Warming windows with their own hands

If the windows are provided with proper care, they can last for one year, but over time, cracks and cracks can appear in them. Therefore, the urgent question is how to insulate the windows independently in order to prolong their service life and keep the apartment warm. Most often, such a need arises with the onset of autumn, when cold air begins to flow through the cracks.

Warming wooden windows do it yourself: methods

Warming windows with their own hands

Today, there are quite a large variety of ways to insulate wooden windows, while some of them are temporary measures and can last only one season, but at the same time they are as comfortable as possible and provide an excellent window tightness. So, below are the most popular and effective methods for self-insulation of wooden windows.

Paper strips and newspapers. This is one of the oldest but well-proven ways to. Old newspapers are laid in the cracks, which need to be pre-soaked in water and twisted with a straw. Then from above, directly onto the joint of the frame and the glass, and the sash of the supporting frame, you need to paste pre-prepared paper strips, which are coated with a solution of laundry soap.

This method gives only a temporary effect and has certain disadvantages. With the arrival of spring, it will be necessary to remove the paper from which part of the paint is being torn off. It is quite hard to remove the paper and it will be necessary to soak it in advance with water, and with the onset of autumn again think about the insulation of windows.

Fabric stripes and wadding. All cracks formed in the frames should be hammered with technical cotton, after which strips of fabric, well moistened with soap and water, are glued on top. Vata is one of the most efficient heat insulators, and with the onset of spring it can be easily removed. The strips of fabric are quickly torn off from the frame, while the paint layer will not be damaged and there will be no ugly traces.

This method of insulation today is among the most popular, as it is also the most effective. In addition, it will be enough to buy for a small price in any hardware store all the necessary materials.

Sealing cords or foam rubber. If you need to insulate windows - foam rubber is an ideal material. This method is best suited for wooden frames that have large gaps in the vestibules or in the case when the opening flaps have shrunk so badly that they do not fit tightly to the frame. In this case, along the entire perimeter of the valves you need to glue the foam on the adhesive base. This ensures maximum tightness during closing of windows.

From above, the frame will need to be sealed with a special paper tape, which will then be removed quite easily and simply. If you use foam rubber without an adhesive base, then such insulation can last for several years, and then begins to deform gradually. That is why, with the onset of spring, it is recommended to remove the scotch tape, and you can leave the foam for several seasons.

Getting ready for winter

Warming windows with their own hands

For winterizing windows for the winter, you can use several different methods, choosing the one that is most suitable for you.

  • Scotch and foam rubber. Methods of warming wooden windows with the help of special sealing cords made of soft rubber or polyvinyl chloride can also be included here. The main difference of this heater from foam rubber is that it will not stick on the window casements, since it must be pressed directly into the slots of the window profile (this is the technology of grooving or Swedish insulation).
  • Using technology of grooving warming, you will have an opportunity to achieve almost completely tight room, with a minimum level of noise, and also full absence of drafts. In this case, there will no longer be a need to re-conduct insulation every year. This method has one drawback, you may need to hire a master who will make holes around the perimeter of the frame. It is in these holes that special sealing cords will be installed.
  • Heat film. More recently, for the insulation of windows began to use a special energy-saving transparent film with a self-adhesive base. It is this material that provides less heat loss during the cold season, and in the summer it perfectly keeps the room cool. Among the main advantages of this method is the fact that it is ideal for both metal and wooden windows.
  • This material is able to pass into the room the right amount of light, while preventing the heat from escaping from the room, as it begins to reflect back into the room and saves about 60% of the heat that comes out through the window.
  • Putty or polyurethane foam. There are cases when simple warming up of windows is not enough, especially if rather large gaps have formed between the slope and the frame or sill. And to get rid of them, you must use a special mounting foam. This method is one of the most effective and affordable methods for solving the draft problem, and the aesthetic appearance of the window will not suffer.
  • If it is not possible to use a special mounting foam, which is sold in almost any hardware store, then you can resort to an alternative option - make your own putty. In this case, you need to take a building plaster and chalk in a 2: 1 ratio, then add a small amount of water to the mixture. The main difference of this putty from the foam is that it will not be visible against the background of the window.

Features of insulation of plastic windows

Warming windows with their own hands

About the insulation of plastic windows will need to think more during their manufacture. It is in the factory that a special energy-saving coating is applied, which will be much more reliable and easier for your attempts to insulate them yourself at home. However, there are still cases when installed plastic windows need warming.

To carry out this procedure, you may need to complete the dismantling of the glass. Prior to this, you need to visit a specialized store in which to purchase energy-saving film. Its width can vary from 0.5 m to 1.5 m. It must be remembered that the wider it is, the higher its cost. That is why, before going to the store, you must carefully measure your double-glazed windows and pick up a film of optimum width so as not to overpay the extra money.

After that you can proceed directly to the process of warming windows. First, carefully removed from the windows of the frame. It is quite simple to do this - take a spatula or a sharp knife and carefully remove the glazing beads, after which the double-glazed windows are removed.

Next you need to take the film and here you need to be extremely careful not to accidentally confuse its polarity. Practically on all films, manufacturers make special marks, with the help of which you can easily determine the right side and stick it out with the right side.

To insulate plastic windows by gluing a special energy-saving film, it is necessary to use the simplest water. First you need to wash the glass, moisten it with water, after which a film is glued to it using a plastic spatula designed for gluing wallpaper.

At this stage, you need to be extremely careful, because you need to completely remove all air bubbles formed. This process is most similar to sticking films on automotive glass. In the end, you will need to carefully remove all unnecessary parts, after which the glass unit is put in its original place.

Insulation of plastic windows may also include adjustment of the valves, as well as the replacement of the seal. Experts say that such work should be carried out at least once every 3-4 years. The fact is that rubber seals have the property to freeze and dry, because of what they cease to do their job with time.

Replacing the rubber seals is easy enough - you need to remove the old seal and replace it with a new one. To install it, you just need to press it into a special groove, but most importantly, during installation, not stretch it, but evenly distribute it along the sash and window frame. You can purchase such a rubber seal in almost any hardware store.

Sometimes not only old wooden windows, but also modern plastic ones need warming. For each type of suitable ways. All of them are quite simple, a person who has never engaged in such kind of activity can cope with the insulation. Qualitatively treated windows will help to maintain a comfortable climate in the room, as well as improve sound insulation from the street.

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