Wedding hair ornaments. rules and features of the choice of

The role of the bride is the very embodiment of female dreams about fitting the image of a princess that most women of the beautiful half attend. Therefore, all the details of the toilet are thought out with the utmost care: there are no minor nuances. And wedding hair jewelry is an important moment.

Wedding Hair Jewelry: Rules for Choosing

Wedding Hair Jewelry

  • Shops today are ready to offer over 1000 accessories suitable for any dress for the main day in the lives of many women. But how to choose the one that will be the perfect complement to the image and emphasize individuality? Pick up jewelry in her hair follows, starting from the idea of ​​a dress, styling and a general idea. What emotions does the bride want to evoke with her appearance? Will she be shocking and bold, or wants to breathe tenderness and youth? Perhaps she likes restrained classics and elegance?
  • In any of the situations it is important to stick with the harmony in the image. Girls who choose a dress with an abundance of decor, especially bright and catchy - stones, sewing, you need to look at a less distinguished hair accessory. If the tiara, then thin and small, and ideally - the bezel. If the flowers are small, either scattered around the total length of the hair, or in an amount of 2-3 pieces. fixed hairstyles in the base. Here are good tapes, bandages. For a simple dress, whose highlight - in the fabric and silhouette, rather than decor, fit more active accessories.
  • We can not forget that if the bride wants to complement the image with a necklace and earrings, there should not be much jewelry in her hair. In addition, they should not compete with jewelry in its brightness: let it be instances without stones and glitter - ribbons, flowers, veils, veils.

Wedding Hair Jewelry

  • The same requirements can be attributed to the combination of hairstyles and accessories. On short haircuts, the abundance of décor looks inappropriate: here is a neat tablet-hat with a veil with a retro look and a few small flowers for a more traditional outfit. Bandages and ribbons are the best choice for such styling. And if it is lush, and the tips of the longest strands barely touch the earlobe, it is recommended to restrict yourself to thin invisibles with Swarovski crystals. And it is desirable to withstand the inverse relationship between the richness of the accessory and the complexity of installation.

A variety of options for decorating the bride's hair with a photo

Wedding Hair Jewelry

Veil, of course, is among the most sought-after hair ornaments on the wedding day. But with her, not everything is simple: you should not use a veil, if you plan a complex hairstyle, so as not to hide all the efforts of the master. In addition, she is addicted to the pomp of the dress. For A-silhouette models, long veils are acceptable, but single-layered. They can be decorated with embroidery, beads, etc. For outfits with a voluminous skirt, models should be chosen that are up to the waist or shorter so as not to overload the image. This may be a two-layer veil, but more simple in relation to the decor. And, of course, the shade of the dress and the accessory should be the same: a white-veil and a dress of the color of melted milk will discord.

Can you add any other decorations to the veil? Stylists do not recommend to get involved: it already attracts a lot of attention. Small-sized tiara, small flowers, ribbon are allowed. But with such a course, the most simple styling is created, and jewelry like necklaces or volume earrings is refused, replacing with studs and a thin chain.

Wedding Hair Jewelry

Wedding Hair Jewelry

Bandages and ribbons are an interesting accessory when choosing a designer dress without complicated decor, but with an unusual cut. In such toilets, even the fabric is often as simple as possible, not prominent, and all attention is given to the silhouette. Therefore, hairstyle and jewelry for her are chosen discreet, elegant. The width of the ribbon varies according to personal preferences, but the material is chosen congruent with the fact that formed the basis of the dress. The same applies to the design of the dressing. And basically they add to the toilet a raid of the 20-30s. The distinctive moment of bandages and ribbons is their ability to correct the lines of the face: some of them cross the forehead, visually reducing it, and with their shape can even stretch the shape of the face.

Hoops and tiaras are the most striking decoration. They are a fabulous element, bringing the bride one step closer to the image of the princess. But the tiara does not always look like a crown: some modern models, decorated with small flowers and pearls, look less like a crown. And they look no less impressive. Hoops are often the best choice for girls with short hair, when it should be interesting to collect hair, but you can not overdo the brightness of accessories in the hair. They are ideal for smooth styling without complex weaving: for example, for a beam or a Greek braid.

Combs are not used as often as other accessories, but they are quite versatile. This decoration can hide the base of the veil and fix it in a hairstyle, support the ends of short strands of non-standard haircuts.

Wedding Hair Jewelry

Depending on how the comb is decorated, you can talk about its modesty or brightness. Thin wire spiderwebs with pearls or crystals are not striking, they are suitable for most toilets. Volumetric fabric flowers, lace, sewing are more pretentious, in addition to them no accessories should be left in the hair, and jewelry from shoulders (earrings, necklaces) should also be abandoned.

Flowers for hair: the most successful ideas in photos

Wedding Hair Jewelry

  • Tiny buds or lush inflorescences - such an element in the bride's hairstyle gives the image elegance and tenderness. From the only half-uncovered white flower of an orange tree, stuck in a discreet bunch, to a volume wreath of peonies, worn on the head: there are a lot of ways to associate the decoration with styling.
  • As with other accessories, when choosing colors, they start from the idea of ​​dress and styling of the wedding itself. In addition, representatives of the flora in the hair should overlap with those that fall into the bridal bouquet.
  • In the long curly hair, loosely gathered and thrown to the side, small flowers strung on a fishing line and looking through curls look great. Classic bunches are ideal for 2-3 small flowers, fixed with a long hairpin. But it is most convenient to attach them to the hair, if they are mounted on the comb. Such a technique is especially used by brides, who need to hide the place where the veil is attached to styling. And also, if the flowers become an addition to the "malvinka": collected on the crown in a small pile of finely curled locks with preservation of the free mass of hair.
  • Some girls want to decorate their hairstyles with fresh flowers, but such a move requires preparation. If you simply buy a favorite flower in the florist shop or take it out of the bridal bouquet, then put it in your hair, in 2-3 hours it will fade. In addition, most flowers have a pronounced aroma, which does not always have a beneficial effect on the human condition. Therefore, the selected instance must be given to the master, who will treat it with special preparations, freezing them in the current state and making them harmless to the bride. Live flowers are often attached invisible.

Wedding tiara: how to make your own hands?

Wedding Hair Jewelry

Decoration for the hair can be made even independently, although it will still be different from the one purchased from the store. Sophisticated jewelry with natural stones and precious metals, of course, only a master. But each bride can make neat girlish tiaras with beads or flowers. From scrap materials needed a thin bezel without decorations - more precisely, its metal base. And also suitable for the colors and sizes of beads, beads, flexible twisted wire, nippers.

The work algorithm does not require any specific schemes: you just need to read the photos of finished products and present the desired result. It is recommended to put large beads on a wire rarely, fill the main space with small ones. Sometimes decorative flowers are used here, which are able to become the main decoration of the diadem. The wire is fixed at the base of the bezel and bent as required by the design of the future accessory.

When choosing a wedding hair jewelry, do not focus on his presence in the list of fashion trends of the current season, but his complementarity with your appearance and image as a whole. This is the same important nuance as a hairstyle, make-up or dress, which is easy for emphasizing the necessary moments of appearance and hiding those that you want to hide. Therefore, his search should be approached with all responsibility.

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