We create coziness in the house with the help of indoor

Comfort and comfort in your home have a direct impact on the well-being and mood of everyone who is in it, and most importantly, on those who live in it. In order to make the house cozy, you do not need to buy expensive furniture or decorations. The easiest way to do this will be using potted flowers. They are available to each of us and at the same time better than any furniture will help to create coziness and comfort, and like anything else just to breathe clean energy into your home.

The plants that best animate an apartment are those that twist or hang down. They grow very quickly, they have beautiful shoots and the shape of leaves, so that in a short time a large green and living carpet of young plants begins to appear. Try to place them near the window. Put on both sides of it, and you will be able to create any fabulous images in your house that you want, using young shoots of plants. And when the ampelous flowers begin to bloom, your room will turn into an extraordinary tale.

The composition of indoor plants for comfort in the house

For small rooms it is better to choose small plants and arrange them so that they do not interfere with each other. In large rooms will look better large plants. Try to create a flower arrangement in which the plants will harmonize with each other. It can be 4 small plants and 1 large with wide leaves. But to misuse the invention of compositions is not worth it. The easiest way to decorate the room - is to place the same plants in the room so that they are not lost among the furniture. These can be evergreen cacti, orchids, piketail or dracaena.

The benefits of indoor plants for home comfort

Thanks to that created with the help of indoor plants in the house, you can relax and unwind. Indoor plants themselves have a refreshing and calming effect on humans, contributing to an increase in efficiency and a surge of strength. The apartment with flowering plants leaves a wonderful impression. Houseplants are able to please us for a long time, giving the opportunity to see the emergence of new buds and leaflets. Houseplants will help us fill the lack of communication with nature.

How to choose indoor plants for the house?

Houseplants are selected for accuracy and size of the crown, the size and shape of the sheet, the number and color of flowers. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the adaptability of the plant to the microclimate and the requirements for the care of it and your abilities to carry out this care.

How to create comfort in the house with the help of indoor plants?

Choose a plant for the plant that should fit the size and shape of the flower. The choice of material of the pot can be different, it depends on the chosen composition. Vases are plastic, marble and even cast iron. Consider lighting and humidity. Matt wallpapers are a good background for indoor plants with wide and large leaves, and brightly colored wallpaper with large patterns for plants with clear and small leaves. Potted plants in vertical form take up little space in the room. Take a special place for flowers, and provide them with regular and proper care.

The health of indoor plants in the house

In order to keep the comfort created with the help of indoor plants always happy, the plants must remain healthy. Each type of plant needs special and special care. Plants need light, moisture and heat, everything - in a certain amount. Do not place flowers in direct sunlight. Choose plants suitable for different locations, such as the western, southern, northern and eastern windowsill. In winter, place potted plants on wooden stands to protect their roots from frostbite.

Rules for placing indoor plants in the house

  1. Houseplants should receive enough light. They should not be drafted, too close to batteries and open windows.
  2. When the plants are not very many, put them on the farthest edge of the window sill.
  3. When placing potted plants further from the window, provide them with additional lighting.
  4. To protect plants from airflow from radiators, you can reinforce a vertical plexiglass barrier at the edge of the window sill. Then subtropical indoor plants will be able to get the high humidity and reduced temperature they need.

Properly placed indoor plants will help you highlight the features of your interior, create beauty, comfort and unusual atmosphere in the apartment. With the help of indoor plants you can revive any room. Having shown your imagination and skills, creating coziness with their help, you will only have to get aesthetic pleasure from the masterpiece created by your own hands in your home.

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