine - This is a useful and exciting activity, especially for children of younger preschool and school age. Teach your child to sculpt from an early age to develop not only fine motor skills of hands, but also imagination.

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