What can be made of pen

From any object that we use at home or at work, you can make a unique decorative product, which will not only surprise, but also please its owner.

A huge number of various products that have already lost their main functions, just lie and gather dust at home or are thrown away when making general cleaning. But many of them can give a second life, creating a cozy corner in the house or decorating a children's room, if you use simple tips. These things include ordinary ballpoint pen, from which you can make a lot of the most unusual things.

How to make a crossbow from the handle?

During the years of study, each student spends a lot of ballpoint pens, throwing out those in which the paste ended and using new ones. The same can be said about adult office workers who spend no less than ballpoint pens during their service. But do not hurry to throw away the pens that stopped writing, but rather collect them and do something completely unusual.

How to make a crossbow from the handle?

  • The very first thing you can offer to make a pen iscrossbow. Yes, the real medieval crossbow, but in modern style and truly safe. For boys, such a crossbow will become a favorite toy and even a real gift. They can make it under your strict guidance, and if you like, you can make it yourself, having pleased your beloved child with an extraordinary gift that does not require any large funds, but will surprise no less expensive toys.
  • To create it, it is enough to cook an old ballpoint pen and then buy 4 of the most ordinary pencils. Now fasten two pencils together with a rubber band, scotch tape or electrical tape, with all that is on hand. Do not rush to connect them, the edges of the pencils should be smooth.
  • As soon as you glue the pencils, put them crosswise so that one is centered and the other is shifted to one side. Do it on the principle of an airplane. After that, you should have the base of a wooden crossbow with wings.
  • Finally, it was the turn of the old pen. Unscrew it and disassemble it, and make a barrel out of an empty bulb. The only condition for the selection of the handle will be its identical diameter along the entire length. Once the handle bar is ready, attach it to the base of the crossbow. Attach the elastic to the edges of the wings, it will become an improvised, but strong bowstring. In the barrel of the handle, install the rod, which will simulate an arrow and make the first shot. And then give the finished crossbow son.

What can be done from a ballpoint pen?

Knowledge is power, and in life they are useful to everyone, but sometimes there are situations that without cheat sheets can not do. They are even needed in order to just remember what you studied on the exam. And this can help ordinary ballpoint pen. It can be used instead of small notes, simply by writing on it the necessary dates on the history or formulas on physics.

What can be done from a ballpoint pen?

In order to write the necessary information, you can use an awl or a simple needle wrapped with thread. But, of course, it is better to know the lessons without prompts and pass them without cheat sheets, then in life it will be much easier to achieve what you have planned.

Stand of pens with their own hands

  1. But apart from this unusual use of pens, one can make themexclusive stand, which can surprise even a real designer. To do this, you need a lot of ballpoint pens, super glue and an old CD. Take the cones from the handles and attach them to a small disk with glue. Place the cones 0.5 cm from the edge.
  2. Decorate the outer side of the disc with beads. They should have a variety of color, size and shape. This will give the stand a bright, fun and beautiful appearance. At the bottom of the stand you can tie a beautiful satin ribbon bow and tie it exactly the same at the top.
  3. On ballpoint pens, located around, if desired, you can glue various decorative elements, such as rhinestones, small figures, beads, or weave into them a beautiful ribbon. Such an elegant stand you just can not find in any office supply store.

How to make a pen with a butterfly?

  • It is possible not only to make various interesting decorative objects from a pen, but also to transform it itself, so that when used it evokes a lot of pleasant feelings. These very simple handicrafts include a pen with a butterfly. It can decorate your desktop or become an original gift for your beloved mother, grandmother, sister, daughter or girlfriend.

What can be made of pen?

  • To make such an unusual pen, you will need a ballpoint pen, scissors, colored and bright wrapping paper, transparent matte tape, silver and black durable wire, as well as markers.
  • First of all, cut out the silhouette of a butterfly from colored paper, then paint it with markers. To make a butterfly that looks like a real one, you need to get acquainted with ideas on how to achieve this effect.
  • Twist the antennae, and the trunk of a butterfly made of black wire, attach wings to it, using small pieces of scotch.
  • Now attach the silver wire to the bottom of the butterfly. With the help of bright wrapping paper, make a flower bud on which the butterfly will sit. Once it is ready, attach it to the handle. Decorate its petals with small beads that will be dew drops on the leaves.
  • Then tape several beads to the wings of the butterfly with tape and secure it on the flower or on the handle itself. That's it - the butterfly handle is ready.

In addition, the pens can be made decoration for the chandelier, collecting them on one wire, connecting in the form of a circle and attaching to the lampshade, as well as many more interesting things. To do something out of the ordinary, Imagine what kind of decoration you want to create, think what you need and, believe me, even without special advice, you can create a real miracle yourself.

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