Warmer on the kettle with your own hands

Each of us received guests at home, treated them to tea and sweets. Tea for women was a very pleasant ceremony. Having a cup of tea you can share with your girlfriend important things, ask for advice, and just have fun chatting, relaxing, having a good time. When we are drinking tea with a girlfriend or with girlfriends, time flies by. We have imperceptibly drunk more than one cup of tea. It happens, very annoyingly, that the tea cools quickly. To avoid this, in order to keep the tea warm for a while, the heating pads on the teapot were invented.

And if you sew your own hands heating pad on your kettle, This will add another topic for discussion with a friend over tea.

The simplest heater on the kettle (sewing)

Let's first try to sew a simple heating pad on the kettle.

  • To do this, we need to measure the height and width (from the start of the nozzle to the end of the handle) of the kettle.
  • To simplify the work it is good to make a stencil according to the measured values. Remember that the heater must be free to dress and remove from the kettle, so add a few centimeters on the stencil (as well as for the seams).
  • The top of the kettle on the stencil round out. You can make a square heating pad, see for yourself.

  • Now we apply the template to the fabric and cut out two identical parts according to the template.
  • In order to keep the heat of our tea better, we will sew a padded jacket to the fabric. To do this, first to one, then to another piece of fabric, sew a layer of cotton about 2 cm thick.
  • After that, you need to sew the details of the jacket. To do this, we fold the parts with a fabric inside and sew along a rounded line.
  • It turned out a warm cotton cap. The inner side of the fabric, so the wool will not crumble.

  • Now we need to make the upper part, which will give our heater the finished look.
  • You can simply take and sew to the quilted jacket on both sides of the fabric. It can be a satin monophonic fabric or cotton, it can be a polka-dot fabric, a flower.
  • Pick the top according to your taste. On a plain top, before sewing it in a quilted jacket, you can make embroidery in the form of the inscription: "Bon appetit!" or "Have a nice tea party!"
  • After you have sewn the upper part to a padded jacket, it remains only to hem the bottom of the heating pad carefully.

The product is ready! For ease of storage and use, you can sew a small loop at the top of the heater.

Knitted warmer on the kettle

For those who know how to knit, the easiest option is to knit a heating pad. For this you can take both a hook and knitting needles.

  • We knit two identical parts. They should be half of the kettle (we do not take the spout and handle into account).
  • We make knitted details rounded so that they repeat the outline of the teapot.
  • To fasten parts on the neck, we knit a joint row.
  • We dress the parts fastened at the top of the kettle.
  • We sew parts from the neck to the level of the handle and the nose and from the level of the handles and the nose to the base. The heater is ready.

It can be left in this form, if the threads for knitting you took tight. You can combine the quilted jacket of the previous model heaters and knitting (upper part). Only the upper part will be knitted with a thinner, more transparent elegant pattern.

In order for the heater to have its harmonious finish, you can tie a stand under the kettle. It will complement the heating pad. You can also tie the cap on the lid of the kettle.

For a real needlewoman make a heating pad with their own hands will not be easy. Warmer on the kettle can be sewn and knit. The padded jacket will only strengthen the work intended for the hot water bottle - the tea will stay hot longer.

To give the originality of the heater you can make it in the form of fabulous animals, flowers. A hot-water bottle knitted with orange threads can be a pumpkin, if you add green leaflets (also knitted) to it from above.

The heating pad can be decorated with embroidery, beads, beads, rhinestones, etc. Show your imagination, and you will have a great hot water bottle!

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