Washing a down jacket in a washing machine without balls and

Universal winter clothing is a down jacket: warm, light, practical. A good thing can last more than one year if it is provided with proper and timely care. The most convenient and easiest way to keep a neat appearance of this item of clothing is washing a down jacket in an automatic machine.

Preparation - the key to success

Preparation - the key to success

Before you get down to business, it is important to make sure that machine wash does not harm the product. Information about the rules of care is on the manufacturer's label. If the “automatic wash” icon is not crossed out, the wardrobe item can be washed.

Before washing a down jacket in a typewriter, you need to prepare so that the quality of the clothes is not affected as a result of our manipulations. Stages of preparation:

  1. Remove contents from all pockets.
  2. Carefully inspect the clothes - if there are any stains on it. Usually highly polluted areas - this is a collar, cuffs, pockets. Such places should preferably be cleaned before washing the down jacket in the automatic machine. On sale there are special stain removers, or you can use a traditional tool - laundry soap.
  3. Zip all the zippers or buttons on the down jacket and turn the thing inside out.
  4. Ensure the strength and integrity of the seams so that they do not fall down. If there are holes, then they may increase during washing, and then the loss of the insulation material cannot be avoided.
  5. Stock up with soft balls for tennis (3 pieces is enough). You can buy special balls for automatic washing. It is necessary that the downy filler of the product does not lump up and the lining is not damaged. Is it possible to wash a high-quality down jacket in an automatic machine without balls? Experienced housewives are advised not to neglect these devices, so as not to damage the product and facilitate the drying process.

Wash without risk

Wash without risk

When the preparation is completed, proceed with the wash. It is important that the entire space of the washing machine was given to one down-padded coat. Other things in the drum should not be.

The next important aspect is the selection of the "right" detergent. The usual powder for this business will not work: it leaves traces in the form of stains. In addition, for the outerwear of colored fabrics, it may be too aggressive, affect the saturation of shades. It is best to buy a special detergent for washing downy products, or use gels designed for delicate items (wool, silk). It is advisable to pay attention to the fact for which fabrics the agent is developed - white, black or colored. Selecting the appropriate option, you can count on the fact that the color of clothes will continue and become fresh, like a down jacket - a new one.

When loading things into the machine with it, put special balls or tennis balls. If they are not there, then after washing you will have to spend time trying to straighten down the fuzz. By the way, resourceful housewives for this purpose use a beater for carpets or a rolling pin. The washed and almost dried product is laid out on a horizontal surface and slightly knocked out, evenly straightening down insulation.

Washing a down jacket in an automatic washing machine requires choosing a special program. Some manufacturers of household appliances provide a separate option for products with down. If there is no such function, then you need to run a program for delicate fabrics (silk, wool). Temperature range should not exceed 30 ° C.

Rinsing and drying: the secrets of a successful finish

Rinsing and drying: the secrets of a successful finish

To get a down jacket washed out and updated, you need to properly perform the final steps. One of the most common difficulties is the appearance of divorces on washed winter clothes. The fact is that fluff absorbs a detergent that is hard to rinse out. Because of this, whitish stripes and spots are formed on the surface and on the lining of the product. To solve this problem, the down jacket must be re-rinsed. It usually takes 2-3 times.

You can press the down jacket automatically. At the same time it is necessary to choose a delicate spin - no more than 600 turns. After that, the product is ready for straightening down and drying.

Dried such things in unbuttoned form, putting on the hangers. From time to time the down jacket is shaken so that the down insulation is distributed evenly. It is advisable that the drying takes place in a well-ventilated area. At the same time it is impossible to use for this process directed hot air (for example, a hair dryer) or to place the thing near the air flow of the heater.

Down jacket - a practical and durable product, which can be cared for at home. Washing products in an automatic washing machine is effective and simple, if you follow the rules and tips. Caring for a warm thing takes little time, and the result is a visual update of the down jacket and its durability.

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