Washing machines

The question of choosing a washing machine is important, but there is no definite answer to it. There are many companies in our market that occupy with production or sale of this type of household appliances, their list is wide. The easiest way to choose a model, based on feedback from consumers and professionals.

Washing machines: expert reviews

According to the opinions of competent specialists, "Miele" stands out from expensive washing machines. Let its price is quite high, but the service life is designed for 30 years. They are collected only in Germany, while using high quality parts. These machines are reliable, but only the service and cost of parts are very expensive.

Washing machines of middle class cost approximately from 15 to 25 thousand rubles.

Washing machines: reviews

  • In the Ariston brand cars, all the control buttons and knobs are built in, but the Indesit comes into play. In the process of assembling the machines of these 2 brands, identical parts are used, therefore, these devices are of the same quality and class. In our country, these brands are very popular because of the average price of equipment, service and parts. An important point is that in almost any service center for the repair of such equipment you will be helped with the repair of these models.
  • Experts believe that the brand "Zanussi" and "Electrolux" is also difficult to separate. But the prices for "Electrolux" are slightly higher, and the details are not always replaceable. There should be no problems with the service, but the price of parts can sometimes be extremely high. Italian spare parts are often used.
  • The washing machines of the firms "Bocs" and "Siemens" are also referred to as middle class by the experts; nowadays, most of them are collected in Germany and Spain. Service on them is more expensive and not everyone will undertake such repair, because their parts are not cheap. Mark "Veko", so to speak Turkish version of "Bocs", also applies to this class of machines.
  • "Generalelectrik" and "Whirlpool" - 2 completely different brands, but still they are united by the past, because they come from the United States. The assembly is made in Italy, the details are also Italian, the service is quite reasonable, the prices are proportionate. The quality is not better and not worse than others.
  • "Candy" occupies a very large part of the Russian market and is very worthy. The assembly is Italian, the details are also Italian. Almost in any service center you can repair washing machines of this brand. Small-sized machines are in great demand, because they are very practical, fit in a kitchen cupboard, easily stand under the sink. Moreover, this technique is reliable in operation.
  • According to experts, the firm "Ardo" managed to achieve a balance of quality and price. Prices are relatively low, and the quality is very decent. Because of this, this technique is competitive in the global market. These cars gather in Italy, with service problems do not arise.
  • Of the Austrian brands in our market are "Singlenova", "Evronova", "Evrosoba". Their machines are small in size. They are designed to work for 15 years, but most of them function for 10 years, they are very reliable. Details on them are German and Italian, of high quality. Many service centers will provide repair of such machines.
  • One of the oldest representatives of manufacturers of washing machines, this brand "Sital". To meet her in Russia is quite difficult, but, nevertheless, sales of equipment of this brand are very high.
  • Firms "LG" and "Samsung" experts compare the quality with Korean cars.

Which washing machine to choose?

According to reviews of owners of washing machines, you need to pay attention to the tank when choosing equipment. Enameled tanks rot over time, and it is not advisable to correct it from the financial side of the issue. The most common material for washing machine tanks is stainless steel, it is time tested, problems with it occur very rarely.

Recently, a large number of composite materials, which are also used for the manufacture of tanks for washing machines. The main disadvantage of these materials is their fragility, but such details are reliable, and such failures occur most often due to the fault of the owner. As well as problems may arise when purchasing cheap cars.

An important point when choosing this technique is the spin speed. Recommended - 800-1200 rpm, because at these speeds the laundry will remain slightly wet and will undergo minimal torsion. At maximum speeds, only cotton fabrics are pressed; wool and synthetics - on low or completely without spin.

Features of vertical models

Plumbers often discourage owners from purchasing and installing vertical washing machines, explaining that they may shift in the process. But many owners of such technology refute this opinion.

Washing machines: reviews

  1. Catherine: My Electrolux is over 5 years old. I bought a machine with a vertical load, in order to save space. Personally, it is much more convenient for me to load and unload vertically. I took at that time the most powerful, calculated on 1300 rpm. It vibrates decently, but stands firmly on the spot and does not jump.
  2. Novel: In such machines, space saving is interrupted by the fact that it cannot be used as a stand or a shelf, everything must be removed for loading and unloading, the vibration is also very strong, although the machine itself stands still.
  3. Svetlana: I had a machine with a vertical load "Indesite" for more than 10 years. The only negative is that it really cannot be used as a shelf. I can not mention other shortcomings. Perhaps, only cheap and low-quality cars jump?
  4. Olga: I have been serving Bosh with a vertical load since 1997. Appearance - like new. Gum soft. Washing machines with vertical loading are considered more reliable, because they have a drum on 2 axes, so buy and do not be afraid!

Consumer reviews about narrow washing machines

Many people want to buy a narrow washing machine in order to save space, but they are afraid to get low-quality goods.

  1. Victoria: My Samsung has been working for 12 years. Last year, something leaked, the master came, replaced the gasket, and again works as before.
  2. Irina: Our "Indezitu" is already 4 years old, the laundry is laundering fine, there were no problems.
  3. Sergey: I had a CandyHoliday, 33 centimeters. Has served 8 years, Italian production, worked like a clock. For all the time, I cleaned the filter only a couple of times. It is this company, in my opinion, the best for the production of narrow washing machines.
  4. Marina: “Candy” is built in my bathroom 33 centimeters, loading 5 kilograms - it works great. Easy to use.
  5. Maria: And at our place there is “Eyelid”, 5 kilograms of loading, pressing 1000 turns, all the numerous functions and only 37 centimeters. Has been working for 10 years, we are all very satisfied.
  6. Alla: I have a machine "VestelARWM 1241 L", narrow, loading 6 kilograms. She even washed her down jacket and everything is fine, there are no complaints.

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In any company that is engaged in the release of washing machines, there are both successful models and not successful ones. When selecting equipment, it is almost meaningless to rely on the manufacturer, since the market situation is constantly changing. Try to pick up the machine according to consumer reviews or consult with the sales assistants in the store.

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