Weaving baskets from a rod for beginners

It is convenient to take a beautiful basket woven from a vine for mushrooms or to a shop. Such a basket has a beautiful shape, can be used for various purposes, like a simple basket or a vase for umbrellas. It keeps the warmth of human hands, because it is made only by hand. You can buy it from the masters, and you can weave it yourself. Having learned to weave baskets from a rod, you can not only use them on the farm, but also find, if necessary, an additional source of income.

Weaving baskets from a rod for beginners

The first stage of weaving a basket of wicker

Before you start weaving the basket, you must prepare the material from which it will be woven. Usually, willow branches are used for weaving, but it is necessary to choose such branches that calmly bend over 900, do not bursting. The most beautiful willow with bark orange, purple or red.

In addition to willow, you can use blackberry branches. It is best to collect branches in the winter. To remove the spikes from the blackberry, put on leather gloves and take a piece of tarpaulin or other sturdy material and cut the branch from the bottom. After that, put the branches to dry. Then, hold the sandpaper in your hand and push the branches through it. Choose blackberry branches are not too thick and long.

Weave baskets are needed only from dried twigs.. Before starting to weave, soak the rods, so they will become more flexible. If the bark is preserved on the branches, then it will take 7 days to soak it. You can wrap the twigs in a damp cloth, leaving them for the night.

Baskets Weaving

For work you will need an awl, pruner and knife. Also, to make it easier to learn how to weave a basket, you need to remember the names of each of its parts. Straight rods that diverge from the center of the bottom are the spokes. Willow twigs, intertwining the main ones, are called simply interlacing, and the branches that go upwards from the bottom are stands.

Basket weaving process

  • From a thick shoot, cut 8 sticks at length from the tips of the fingers to the elbow. In the 4 rods in the center make a cut of 3 cm. Insert the remaining rods into the cut, you should have a cross. To align it alternate thin and thick ends.
  • Immediately for weaving, select long and thin shoots. Take 2 rods, insert them into the slot in the slot.
  • Now proceed to the very weaving, hold 2 rods and begin to twist them for each other. They must be reversed. The bend must be in the same direction. Each rod after bending must be between two other rods.
  • You must braid 4 knitting needles by making 2 rows. As soon as you finish weaving 2 rows around each of the 4 spokes, braid each knitting needle separately. Bend each knitting needle out to alternately braid them.
  • Place the spokes evenly so that the spokes are evenly spaced, similar to a bicycle wheel. Also make another 2 rows of weaving. When you finish weaving these rods, you need to add new ones.

Weaving a basket bottom from a rod

  • To do this, take one rod, sharpen its end and stick it in the last 2 rows between the rods, then bend it, and cut the old rod that has ended. The next rod is better to replace further in a circle. As soon as you weave 2 more rows around the needles, begin to weave, simply bypassing the knitting needle inside and out. Weave it until the bottom of the basket is the right size.
  • For proper weaving, add one more to the 16 needles. Place it in the last row between the bars. As soon as the rod ends, place a new one next to it, braid it and continue to weave further.

How to weave the walls of the basket?

  • To weave the walls of the future basket, take the branches of willow of medium thickness, one for each needle.Sharpen the thick end of the branches. Place a new shoot along each knitting needle, with the concave side of the branch pointing down. At the level of the knitting edge, cut off the ends of the old twigs. Bend one of the new posts under the two adjacent rods to the left and down and turn up. The next rod bend as well. Continue to weave and continue.
  • The last two rods do not have racks to bend them, so twist them around the first ones. Tie the bars of the uprights together so that they do not fall out.
  • Now begin to weave the walls of the basket, for this, place 3 new rods along the uprights, bend the leftmost one in front of them with the stands next to them and behind the third, then return. Repeat this with each twig.

Weaving baskets from baskets for beginners

  • Add one rod to each rack around the circumference. Place the rod after the rod of the rack, then skip to the left in front of the rack, then for the third one and bring it forward. Also put the next bar and repeat. Add them until the basket is braided.
  • Start on to weave from any rod just to the right, just as well, back and forth. On the right, take the other rod and do the same, wrapping the basket around the circle.
  • Returning to where you started from, take the twig from below and begin to weave again. Weave in this way until the bars twist to the tips.
  • Cut the excess tips. Close the row with three bars. Increase the height of the basket gradually. If you need a basket of medium height, then only one layer of the welt will be enough. In the end you need to bend the bars of the racks and weave them down.

How to weave a basket handle from a vine for beginners?

  • For the handle, take a thick shoot, bend and decide how long the handle will be, then cut off the excess part.Sharpen the ends of the branches and push them from opposite sides between the rods.
  • Take 5 long shoots and insert them next to the handle. Wrap a pen with them until the very end. Thread the ends under the edges of the basket. Do the same on the other side.

Weaving basket handle from the rod for beginners

  • Now take the bars and pull. After insert a thin twig of willow next to the weave. Bend a new twig and start wrapping it around the ends of the braid. Hide the ends after a few turns. At the end of the ends of the twigs cut.

If you choose the right material for the future basket and have patience, you will get a basket that will please you for many years with its beauty, convenience and exclusivity.

Do it with pleasure!

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