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Many of us have watches. Without them, it is impossible to imagine our life. We all live by the clock. They are not only a very useful thing, but also an accessory that helps to emphasize your style and mood. But it happens that our watches become impossible to wear because their strap is torn. Or we like the watch itself, but not the strap that holds it.

In such casesYou can make a strap for your watches with your own hands. There are no boundaries for imagination, and your watches will be the most interesting and memorable for everyone.

Nylon DIY Strap

The watch strap can be made from a lightweight nylon cable that can be worn on the arm for a long time. Take your watch, from 1 to 1.5 m nylon cable, cigarette lighter, tape measure, plastic clip, scissors. Measure your wrist, fold the nylon cable in half. Separate about 55 cm and connect them with a plastic clip. Then open the clamp and pull the nylon cable through the holes of the watch itself. Now, at a distance of 55 cm, make a loop with a second plastic clip. On both sides of the watch, there should be 4 cords each. Leave the short end of the cable aside.

Start weaving. The worker’s thread needs to be passed under the 2 central ones, making a nakid on top of the top one, and returning on top of the central threads back. After you have reached this time in hours, pull the thread, starting the weaving of the other half. When you are done weaving, take out the end of the thread using something sharp. Now you need to check how the clock is sitting on your hand. If tight, pull the threads and cut. Then pull the thread through the 4 central loops and cut all the excess. Do it from 2 sides. Lighter scorch the ends of the nylon cable.

How to make a strap from the fabric with your own hands?

First, prepare a sewing machine, cloth, needle, thread and scissors. Choose a beautiful fabric for the strap with an interesting pattern. You can choose fabric for the strap, which one you like, it should be in harmony with the watch or, on the contrary, contrast. Choose a fabric that is thick and stretchy. From it, cut 2 strips of suitable width for you. Wrap a cloth over your wrist, tie it over 2 knots and leave loose ends. This will help determine the length of the strap. Leave seam allowances. Now sew the seams from the inside, leaving one edge. Turn the fabric on the front side. Replace and attach the fabric to the watch. Tie the edges of your bracelet with a decorative knot.

Retro watchband do-it-yourself

You can update your old strap from the old watches, decorating it with various decorative items.Buy paint for leather or fabric. Select a drawing and make a stencil for it. Apply paint to the strap and let it dry. After that you can apply a pattern on the stencil. Let the strap dry and attach it to the watch. Also, the old strap can be decorated with rhinestones, decorative stones. After painting the strap, think over the pattern that you want to make on it. Then apply glue and lay out rhinestones and stones in accordance with the desired pattern.

Plastic watch strap do it yourself

In order to make a watch strap, you can use a plastic bracelet. Choose a bracelet that matches your width and color. Then pick up to it a few decorative threads or multi-colored woolen. Take a clear glue for plastic. Now show your imagination about wrapping the bracelet, inventing some beautiful pattern. Glue to the thread bracelet with glue. You can also use decorative tape, sticking rhinestones between the weaving. Attach the watch case with glue to the plastic bracelet after you finish its decoration.

How to make an exclusive watch strap with your own hands?

To do this you will need a wooden bracelet, rhinestones or stones and glue for wood. Write your name or the name of your loved one in pencil on the bracelet. Do not forget to leave room for the watch case itself. Then sticking the name of the stones, glue the stones to the bracelet. After you finish, glue the watch to the bracelet, tightly fastened. On the sides of the case on both sides, lay straight perpendicular lines of the remaining stones. On the bracelet, you can even stick a photo of your loved one.

How to replace the watch strap with your own hands?

In order to replace the strap and put a new one, you will need a sewing needle. Then determine the width of the strap by measuring the distance between the hulls of the case. The length of the strap is usually from 15 to 20 cm. Using the sewing needle, pull out the old strap, and in the new one, insert the stud that holds the strap. Fasten the other end of the stud back into the shackle.

How to shorten the watch band?

Sometimes the strap on a new watch is long, and to wear a purchased watch, you need to shorten it. In order not to give the watch to repair, you can shorten yourself at home. Take awl and pliers. Sit where it is light. Free up space so that you can see where you will put the small details from the clock. On metal bracelets will be enough to remove a few links. Remove the links on each side. Start shooting the smallest links first. To do this, the bracelet must be put and inserted into the small hole with an awl. Gently slowly squeeze out metal skewers. Then take a piece of pliers with pliers and pull out. Then put back the links with the clasp, inserting the skewers back. Save the extra links.

Watchband is a very important thing. He completes the image of watches, giving them a certain style. He is also responsible for the safety and convenience of wearing watches. Making a watch strap with your own hands, you can fully express your imagination, express your taste and emphasize the style unique to you. If you make it yourself, then create a truly unique work of art that only you will have. And then your watch will be exclusive!

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